Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

As the Democratic National Convention approaches, Hillary Clinton’s pool of potential VP running mates narrows. It is anticipated that she will make an announcement as early as Friday, July 22, and among those on her short list is former Virginia Governor and current Senator Tim Kaine.

Who is Tim Kaine?

  • Hails from Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Current United States Senator (Virginia)
  • Won a seat on the Richmond City Council in 1995
  • Became Mayor of Richmond in 1998 (served until 2002).
  • Was elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2002
  • Elected in 2005 and served as Virginia’s Governor from 2006-2010, including during the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings
  • Gave the Democratic response to the State of the Union Address in 2006
  • Was considered as a running mate for Barack Obama in 2008
  • Served as the Chairman of the Democratic National Convention from 2009-11.
  • Holds a J.D. from Harvard Law

Will Tim Kaine be Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate? The Washinton Post reported earlier this week that Tim Kaine was on Clinton’s 2-person short list, along with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack of Iowa.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Clinton noted that she loves that Tim Kaine is “boring.” She also went on to say of him, “He’s never lost an election. He was a world-class mayor, governor and senator and is one of the most highly-respected senators I know.”

Further fueling speculation that Tim Kaine could be Clinton’s VP choice, a New York Times article indicates that Bill Clinton has privately expressed his support for Kaine, citing his national security resume as well as his place on the Senate Armed Forces Committee as experience that will appeal to voters.

A potential drawback for Democrats if Kaine were to be tapped as Clinton’s running mate is the shift in power it could have in Congress if his seat is ultimately taken by a Republican.