PR means many things to many people. Of course, it means Public Relations. It also means Propaganda Regime or Public Responsibilty. And, as always, it is We the people who have to take the public responsibility to both our United States and to our World Community to vote on the side of Public Responsibility!  We, of course have been subjected to 4 years spent and 2 Billion Dollars spent, on nothing save for two candidates who threw money like rice at a trust fund wedding; with the money-bought PR-lite producing only a virtual deadlock in the minds of voters. I say without negativism, having launched the campaign that elected the (media-despised) Gray Davis to Victory as Governor over Karl Rove’s Black Ops California Campaign in 2002; and having freed cats eternally from the brute practice of de-clawing in both West Hollywood and Beverly Hills: that had I been handed 1 Billion Dollars, I could’ve easily created the language and the media mood to get Osama Bin Laden’s Ghost elected as mayor of Dallas, Texas. Bin Laden: Loves gun rights. Anti-Abortion. Believes in God. Case Closed!

But I don’t do things as the present set of dolts do. I do not practice the Art of PR as a Diabolical Construct like the two campaigns with their endless array of chucklehead TV surrogates; and endless array of truly unwatchable TV degradation. PR also means Personal Respect, and the desperate antics of the TV World bear no impact at all on the American Public; as seen by the impacted indecision of 2012. In fact, there are No Books to guide the deluded PR people responsible about having integrity and a devotion to truth as the foundations of a PR career. The joke books bout “communication” by the Malcolm Gladwells and his posse of recluse academics musing contentedly on their tweedy despair and minor tics and grievances are of use only as doorstops, when one’s Oscar is not available. It is only in the breathing, vital passion of books by actual People who have worked in PR with personal respect and a sense of accomplishment that we can find the Key and the Thread!

Joseph Heller, author of “Catch-22” worked in PR. Richard Condon, author of “The Manchurian Candidate” worked in PR. Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., author of an Ouevre that changed the world, worked in PR. Richard Farina, author of “Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up To Me” worked in PR. “And so it Goes!” These are my models: the creative minds never at rest until the Ineffable Haiku of meaning and form converges, and you embrace the public in a way that it never forgets. When people remember the campaigns with a positive smile, that is PR. Do not forget that the Totem of “Catch-22” and what it means, has outlived the dire word- slogs of the two campaigns for the Presidency this year Already! The sillly words and postures are forgotten by now, and “Catch-22” lives on. Because when PR is done correctly, the people get to vote their true heart and taste!

All of the above authors/ PR people possessed the tool of Self Respect. That is why they were successful at PR, and Successful at their literature!  Because PR at its Artistic Best is a form of Education and not a form of base, tribalized Hypnosis–it should work like a Woody Guthrie song uniting us in Our Land and not as a Look without a Voice that is marketed for TV. In this, our “leaders” are followers of “American Idol” and “Shark Hunt” only. That is why Time is Nigh for Post-Election reforms.

No more TV in the Election Process. The campaigning must be limited to Three Months. The campaigns can make their Word-Product available only for print publications. When you see this compost in print, then you willl get a better picture than your 90-inch screen can provide you of what is really going on. Abandon the Old World Make-Believe of the TV Image, and its toxic make-up and its expensive suits on cheap language. Voters,and it is so mean (ouch) to say this: Should Be Literate. Voters should be able to Read. Let literacy be the foundation of the voting process and let TV be the continuing foundation of canned laughter for spoiled market goods. Books can give ideas; just as readily: TV commercials can render ideas useless. Product Desire cancels thought.

This is not at all a radical prescription. It is a Health Recommendation. Exercise, read and then vote. It is important to launch these reforms in an article as much so as appearing before Congress and reading them aloud. I would be laughed out of the Congressional Chamber! These ideas are sensible but untenable; these ideas are helpful to your pysche and body stress, but naively Utopic. These ideas are all we have. These ideas make Love, not War.

When you look at the greater Evil, which is Seperation by Demographic; you come to realize that the ultimate disservice that Media render us in the world of PR is that product of Canned Anger. New neuroses are manifested to leech our dynamic selves; and newer fake Angers are emmitted into the atmosphere of our domed Media-Sphere as viral spores each and every day. This is the result of the Echo Chamber that created the blood arena of these two campaigns. There has been since the advent of  the TV Age the many disastrous byproducts of a TV Lifestyle: from Morbid Obesity slowing our nation to a crawl, to the replication of the stupid viciousness of a Roseanne Barr or a Bill Maher by all of their devotees. But nothing is worse than the Pretend Game on the part of adults who should know Something At All, that The Politics Seen On TV is as fradulent as the idea that Justin Bieber is the new Nat King Cole. Adults my age do not believe that Bill Maher and Rush Limbuagh (radio division), or that Mike Moore and Ann Coulter, or that Jon Stewart and Karl Rove (again) are not entertainers in the Lobby of the Museum of Oddities. People my age actually beleive that they are God-Given Tribunes bursting with insights. Well, for all the eco-fans, remember that the heavy toxic make-up that Jon Stewart has worn for the last 10 years is a cause of more cancer than cigarette-smoking and then Wake Up. Moore, Coulter, all of those who are trotted out to gild their inanity are Clowns Only. They are entertainers with 40 writers each! They don’t read books! They know nothing! They are talking headlessly and do not even excel at reading weather updates! All the divinities of Left, Right and Off-Center have 36 people who churn out their silly little books; which none of them even reads for themself. There is no Brain there.

So back to the intelligence of PR people, and let the tv tribe flounder in its wrongness. I, Tom Brennan printed up the first anti-Iraq War poster in 2002, before Mikey Moore had gotten over his Nader hangover. The poster said: BUSH: IT TAKES A PILLAGE. Yes, it was worth much more than “Fahrenheit/Ripoff Ray Bradbury”, a movie that was designed to energize the Republican Base and re-elect Mr. Bush. My budget was about 100 Dollars; and Moore was bankrolled by The Weintein Brothers, who have Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts themselves (ooooh…it must be alright for some). Point being: Disdain the Showbiz and ask to see Street Cred! There is nothing that “the Political” people on TV have ever done for you. Period.

The biggest disservice wrongful PR by TV has done is this disease of Us Vs. Them! Put all of the Moores and Anne Coulters and Prof. Cornel West’s down at a table and see for yourself if one can turn out a sentence, let alone turn a sentence. Then remember the grief and agitation that they cause with their agent provocateur tv perfromances. And then remember how Gov. Romney and President Obama lowered themselves beneath the already lowered bar and continued “Bad TV” for four years. Then get on board with my Thought. If there is a Civil Union for Gays now, there can be a Civil Union of Discourse. And that is by closing TV as a Politcal Weapon. Revoke its license to kill thought. Reform the Election Process Now! Keep the Thought and then tell your friends. Word of mouth always supplants the offical Edicts. That is how Slang moves from the gutter to the inner sanctum of the upper echelon boardroom of the Elite! I don’t need to go before Congress for this Idea to move like an astral bullet-train!  Yeah, feel me, Dog, as Trump would say to Tony Robbins. Lobbyists care nothing about what I say and neither do the media apologists who jones for the idealogical cheap shot on an everyday basis. But I know you do. I know deeply and well that We, the Public, DO! You are as sick as of this endless use of Time as Corner to Paint Yourself In as I am!

And remember, one of America’s foremost Zen scholars, Lew Welch, also worked in the vineyard of PR. Back in the 1950’s he coined the phrase for a product:” Raid Kills Bugs Dead!”. He thought it had perfect syllabics! Someday, a new phrase will come into being: “Get Politics Off TV”. Peace!