When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you,

a joy.


It is quite easy to get caught up in your worries and the worries of the world, especially during difficult times. You may even think that finding joy will often involve a great deal of work or spending a lot of money. This does not have to be the case. There are plenty of ways to create joy in your life right now!

1. Get rid of the noise! Turn off the news radio, the TV, and the computer. While theses things can be helpful in keeping you informed and entertained, it is also important to remember life without them. You will be absolutely amazed at how many projects you can complete without these distractions! For example, instead of mindlessly watching another rerun of Seinfeld, complete a scrapbook album or redecorate a room.

2. Learn something new. Almost everyone has a hobby they have been meaning to try for a long time. Make the time to actually do it. Take the plunge and take a class! Most communities have a mail-out or website that lists their class schedule. You’ll find that they’re affordable too!

3. Get in touch with a friend. The Internet has made it easier than ever to reconnect with people from your past. Whether you last spoke to your friend last month or decades ago, it can be a joyful activity. Reflect on your friendship and discuss the good times you have had. I did this a few years ago with a best friend I had not seen or spoken to for @ 30 years. It was indeed joyful. It was as if we had just seen each other the day before.

4. Garden. There are many plants and herbs that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Experiment with different plants or grow some vegetables that you will be able to enjoy later on. There is nothing like the taste of homegrown vegetables!

5. Make some messes! Dabble in arts and crafts. There are so many fun activities that involve arts and crafts. Just take a trip down the aisle of your local craft store to get a few ideas. For low cost alternatives, try going to your nearest dollar store. You will be amazed at your new treasures!

6. Go for a walk or a nature hike. Take your family or go alone. Walking and hiking can be a great break in your day. This will give you an opportunity to reflect, relax, and enjoy the fresh air.

7. Organize a sports night. Get some of your friends together for a game every once in awhile. It is always beneficial to get a little exercise and it will be fun to socialize as well.

8. Stargaze. On a peaceful, clear evening, get in touch with nature in a different way. Enjoy the stars! Pick up a basic astronomy guide and learn to identify the planets and constellations.

9. Journal. One great way to reflect on your day and to get to know yourself better is by journaling. For additional fun, pretend that you are writing to a long lost friend or write a letter to your future self.

10. Learn to cook something new. It is always a great idea to add exciting new meals to your repertoire. Find a recipe website, check out Pinterest, or a cookbook and try something that you have never cooked before.

11. Do a game night. Gather your family together for some fun and games. Invite some friends over to add to the fun. If you are feeling especially creative, try designing your very own board game and play that one.

12. Be a hometown tourist. You can become a tourist without ever leaving your hometown. It is very likely that you have not been everywhere in your town. Pretend that you are on vacation and try all the tourist attractions. You will learn something new and may even discover places that you will enjoy visiting often! I recently discovered a fairly well-known museum of art in my own downtown area. I have passed by this building a million times, and recently found that they have some amazing displays circulating through.

You will soon find that opportunities to bring joy to your life are everywhere. With a little creative thinking and forethought, you can have a great time every day, and you won’t have to spend a lot of money to do it, either.


Photo Credit: crazyluca69 via Compfight cc