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Google+ Pages are way for organizations, businesses, artists, and more to have a public identity. This is Google’s attempt to compete with other social media, and allows these entities to update and share business information with others. They may add people to their circle, post comments and pictures, and edit and add to their profiles. Here is how to get the most from your Google+ business page.

Decide What Type Of Google Page You Need

You can choose between a local business page, or a brand or organization page. The local page allows customers to easily connect with your physical location. A brand page does not include a physical location, and is mainly for attracting followers.

Customization Steps

To get started, make sure you have a complete profile on Google+. Add a relevant picture that depicts an aspect of your business, a business head, or one of your key products. Next, do what you can to better engage your customers. You can get more interaction on your page by following others, but if you do not have any interesting dialogue, or posts on your own page, it is unlikely they will follow you back, which is what you want.

Follow Up On Notifications

Once your Google+ business page has followers, you will get notifications more and more often. It is important for you to follow up on them to create more interaction. You will know you have a notification when the little bell in the top right corner signals you. It means you have a message, you have been mentioned in a post, or you have been added to a circle.

When this happens, you need to follow up in order to create more dialogue and get more publicity for your business. Just click on the bell to find out the type of notification you have just received. The next customization step you can take is to change your identity. We are not talking clandestine moves here, but rather selecting which profile you interact with. You can have separate pages for different branches of your business, or even for a specific product in order to get more exposure.

All of these steps will help you to get more out of your Google+ pages, in order to get more exposure, and expand your customer base. Opportunity is knocking out in the digital world, just make sure that you answer the door.

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