On Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, former late night comedian Jay Leno said that presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “seems very slow” and that he doesn’t see any “fire” in her.

Leno asked Democratic strategist and Real Time panelist Paul Begala about Clinton as a viable candidate. While admitting the he liked Clinton, he said that, compared to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, she seems to lack energy.

“I don’t see the fire,” Leno said. “Her and Elizabeth Warren are almost the same age. And I see Elizabeth Warren come out—”

At that point Leno punched the palm of his hand.

“Boom!” he said. “Throwing punches!”

“Yeah,” agreed host Bill Maher.

The audience also agreed. They cheered at Leno’s characterization of the Massachusetts Senator.

“And I like her, I’m not talking against her,” Leno said, making it clear that he wasn’t out to criticize Clinton. “But she seems to be sort of — she seems very slow and very deliberate. I don’t see that fire, you know, that fire that I used to see that I see in Elizabeth Warren.”

Leno also noted that he asks people how much younger Elizabeth Warren is than Hillary Clinton. He said that people normally tell him that she’s about 15 years younger. In reality, he said, she’s only 18 months younger.

“Why is that?” Leno asked, finally finishing his question to Begala.

The Democratic strategist noted that Warren speaks for a part of his party that “has a whole lot of energy right now.” He noted that people he characterized as the “populous left” are very angry — and some of them are even angry at President Obama.

He also said that Clinton, having already taken one shot at the Presidency, views the race as a marathon and not a sprint. Therefore, she is more methodical in her actions and words.

Begala said that he hopes that Hillary Clinton does face a primary challenger in 2016 because it will make her a stronger candidate going into the general election.