One of the most important attitudes you need as a human being is being mindful. The starting point is meditation as it will allow you to think of yourself and others. As a careful person, you need to take a holistic approach in the way you interact with the environment and other people. Here are some suggestions on the ten conscious things to do in 2017.

Express Gratitude for the Good Things That Happen in Your Life

You can quickly lose sight of the beautiful things that happen in your life if you keep on comparing yourself with others as you focus on what they have achieved. It’s better to appreciate what you have instead of having an intense desire for more. Several things are taking place in your life including the life and good health you enjoy. Some of this stuff appears to be simple and go unappreciated. Make sure you continually express gratitude for these positives if you want to lead a happy life.

Be Open and Accept that Other People are Different

You cannot live in harmony with your neighbors, friends, and relatives unless you appreciate their political beliefs, skin color, ethnicity and religion. These external, superficial variations come with a lot of hatred and strife globally. It is very easy to form a judgment from what we see in the news or what others say. It’s prudent to take time and learn about other cultures if we want to create a more compassionate society.

Know That Your Mind Can Either be Your Worst Enemy or Best Friend

In 2017, you should not take a lot of time to snap yourself out of any negative situation. Don’t keep replaying it for several days, weeks, months, or even years. You will be opening a door for the situation to deny you sleep and cause a lot of stress. This is a clear sign that your mind can be your worst enemy. The mind automatically makes a choice to replay the negative side of our life. However, you can train your mind to move away from the negative things and focus on the positive side of life. One of the tools that you can use to train the muscles of your mind is meditation. Remember negative thoughts don’t add any value to your life.

Learn to Regulate Your Emotions and Don’t Get Easily Angered

You may have found yourself in very embarrassing situations at some point just because you didn’t know how to control your anger. It is not an easy task for someone to control his or her emotions. Anger may easily blind you after someone confronts, contradicts, or disrespects you. The most important thing is to remain conscious before you lose your cool. Start by understanding that they are human and prone to mistakes. It can be too late if you don’t manage your anger from the starting point. It is a great challenge to try up in 2017 even though it requires a lot of practice. However, the starting point is being mindful of others and knowing that they are human and prone to make mistakes.

Remain Compassionate and Appreciative as you give Feedback to Other People

It is very easy to criticize and point out mistakes in other people. We like giving feedback, but we hate receiving the same as it may hurt our ego. You must learn to balance any feedback you provide with appreciation. Make sure you appreciate that person before you give the feedback unless you want to drain the emotional account of your relationship. Harsh feedback may leave the receiver feeling uninspired. However, there is a way you can provide negative feedback with love to help the recipient improve. Be companionate with your words and thought as the primary purpose of feedback is to build and not break.

Make Sure You Set-up Meditation Time Every Day

It is very hard to include other activities on our tight schedules. However, it’s a good culture to meditate even five minutes a day. This practice improves emotional intelligence, memory, productivity, focus and reduces the levels of stress in your life. You could set up five minutes daily for the first month and reduce it by a few minutes gradually. You may find yourself ending up with 30 minutes per day by the end of the year.

Stop Blaming Others For Your Failures and Take a Deeper Look at Yourself

One thing you have to understand is that blame games done go anywhere. Blame games only prevent us from focusing on ourselves and what we did to contribute to our problems. You will end up not owning the situation and blaming other more. It is meaningless to spend most of your time pointing fingers and blaming other people for the things they did not do right. You will end up leading a frustrated life in 2017 if you choose this path. It’s better to blame others less and concentrate more on self-reflection.

Reconcile with Your Colleague, Friend, or Family Member

In this age and time, it takes very simple things for distrust and conflicts to arise between individuals. We often misinterpret and misunderstand the behavior and statements of other people. It’s critical to take some time and get clarity on the situation instead of forming long lasting opinions. Maintaining relationships is not easy, but you must achieve this goal if you want happiness and emotional stability in life. Take the challenge and reach out to someone you have discharged yourself from and see whether you can salvage that relationship.

Rejoice in the Success of Other

It can be unpleasant to witness the success of other people depending on the relationship you have with them. In fact, it is very hard to appreciate the success of the people you dislike. Supposing you were competing for the same target then another person receive the crown? You can choose to congratulate them, be happy for their accomplishments, or start thinking of how they did not deserve the honor. It’s good to swallow our pride and wish others well when they succeed in 2017.

See Setbacks and Obstacles as Learning and Growth Opportunities

Failures tend to humble us and provide a chance for introspecting. Failing gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your strategies and find out different and new approaches to life. Therefore, you should see them as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks to achieving your goals. It is the best moment to mature and grow as a person. Nobody wants failure, but it shows you the door. Initially, you may not want to accept failure. You should allow yourself to accept the occurrences as it is very uplifting to focus on your potential to grow.