Google-Plus-HangoutGoogle Plus Hangouts on Air is an easy to use, free video production tool you can use to create original content for your social media strategy. If you haven’t thought about using this tool, you’ll want to read my blog post on how to get started using Google Plus Hangouts on Air. Once you have the basics down and have your event planned, you’ll want to promote it! Here are some thoughts on spreading the word.

Use Google Plus Events

Even though there’s an event tool for creating a Hangout on Air, I don’t recommend using it. Instead, create an event, then choose event options then advanced. Choose “Make this an event on air” and fill in the details. The invite your guests and choose public. Public events allow anyone to find and see your event details, guest list, and any photos and videos that have been added to the event. Although anyone can find and view your public event, only those you invite directly can comment and add photos. Event viewers who aren’t on the guest list will be able to see the content of the event page, including who’s attending. These viewers will also be able to share the event for others to view. A good idea is to add a note that the link used to watch the event will be added just before the event goes live.

When you invite people to an event or update an event, your invited guests will receive a notification. Depending on their notification settings, they may get an email or a notification in the Google bar. People you invite to an event who do not use Google+ are sent an email invitation. Unless you use email addresses, only people following your page will receive the notifications.


Make it easy for people to start watching your HoA from your promoted event. Before you begin broadcasting, you’ll see a link next to the “start broadcast” button named “embed.” Copy the YouTube Link on the far left of the 2 choices then go to your event, click edit, and paste the YouTube link right into the Website URL field. Do this right before your event goes live, so when the alerts go out, they will include the link that everyone can click on and start watching your HoA. You’ll see the video window appear in your event soon after you paste in the link.

Use your other Social Media Channels

Use all your channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, your blog and your website to promote your HoA. Make a Facebook event that includes a link to your Google Plus stream. Send an eblast to your mailing list notifying them of the event, and include the link. Use #HangoutsonAir when you talk about your HoA in your Google+ stream to promote your content. Spread the word! Once the video is finished you can continue to share it across all your social media streams. Even if your audience didn’t see it as it happened, your video will live on YouTube as long as you’d like!

What other ideas do you have for promoting your Google Plus Hangouts on Air? Let me know in the comments.