Google-Plus-MarketingWhy You Should Be Marketing On Google Plus

Are you ready to ramp up your marketing strategy on Google Plus?

If you answered “No”, you may want to reconsider.

The new Google Plus design, launched in mid-November, provides more emphasis on niche communities that bring like-minded people together and more exposure for YOU.

In a recent blog post, Google outlined several new features including:

  • Emphasis on communities and collections to bring more focus to interests
  • A more mobile-friendly design, which loads faster on both computers and smart devices
  • Improved search function from topics
  • Better hashtag function

New Google Plus

Since 2011 it’s been a steady, but slow climb for brands and businesses to fully embrace Google Plus as an additional network to manage. But the platform has had its own unique advantages including top results in search, establishing your name or company as a leading authority, integration with YouTube, and faster connections with influencers and those interested in what you have to offer.

The new design is similar to Reddit or Pinterest in that people can now share content based on what interests them the most. The means that brands and businesses can now better focus on a select target market with more a more interested audience who will share their content.

“We’ve drastically simplified nearly every aspect of the product,” writes Luke Wroblewski of Google. “To do so, we’ve drastically simplified nearly every aspect of the product. ” With the more streamlined look Wroblewski points out that it is now much easier to make posts, search, and connect with others.

At first glance the new Collections feature pulls information from your current Circles, and allows you to easily create your own, much like boards on Pinterest:


Posts have also improved, with the original website now being more prominent on the bottom left hand corner:


Similar to Facebook Graph search Google Plus provides more specific details on results for keywords:


As your business finds targeted users to follow you will also no longer see the “Add to Circles” feature when hovering, but rather just the simple follow button:

Google Plus Follow

While previous circle categories are preserved this new feature allows you to quickly add a user, and view their profile in one, easy-to-read format when you click the information icon:

Google Plus Profile

The largest benefit of the new Google Plus design is the connection with users in your niche through communities, collections, and groups. As your brand or business interacts and creates your own persona there you will start to see more followers who can be directed to your website and other social media networks.

Not only is this large social network here to stay, but it is also moving toward more upgrades and changes that will promote a better connection with an audience, and allow for even better search engine results.

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