Consumer rights activist Ralph Nader made it clear that he’s not too fond of presumptive Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He did that during a recent interview when he said that she’s “a menace to the United States of America.”

And most people were probably worried about ISIS and Ebola.

While speaking with WeAreChange earlier this week, Nader was asked for his thoughts about possible 2016 Presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul. He began by giving his opinion of Clinton first.

“Well, Hillary is corporatist and a militarist,” he said. “Do we want another corporatist and militarist? She thinks Obama is too weak. He doesn’t kill enough people overseas. So, she’s a menace to the United States of America.”

Some political analysts might find it humorous that Nader is calling Clinton a “corporatist” just shortly after she came under fire for saying that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs. She has recently walked back that statement, though.

Nader continued: “And what we need are people, regardless of whether they’re libertarians or not, to pull back on the empire and make Wall Street subordinate to Main Street. People have got to start thinking, doing their homework, becoming informed voters, and not coronate another corporatist and militarist.”

Nader also criticized Sen. Rand Paul as someone who is “changing by the month.”

In other words, Nader still isn’t happy with anybody. Except himself.

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