Google+ LogoNeed To Delete Your
Google+ Account?

Having multiple Gmail accounts is awesome… but having multiple Google+ accounts is annoying! (And potentially a violation of the Terms of Service of the site.)

While a Google+ profile is auto-generated when you make a new Gmail account, it fortunately is almost as easy to get rid of as well.

How To Delete A Google Plus Account

1. Start by logging into the account you wish to remove. Take special care to ensure you are NOT in the account you wish to keep. There is no undo button.

2. In the upper right corner, open the drop-down and select “Account”


3. On the page that comes up,, select “Google+” on the left hand navigation, and then scroll all the way to the bottom and select “Disable Google+” (and click the click here link).


4. On the resulting page, click the radio box next to “Delete Google+ content”. Be very careful NOT to select the box next to “Delete your entire Google Profile”. These are worded in a way that it is easy to select the wrong one. Only select the one with a + in the name.


4. The final view is an expanded view of the prior window. Be sure that the button next to “Delete Google+ content” is still checked and that you (still) do not accidentally check the other one.

Then put a check mark into the “Required” box and click “Remove Selected Services”.


You have successfully removed an unneeded or unwanted or duplicate Google+ account!

Now you have a solution!

Do you use Google+?