Many people find it difficult to stay healthy as they get older. However, your health is completely manageable and controllable if you are willing to make good lifestyle choices and get regular checkups. Here are a few key tips to help you get started.

1. Ask your doctor for a full physical examination

A full examination can provide a valuable overview of your physical condition. Your physician will often check for age-related diseases while measuring blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other useful numbers. While you are in the office, ask your doctor for an overview of his or her equipment. Many physicians look for low-cost stress testers, bone densitometers and EKG/ECG machines for sale. These types of tools are diagnostically useful and can help you form a strong long-term health plan. Preventative care is extremely important, especially for older individuals.

2. Find a hobby

Hobbies provide an excellent way to deal with stress. Consider gardening or learning about home repair for a hobby that will improve your quality of life. Other low-stress hobbies include meditation and walking, both of which have been shown to decrease the effects of stress and aid in blood pressure regulation. If you take up any hobby that involves frequent exercise, be sure to contact your physician.

3. Set up a cardiovascular exercise schedule

Cardiovascular exercise will help you keep your weight under control while giving you more energy. However, you should never jump straight into a demanding exercise schedule. Talk to your physician to plan out an appropriate jogging, biking or walking plan. Your physician can help you avoid excessive muscle strain during your first few weeks of exercise, which should make it much easier to stick to your new workout schedule.

Pay attention to your body and talk with your doctor if you notice any unusual or chronic pain. The best way to stay healthy is to improve your lifestyle while proactively handling any potential health problems. By regularly discussing your health with your physician, you can enjoy the numerous benefits of a healthy lifestyle with tremendous peace of mind.