The IT world is accustomed to speed and agility, consistently seeking faster processors and time-saving, cutting-edge technology. It’s no wonder then that some IT businesses balk at the idea of doing business with the government that is known for being notoriously slow and inefficient. However, there is a way to make government dealings faster and easier – the GSA Schedule Program.

Although there are classifications for nearly every industry, the opportunity provided by this program to IT companies is especially significant. In fact, over 40% of GSA Schedule Sales typically go to companies on Schedule 70, the Information Technology (IT) Equipment, Software & Services Schedule. However, what is Schedule 70, and for that matter, what is a GSA Schedule?

  • What is it? A GSA Schedule is an agreement between the government and a company that outlines pre-negotiated terms, conditions, and pricing for that company’s products and services to be provided to government agencies.
  • Why do it? A GSA Schedule is a preferred method for the federal government to procure products and services because it simplifies the procurement process. It helps agencies satisfy certain federal requirements and streamlines the buying process.
  • How do you get one? Many people think that getting a GSA Schedule is as easy as calling and asking for a number, but that simply isn’t the case. Your business must first meet certain qualifications, and then there are registrations, certifications, proposal paperwork, and negotiations.

A GSA Schedule isn’t always required to do business with the government.  You can start pursuing certain government contract opportunities before or during the GSA Schedule application process to get some experience under your belt. Subcontracting and one-time deals with government agencies are both ways to get your foot in the door. The website FedBizOpps ( contains a large database of opportunities for IT companies.