Joe Biden has been out on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton recently, and things got tense at a stop in Ohio on Thursday when a protestor in the crowd, upset over his friends’ deaths during a mission in Syria, spoke up over the crowd.

The crowd started chanting “Hillary! Hillary!” to drown out the man’s words when he began speaking, saying that, “Some of my friends, my American friends, died. Why did you tell the YPG to go back across the border?”

Biden quieted the crowd and encouraged them to let the protestor speak. He even addressed the man directly, telling him, “Because the deal was to get them into Manbij, and to work, was that they go back across the Euphrates so we could have special forces move in — that’s why.”

Not to be quieted just yet, the man yelled out again that his friends had died.

Vice President Biden, referring to his son Beau, who served for 15 years in the US Army and died last year after a battle with brain cancer, quieted not only the man, but the room as well, with four words: “So did my son.”

Biden invited the man to come backstage after the rally and talk to him personally, telling him that he had his permission to come speak with him individually.

Check out the video of their exchange below.

Image Source: By Office of United States Senator Joe Biden (D – Delaware) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons