The inevitable buzz (pardon the punning) about Google+ has increased since its initial launch.  Although there has been a little bit of controversy about its privacy settings due to the original approach of having all the people in an individual’s contact list follow them, Google+ has a variety of purposes, features, and functions which make it an attractive online marketing tool and helpful communication venue.  Since the launch, Google+ has rectified the privacy issues and only continues to improve and increase the capability of Google+.  So, the next question is “will Google+ kill Twitter?”

The IT giant that is Google is behind this service 100 percent.  That alone, should make it a Twitter “killer.”  With this kind of support, this social media service has wide coverage, credibility, and product development right out of the starting gate.  Google+ has a more advanced feature set than Twitter’s simplicity.  Google+can support threaded conversations, allows for instant updating – so there’s no need to perpetually refresh it, pictures and video can imbed into the posts themselves, rather than having to use third party sites.  All of this and more means that it’s easier to use, has increased technological capabilities, and offers more potential for effective online marketing.

There is a little bit of doubt that Google+ will be the “next big thing” that Google wants it to be, despite having all of these technological advantages over Twitter.  The resounding question is why folks would move to Buzz if they already use Twitter?  After all, if all of the people you know and are interested in already use Twitter, why change?  For example, the driving attraction for a social service like Twitter’s isn’t necessarily the features that people like and use the most, it’s the people using the service.  Twitter has lots of streed cred and cache’ with its abundance of celebrities, big corporations, and well-known industry experts using it for news spreading and product announcements.

With its easy integration with other social media services like Facebook, Twitter, etc.; Google+ has tried to combat the celebrity/people factor.  However, until its popularity and usability catches on a little bit more, there really is no incentive to switch from Twitter to Google+ when the people you are most interested in following just aren’t there yet.  Google is working on this, and when people realize that the features Google+ offers are constantly growing and expanding in an easier to use way, it is only a matter of time before we’re all following the “buzz” and slowly decreasing our “tweets.”

One factor that will help with this is the tight integration of Google+ into the Android handset.  This is a popular way to sell folks on Google+.  After all, there is an excellent use of sophisticated mapping software which shows exactly where the “buzz” is coming from on a local level.  It shows where things are coming from locally and helps users find local trends, products, information, shops, and local topics of conversation.   This proximity and personalization will be a big draw.

Even though Twitter has become as synonymous with social networking as Facebook is and Goolge may have difficulties shifting Twitter as the king of the quick message, Google+ is up and coming.  It is only a matter of time before the local appeal and excellent features translate to national acceptance.  The “buzz” about Google+ is that it truly may be what kills Twitter’s dominance and monopoly.   Only time will tell, but surely it’s worth checking it out for yourself, isn’t it?

Author: Frederick, web blogger, software and antivirus software alert specialist who is interested also in business, computer slow and guest blogging.