Donald Trump and American Politics

Donald Trump, the billionaire business tycoon, is earnestly considering running for president in 2012. Celebrities have taken prominent positions in American politics before, even the presidency. Ronald Reagan starred in over fifty films before becoming the governor of California, and eventually the President of the United States. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the governor of California, Jesse Ventura was the governor of Minnesota, and Bill Bradley was a New Jersey Senator. These are only a few of the many celebrities turned politicians.

If the individual is qualified, there is no reason to neglect voting for him or her because of their fame. The American Presidency is a form of celebrity in its own respect; leader of the “free world”. In America, politics is a grand show, and the presidential election takes the circus to a new echelon. Long before the election occurs, candidates market themselves across the nation and create an image for voters to grasp.

Celebrities do the exact same thing, and like politicians, their private life is actually public. Not only a celebrity, Trump is a businessman. That alone makes him fit for the American presidency, for America is a global economic power. Speaking about America, former President Calvin Coolidge said, “We make no concealment of the fact that we want wealth…”. Being a prosperous capitalist, Trump is more qualified than most to be the head of state, leading the American system.