Google AuthorshipToday, content marketing is about more than what’s being said—it’s about who’s saying it. Developments with Google+ authorship have changed the way content authors affect the content they’re writing. What does this mean for you?

Here’s a look at some of the implications Google+ authorship has on content marketing!

Google Is Vital for Content Marketing Today

What once was the new player in the social media world is now becoming one of the most powerful sources of influence. Backed by the power of search giant Google, Google+ has the ability to increase online credibility, improve search engine optimization, promote your content, and more. That’s why Google+ is not just another outlet to try. For content marketers, Google+ is vital.

Here’s how to set up Google+ authorship today:

1. Set up your Google+ profile and include a good headshot.
2. Verify authorship of your content through one of the two ways Google provides.

Author Reputation Affects Search Rankings

”Today you can see the impact [of Google authorship] on results pages in the form of author photos, their +1 count, and a link to additional articles by that author in SERPs. Author Rank has the potential to become a ranking factor as powerful as Page Rank.” Jeremy Rivera, Raven Blog

With Google+ authorship, the content that does best in search engines is content written by the best writers. Online authors are directly connected to the content they create. So over time, as writers consistently create quality content—which includes blog posts, Tweets, shares, likes, etc.—their author rankings improve. This means that building a reputation for quality content means building a higher author ranking, and higher author ranking means more weight in the calculations of search engines and higher ranks in search results.

Building Author Rank Needs to Be a Priority

Because higher author rankings mean higher search placement, finding ways to achieve higher author rankings needs to be a priority. Page ranking has earned a reputation for being easy to manipulate—but boosting author ranking won’t be so simple. The best ways to boost your author rank are the most authentic, such as the following:

• As mentioned above, set up Google authorship to align your content with your name.
• Create truly valuable content your audience will appreciate.
• Focus your writing on the topics about which you want to rank highly.
• Build a community of followers on Google+.

Users who find a particular author’s content via search results will be one click away from that same author’s Google+ profile and account. In a Google search results page, your article on business marketing will also feature your photo and a byline linking to your Google+ profile. This means users can easily reach you, the writer, directly, and you’re easily identified with everything you create. On the plus side, this can boost your influence; on the downside, this means all your online work—from your personal blog to your company website—is easily linked, at least if it’s all connected with your email address and Google+ profile.