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Win or lose, campaigns are often the most expensive ventures politicians undertake. Throw your hat in the ring, and you’ll need to raise big bucks when it comes to donations and contributions just to be considered for the job. While campaign fundraising is usually largest for the highest elected office, many campaigns for Senate seats rank among the most expensive, as well, costing as much as $51 million.

But what if these candidates dashed their civic hopes and used that money to cover any purchase their hearts desired? Using FEC data, InsideGov took the biggest campaign committee totals since 2008 and came up with 25 crazy things you could buy instead of elected office. We sorted the biggest campaigns from smallest to largest.

#25. Richardson for President Inc. (2008)

Candidate: Bill Richardson
Total Amount Raised: $24,852,093

This amount is enough to cover the cost of the 84th annual Oscar ceremony, back in 2012.

#24. Newt 2012 (2012)

Candidate: Newt Gingrich
Total Amount Raised: $24,975,907

If you want to ride the Berkshire Hathaway wave, the amount raised by this campaign committee could cover 128 Class A shares of the company’s never-split stock.

#23. Cruz for President (2016)

Candidate: Ted Cruz
Total Amount Raised: $26,567,298

Instead of running for president, Sen. Ted Cruz could use the money raised so far in his 2016 bid to stay for one year at the Royal Penthouse Suite and the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland. The room runs for $65,000 per night.

#22. Scott Brown for US Senate Committee Inc (2012)

Candidate: Scott Brown
Total Amount Raised: $28,154,602

Looking to go abroad? The amount raised by the Scott Brown for U.S. Senate Committee Inc. in 2012 could cover 78,000 Japanese B encephalitis shots, priced at $360 a piece.

#21. Friends of Sharron Angle (2010)

Candidate: Sharron Angle
Total Amount Raised: $28,162,049

This campaign could cover the cost of 281 diamond massages. Priced at $100,000 each, 1.5 carat diamonds are crushed to produce a powder that is used to exfoliate the skin.

#20. Carson America (2016)

Candidate: Ben Carson
Total Amount Raised: $31,409,508

Ben Carson could supply a classroom worth of students with Luvaglio Laptops — priced at $1 million each. Maybe the diamond-encrusted power button has something to do with the price tag.

#19. Dewhurst for Texas (2012)

Candidate: David Dewhurst
Total Amount Raised: $33,939,611

This amount could furnish the offices of a large company with Pininfarina chairs, priced at $3,000 each.

#18. Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee (2008)

Candidate: Ron Paul
Total Amount Raised: $35,121,860

With the money raised by the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee, you could pay for 7,000 pounds of Osetra caviar, priced at $1 million per 200 pounds.

#17. Tom Smith for Senate Inc (2012)

Candidate: Tom Smith
Total Amount Raised: $37,774,108

Visit Norma’s Restaurant in New York’s Le Parker Meridien Hotel to get a $1,000 breakfast. The restaurant’s Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata comes with 10 ounces of sevruga caviar — priced at $65 per ounce — atop a bed of lobster. The amount raised by Tom Smith for Senate Inc. would cover 37,000 of these meals.

#16. Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee Inc. (2012)

Candidate: Ron Paul
Total Amount Raised: $41,060,317

Love classic cars? For $38 million, you can purchase a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

#15. Bernie 2016 (2016)

Candidate: Bernie Sanders
Total Amount Raised: $41,463,783

Vacationing in the Hamptons isn’t cheap. For $40 million you can purchase a five-bedroom home in East Hampton, N.Y., for keeps.

#14. Elizabeth for MA Inc (2012)

Candidate: Elizabeth Warren
Total Amount Raised: $42,506,349

Victoria’s Secret sells a lot of high-end lingerie, but you likely won’t find its Fireworks Fantasy bra at your local store. Priced at $2 million each, you could purchase 21 of these with the money Elizabeth Warren raised for her Senate seat.

#13. McCain-Palin Compliance Fund Inc. (2008)

Candidate: John McCain
Total Amount Raised: $48,328,863

For the amount raised by the McCain-Palin Compliance Fund Inc., McCain could have purchased 10 Lamborghini Venenos priced at $4.5 million a pop.

#12. Linda McMahon for Senate 2010 (2010)

Candidate: Linda McMahon
Total Amount Raised: $50,285,122

If you’re a fashionista, it might shock you that the amount of money raised for Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign is equivalent to the cost of 75,500 pairs of Christian Louboutins shoes. The average pair costs around $670.

#11. Linda McMahon for Senate 2012 Inc (2012)

Candidate: Linda McMahon
Total Amount Raised: $51,002,456

Real estate in Tokyo is estimated to cost $1,200 per square meter. The money raised for Linda McMahon’s 2012 Senate bid could cover the purchase of 42,500 square meters of Tokyo real estate.

#10. John Edwards for President (2008)

Candidate: John Edwards
Total Amount Raised: $62,713,069

For eyes that people can’t look away from, you can purchase $15,000 diamond contact lenses. The amount raised by John Edwards for President could pay for 4,180 pairs.

#9. Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee Inc (2008)

Candidate: Rudy Giuliani
Total Amount Raised: $64,767,316

Finding parking in Manhattan is nearly impossible, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani should know that. With the money he raised gunning for the presidency, he could have purchased 64 downtown Manhattan parking spots, priced at $1 million each.

#8. Hillary for America (2016)

Candidate: Hillary Clinton
Total Amount Raised: $77,471,603

For those who appreciate antiquity, entire abandoned villages in Spain are for sale, priced at a mere $230,000 in some cases. With the money thus far raised by Hillary for America, Clinton could purchase 336 abandoned Spanish villages.

#7. McCain-Palin 2008 Inc (2008)

Candidate: John McCain
Total Amount Raised: $111,653,995

This amount covers President Obama’s salary, health care and vacation budget, plus costs to upkeep the White House grounds, building operating expenses and presidential plane fleet per year.

#6. Romney for President Inc. (2012)

Candidate: Mitt Romney
Total Amount Raised: $113,659,805

A dinner with President Obama can run as high as $35,000 per plate. On Romney for President Inc.’s $113.7 million budget, you could dine with the president 3,200 times — 1,600 times if you’re covering his plate too.

#5. John McCain 2008 Inc. (2008)

Candidate: John McCain
Total Amount Raised: $239,843,227

The shooting budget for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was $200 million. Sen. John McCain could have covered this expense with the money raised by John McCain 2008 Inc. in 2008.

#4. Hillary Clinton for President (2008)

Candidate: Hillary Clinton
Total Amount Raised: $252,235,516

Hillary Clinton for President raised $252.2 million for her 2008 campaign. This amount could cover 840 minutes of the Iraq war, which cost $5,000 a second, according to Business Insider. That converts into just over 14 hours.

#3. Romney for President Inc. (2012)

Candidate: Mitt Romney
Total Amount Raised: $483,452,331

The amount Mitt Romney’s campaign committee raised for his 2012 presidential campaign is 2.5 times the GDP of the Marshall Islands, at $186.7 million.

#2. Obama for America (2012)

Candidate: Barack Obama
Total Amount Raised: $738,503,770

According to The Richest, one round trip to the moon costs $750 million. With his reelection campaign money, President Obama could have almost traveled to the moon and back.

#1. Obama for America (2008)

Candidate: Barack Obama
Total Amount Raised: $778,642,962

For a 75 percent holding of the Chicago Cubs, President Obama could have taken his three quarters of a billion raised in 2008 and channeled it toward purchasing a large stake in his hometown team.

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