Using Google Plus today I noticed something new – well new to me anyway. After clicking the +1 button on someone’s post, this little pop-up tip appeared.

Google Plus One tip

Let’s ignore the use of apostrophe in “+1′s” and focus on the usefulness of this tip. Google is clearly trying to promote the use of +1s – the Google Plus equivalent of a Facebook Like or a Twitter Favourite.

By educating users on the benefits of clicking +1, more people are likely to use it, let alone understand it. There are several benefits to the +1 button. Here’s where that question mark will take you if you click it, but below is a summary of some of the things that happen when you click +1.

What happens when you click 1 within Google Plus?

When you click a +1 under a post within Google Plus, people in your extended circles who also have you in circles may see the post their streams. They will only see the post if they had access to the original post. Activity updates may also be visible in Google+ search results to anyone who can see the original post.

Read more about how extended circles work.

What happens when you 1 a web page?

When you see a +1 button on a website, clicking it will give it an endorsement, which will then be seen by people with whom you are connected. In this example of a search result, you can see that two people I am connected to on Google Plus have +1d the link shown in the search result.

Google Plus +1s shown in search results.

Making it easy for people to +1 your content is a good way to ensure more people see it within your network.

Google advises you should “only +1 pages when you’re comfortable sharing your recommendation with the world”.

See your 1 activity on Google Plus

You can keep track of what you have +1d in your activity log, which you will find here. You need to be logged in to your Google Plus account to see it.