When Google+ Pages for businesses was launched last week, I began to reason through and consider if it was a good or bad thing. After all it has the equal potential to spin-out into the next big thing in social media, or the potential to tank into the depths of past failed attempts – think Google Buzz.

As a Google+ “lite” user (that would be the occasional user) I have access to the pages, and have visited quite a few newly launched Google+ business  pages. They look really great. Yet I’m still left with a feeling of dread – Great, it’s one more page I have to set-up and maintain.

Lingering questions plague my thoughts: Is it really all that? Do I really need to be there? And What if I am not an early adopter for a Google+ page? I would guess many businesses are thinking some of the same things.

I know though, that when I am sitting face-to-face with a client and they asked me, “Do I really need to set up a Google+ Page for my business?”  I would say this: The best way to answer this is to take a step back and truly question your marketing strategy and overall goals. Asking yourself the right questions will help you to better understand if you should pass for now and wait, put your toe in the water with Google+ Pages, or dive in deep.

To better illustrate things, you might consider asking a few simple questions.

Ready for Google+

Is your business ready to implement a Google+ Page? Ask a couple of key questions to find out.

There are many opinions floating around the internet right now about Google+ Pages, and even individuals claiming to be “experts” with the new platform, ultimately though, having clear business goals that necessitate adding a new social media site to your existing marketing toolbox, and the time and resources to maintain an additional social media platform will determine your need to set up a Google+ business page.  After all, doing one thing right (and taking best advantage of current trends) instead of trying a little bit of everything and doing it poorly is the better answer.

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