Google Plus MascotYou may feel overwhelmed by the amount of social media channels that seem to come at you from all directions. You may feel that you have chosen those social media channels that make the most sense to you and you don’t really need any others. Well, Google+ is well worth reconsidering.

The value of Google and the myths that surround it

No matter which social media channels you have chosen to use (and interact with other members), you should definitely try to make room in your repository for Google+. Google+ has been referred to as a social layer that highlights many of its best online features. If you have heard “some talk” about Google+ but you don’t really know it well at all, it is time for you to not only get to know Google+ but also to become well acquainted with the truth and the myths about that particular social media tool. Unfortunately, there are several myths surrounding Google+ and if you know what those are, in turn, you will be able to use the tool effectively and successfully for your business.

  • Google+ is a run-of-the-mill social media network: The truth of this is that Google+ is an extremely strong and effective social media network, not to mention the fact that it is paired with Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Analytics, Google Images, Google Search, Google Finance, Google Docs, and Google Wallet. Google+ pretty much gives you an extremely comprehensive way to do anything you want to do and you can find everything in one place. It is a self-contained unit.

  • Google+ is going nowhere: The fact of the matter is that Google+ has millions upon millions of people who are using it on a regular basis. Additionally, that number is only increasing.

  • Google+ only hold an interest for technical people: This myth could not be further from the truth. Google+ serves an extremely wide variety of people and communities with a huge amount and variety of wants and needs. It allows everyone who is connected to access influencers and subject matter experts in every imaginable field. Google+ serves as a wonderful resource for people who wish to connect with just about anyone they can think of.
  • Google+ is not user-friendly: This is just not true. In fact, Google+ has a large number of extremely user-friendly features (at no cost to the user), which can do all sorts of incredible things. Those features can help you to bring your business to the next level quite easily. A large number of those tools can only be found on Google+ and they are totally integrated with the platform. It is extremely user-friendly.

  • There is nothing unique about Google+: The reality of this is that Google+ is totally unique and, in fact, has many features that you can’t find on any other social media platform. If you compare it to Facebook or LinkedIn, the resounding difference is that they are independent platforms (without integration) whereas Google+ is fully integrated with all of the different parts of Google (which means a lot). Additionally, it is all free. Your online connections can have access to everything and your audience has the potential to grow in so many different directions. With Google+, you can connect with both public and private social communities. However, if you want some of your posts to stay private, you can control that and they won’t show up in everyone’s searches. On the other hand, your search engine rankings will remain solid. In other words, your content will be properly and appropriately optimized.


If you are on the fence about whether to connect on Google+, you should bear in mind that you will be doing yourself and your business a disservice if you don’t get involved with it. One of the main motivating factors for this is the search results that other people will receive. Of course, when it comes to connecting with other people, you should think about how you want to do that most effectively; however, Google+ gives you many effective options for doing that. It is definitely worth reconsidering!

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