Grant Cardone is a best-selling author, a world-class marketer, an inspirational speaker, an American entrepreneur, and a successful investor. Thanks to his smart investment strategies and the success of his companies, Grant Cardone’s net worth today is estimated to be over $600 million.

To this day, he has made countless appearances on reality shows, published numerous books, and collaborated with Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Toyota.

Cardone’s success is even more inspiring when you consider his background. He grew up poor and lost his father when he was only 10 years old. He developed a drug addiction in his teens and continued to battle it until he finally got clean at 25. 35 years later Forbes Magazine named him the world’s #1 marketer and he’s well on his way to becoming a billionaire.

This article will break down his early life, career, net worth, investments, and more to learn from his experiences and gain meaningful insights.

Grant Cardone’s Net Worth Breakdown:

Grant Cardone’s net worth is estimated to be about $600+ million. This estimate is based on his work across different companies, along with his income from YouTube appearances and published books. The breakdown is as follows:

Asset Contribution to Net Worth
Business books $1-5 million per year
YouTube appearances $1-5 million per year
CEO salary from 7 companies ~$40 million per year
Assets under management ~$4 billion (Cardone’s exact ownership % is unknown)
Total Net Worth Over $600 million

Grant Cardone’s Early Life

Grant Cardone is 65 years old though he certainly doesn’t look like it. He was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in 1958. His parents, both deceased now, were Concetta Neil and Curtis Louis Cardone and he grew up with a twin brother and three other siblings.

Cardone studied at LaGrange High School in Lake Charles. He then enrolled in McNeese State University and got his degree in 1981. In 2010, he was awarded the prestigious McNeese State University Distinguished Alumnus Award for his success in the business world.

The lifestyle of Grant Cardone as a teenager was questionable at best. He was into drugs and alcohol and was a troublesome kid, one that often got suspended. Check out his

At the age of 25, he quit the drugs and was able to turn his life around. Now Cardone is incredibly successful and is married to his second wife Elena Lyons, an actress, and has two daughters with her. If you’re interested in learning more about how he overcame his addiction, check out his short interview with Rob Moore on the subject.

Grant Cardone Net Worth: From Troubled Addict to Mogul

Before his famous appearance on ‘Undercover Billionaire’, Cardone shared that he had a net worth shy of a billion, and gave rough estimates of his assets and debt. At one point, he suggested that he has assets at a value of around $1.3 billion. Then again, because he sells courses and speeches based on the premise of his success, his word should be taken with a grain of salt.

In 2023, Grant Cardone’s net worth is estimated at over $600 million. But, how did he make this net worth?

Grant Cardone’s Life After College

Cardone studied accounting at McNeese though he eventually decided that the field wasn’t right for him. He soon began working at a sales training company in Chicago, Illinois. This period marked one of the most challenging phases in his life. He moved around for over a decade and eventually decided to enter rehab at the age of 25.

Cardone traveled extensively across the US, living in various places, including Houston, Texas, for five years, La Jolla in California for 12 years, and Los Angeles. It only took him five years after leaving rehab to achieve millionaire status.

Here’s what he says about that period in his life:

“When I was 25, I was lost and broken in every way, and I checked myself into a rehabilitation treatment facility. I had no confidence—and no money. If you had seen me back then, you’d probably assume I wasn’t going anywhere with my life, much less becoming a millionaire by age 30.”

Cardone’s Journey of Becoming a Millionaire

Grant Cardone began earning significantly while working in automobile sales. He assumed the role of CEO at Freedom Motorsports Group and played a key role in developing the reality series ‘Turnaround King’. The series aired on National Geographic in 2011.

Grant Cardone turnaround king promo

During his time as a car salesman, Cardone realized the importance of self-education. He worked hard to level up his sales skills, rapidly making his mark as one of the most successful salespeople in the world.

So, he decided to create his first sales consulting business.

Initially, Cardone allocated over 20% of his earnings toward investments and savings. He started his investment journey with real estate investments and bought a single-family home in Houston, Texas.

Shortly thereafter, Cardone learned the lesson that buying real estate to rent out comes with high risks when he unexpectedly lost his tenant. It was at that point that he shifted his focus to spreading his earnings across different types of real estate including multi-family units.

Cardone knows how to put his capital to work. Thanks to his exceptional sales skills, he amassed a fortune in just a few years and invested every dollar except for the money he needed for living expenses – all of it in real estate.

His obsession with investments made him a millionaire by the age of 30. To date, he’s accumulated a real estate portfolio valued at $4 billion.

Cardone’s net worth primarily comprises gains from his real estate portfolio, as well as earnings from his consulting, TV appearances, and books.

Grant Cardone’s Companies

Today, Grant owns several businesses:

  • Cardone Capital
  • Cardone Enterprises
  • Cardone Training Technologies
  • Cardone Acquisitions
  • The Cardone Group

Cardone Capital is Grant’s real estate company with over $1.7 billion in assets under management.

Grant Cardone’s Published Books

Cardone has authored 11 books, most of which achieved bestseller status worldwide. His premier book is ‘The 10x Rule’. The book boasts sales of over 15 million copies and is translated into over 50 languages.

Grant Cardone in a car next to his book

His ‘If You’re Not First, You’re Last’ book hit #1 on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It also secured positions on two bestseller lists – the Wall Street Journal’s and The New York Times.

Here are all of his published books in order:

  1. Secrets of Selling (2007)
  2. If You’re Not First, You’re Last in (2010)
  3. Sell or Be Sold (2011)
  4. The Closer’s Survival Guide (2011)
  5. The 10X Rule (2011)
  6. The Millionaire Booklet (2016)
  7. Be Obsessed or Be Average (2016)
  8. How to Get and Stay Motivated (2017)
  9. How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate (2018)
  10. Grant Cardone’s Playbook (2022)
  11. 10X Mentor (2022)

One of the most significant contributions to Cardone’s net worth is his literary work.

Cardone’s TV Appearances and Mentions

In 2013, Cardone and his wife Elena starred in a self-produced web series called ‘The G&E Show’. The series tackles the intricate subject of how to balance marriage, family, and business – and ace in all. There are 243 episodes in total, the last one airing in February 2022.

Grant Cardone also hosts his own TV show called Kings of the Internet (2022) and is renowned for his appearance in Savage Salvation.

One of his most memorable TV appearances was on Undercover Billionaire in 2019.

In addition to this, Cardone is the author and speaker at his event called the 10X Growth Conference, recognized as the largest annual business conference globally.

grant cardone conference promo

Cardone’s public recognition is consistent and noteworthy.

In 2017, Forbes acknowledged Cardone as the #1 marketer to watch.

Today, Grant Cardone is an influential figure who earns a substantial income through platforms like YouTube. He consistently shares his insights and tips across social media, boasting over 2.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and an impressive library of over 5.5 thousand videos.

Grant Cardone Net Worth: Investments Explained

It’s no secret that Grant Cardone bolstered his net worth by becoming a prominent influencer in the business world. He hosts the largest annual business conference, owns multiple companies, and is a highly sought-after sales trainer.

Below you’ll find the details on the net worth in investments for Grant Cardone.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate has been Cardone’s focus since the very beginning. Along the way, he learned the importance of not relying on a single tenant. As of today, he is believed to own around 12,000 apartment units and 36 properties.

Grant Cardone in front of comparison to multi-family and single family homes

When Cardone sold his single-family home in Houston in 2019, he invested $350,000 as a down payment for a 38-unit complex in San Diego valued at $1.9 million. He continued to purchase more complexes and by the end of 2012, his company, Cardone Capital, held 1016 apartments with a value of $58 million.

Currently, Cardone Capital’s investment properties are valued at about $1.7 billion in the US. His multimillion-dollar empire is spread from Texas to Arizona to California to Florida to Georgia.
His most notable property is his house in Malibu. He bought it in 2022 for $40 million. The prestigious residence shares the neighborhood with Larry Ellison, the Oracle founder, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, the movie mogul.

A few years back, Cardone also owned a Los Angeles home, which he sold to Lionel Richie for $18 million. He also bought the Florida mansion owned by Tommy Hilfiger for $28 million.


While Grant has the bulk of his investments tied up in real estate, he has disclosed on GCTV, his website, that he has made some investments in cryptocurrencies. He specifically mentioned Bitcoin as one of the cryptos in his portfolio but didn’t elaborate on how much he owns.

However, in an opinion blog post on his website, Cardone cautions investors about the volatility of the crypto market and emphasizes that real estate offers long-term growth potential and greater security.

What Can We Learn From Grant Cardone’s Success?

Grant Cardone’s journey through this world is full of life lessons. More than anything it shows that no matter how down or depressed you may feel, there is always a chance to turn everything around. If Cardone can go from being hopeless and addicted to drugs at 25 and then totally clean and a successful millionaire 5 years later, anyone can.

According to him, ‘every move you make should bring you to a place where you can go up in life’. He also stresses that investments in knowledge pay the best and that you need to be obsessed to succeed.

Cardone has also imparted quite a bit of financial wisdom over the years through his books, speeches, TV appearances, blog posts, and more. He showed the immense power of real estate investing and investing in multi-family properties in particular.

As he shared with Business2Community in 2019, you should decide immediately whether you are in or not. In his life, ‘maybes’ don’t exist.

The mogul has demonstrated a great deal of courage and perseverance, self-taught himself to become an expert salesman, and now stands as one of the most trusted influencers in the business world.
If that story is not inspiring, then what is?