Debate over the fiscal cliff is a dominant issue in Washington. However, according to recent research 42% of Americans do not fully understand the consequences of the tax and spending measures taking effect.

Of course the fiscal cliff is a complex issue regarding the US economy. However, it’s not entirely impossible to understand the very basics of the issues and the consequences of the decisions being made. Perhaps it’s a case of changing the method of education rather than deeming it a subject “too complicated to understand.”

The US political websites and blogs are thriving with news stories concerning the upcoming fiscal cliff. These news stories have even made it internationally with the UK press heavily reporting the latest news on the issue. However, the fact that there is still a large percentage of citizens in the USA that don’t fully understand the fiscal cliff shows that these news stories aren’t reaching the intended audience. It’s understandable that the audience may be turned off or daunted when they see masses of text spread across their screens.

Online web videos have the ability to condense complex pieces of information in a digestible and visually engaging way. Below is an example of taking a complicated issue such as the fiscal cliff and converting it into a short, appealing and informative web video. The very basic principles have been taken and turned into an animated video that can easily be absorbed and understood by its audience.

Ask yourself what you know about the fiscal cliff before watching the video. Then ask yourself what you know afterwards. Chances are you have at least remembered parts of it. And all of this without sifting through the various political blogs.

 Produced by Revolution Productions