One of the negatives to setting up and using a new social media platform like Google+ is creating your contact lists all over again. Many of you might be hesitant to get involved with Google+ because your community is already established on Facebook. If this is the only thing keeping you from trying out the new platform, there is a simple way around this roadblock. Here are the steps to migrate your Facebook friends to Google+.

1. Sign up for a Yahoo mail account if you don’t already have one. Log into the account and click on the Contacts tab. There you’ll see a function to import contacts from Facebook. Follow those instructions.

2. Once your contacts are imported click on the drop down box that says “actions.” Choose export all and export to a Yahoo csv file.

3. Now go to Google and log into your gmail account. If you don’t have one you can create one quickly. Since you are interested in using Google+ I’m going to assume you have a Google profile already. Once logged in, click on Contacts and create a new group called Facebook.

4. Select the group and then choose “import contacts.” Browse to where you saved the csv file and choose import. Choose the Facebook group as the destination and click import.

5. Now log into Google+, click on your circles and choose “find and invite.”

That’s it! Now you can add anyone who’s already on Google+ to your circles and invite those that aren’t.

How do you like Google+ so far?