This social media tutorial will cover how to change your YouTube channel name from your Google Plus name.

Now, YouTube recently merged with Google Plus to begin associating identities across the platform in order to make the site more “civil”.

Think about it, losing the ability to comment and remain anonymous would obviously put a damper on trolls who tend to be quite unpleasant. This also makes YouTube more valuable for other business investments as it will cut down on obscene comments making a more user friendly environment.

Now on to changing your YouTube channel name.

It’s very likely you’ve tried to figure this out yourself and it’s left you very frustrated. Fear not! As I detail below how to change your YouTube channel name. Lets go!

First, log into your YouTube account and navigate to your YouTube Settings option.

how to change your youtube username help

Under account information, next to your Google plus avatar and name, you will see the option to “Revert to Username”

After selecting Revert to username, you will then be shown a screen that says Rename Channel, which will give you specifics on what that entails.


  • If you already set up your YouTube username you will see your current YouTube URL
  • If you are setting up your YouTube username for the first time and you see a field to fill it in or suggested usernames keep in mind…
  • Your set username will become your channels permanent URL. (However you can then change your channel name to whatever you prefer.) Follow the video below to learn how.

Video Tutorial

Once you’ve changed the name of your YouTube channel you can then create the channels title name in the Channels Settings located above your logo.

From there click on the info and settings tab. Now you can freely change the channel name to what you like, in most cases your business or brand name. And in that case, you can upload your brand logo in the channel settings as well.

To link your YouTube channel username back to your Google Plus profile, navigate back to your channel settings, select advanced and choose begin using my full name on YouTube.

Finally select preview, and then update my name. you can then tell that your old username is now set back to your Google Plus profile name.

But that will do it for this tutorial on how to change your YouTube channel name. View more video tutorials on social media or leave a suggestion for my next tutorial in the comments below.

What do you think of Google merging YouTube with your Google Account?

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