Every person will eventually deal with age-related health issues, but by making a few lifestyle changes, you can often feel and look young for years to come. Here are a few tips that can help you improve your health and avoid some of the negative effects of aging.

1. Keep a healthy heart

You need to closely monitor your cardiovascular health as you age in order to keep your energy levels up. Ask your doctor for a checkup to determine whether you are at risk for heart disease. Physicians will sometimes use stress test machines if you display any of the danger signs to determine whether you need medication or whether you can make lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy.

Even if your heart is completely healthy, you should watch your sodium intake and exercise regularly to keep your heart in a good condition. Remember that good cardiovascular health requires some regular attention as you start to get older.

2. Avoid excessive tobacco, alcohol and caffeine use

Regular tobacco use can lead to heart disease, emphysema and other serious conditions. Moderate alcohol and caffeine use are acceptable, but watch your intake. Caffeine and alcohol can throw off your sleep schedule and contribute to blood pressure problems. Use moderation to stay healthy.

3. Improve your diet and exercise regularly

Even if you believe that you have a good diet, you should keep track of your nutrient intake for a few weeks and speak to a dietician to see whether you can make any age-related adjustments. Likewise, you should exercise regularly to ensure good cardiovascular health. Older individuals often have trouble implement exercise schedules and changing their diets, but by gradually making a few minor changes, you can stay healthy and get more energy.

By watching your health, eliminating bad habits and sticking to an appropriate exercise schedule, you can keep your body and mind feeling young. Be sure to talk to your physician before making any drastic lifestyle changes. Keep track of your health and avoid unnecessary stress to feel healthy throughout the later years of your life.