SEO Strategies that Work for Google Plus

Google Plus is more than just a social networking site. It can be a way to boost your business and traffic to the website. Most of the Internet marketers are using social networking platform as the way to share information, get attention, reach out to potential business, and get success in the business.

Google Plus 2013 Statistics: An Overview

Google Plus is the second largest social networking site after Facebook with 540 million monthly active users. Seeing the constant popularity of the social network, it comes as no surprise to us that 40% of the Internet marketers are using Google Plus and +1 button more than 5 billion times per day. With 1,203 million visits per month, the social network has dominated the monthly visits of Twitter and Facebook also.

Google Plus is a social network with a huge potential and it won’t be wrong to predict that it could be the next big thing in the world of social networking. If you still haven’t made Google Plus a part of your online marketing strategy, make no further delay.

While Google has clarified that number of +1s does not impact search rankings, Google Plus pages & profiles can increase your chances of getting targeted visitors from organic search. So, you ought to have an SEO Strategy for Google Plus.

SEO Strategy for Google Plus: We Recommend

  1. Building Content Relevancy
    Content marketers as well as bloggers are using Google Plus profiles to attain authorship. For this, they write high quality content on subjects related to their business. To help search engines identify your authorship, here are a few tips to build content relevancyOptimizing Google Plus Profile: To make your Google Plus Profile more revealing to your followers, it is important that you optimize it. Complete all the required fields in your profile such as website URL, profile image, business details etc. Getting your page verified by Google will further add to the credibility.

    Linking Google Plus Page to Website & Social Extensions: Add Google Plus page directly to your website so that search engines can easily associate both. You should use the snippet of the code for the Google Plus page and connect it to the AdWords campaign and your social extensions.

    Posting High Quality Content Consistently: Your followers will loose interest if you will not stay in constant touch with them. This is done by posting high quality & useful content. The next step is to make the content dynamically engaging. You must offer solutions to readers’ problems and stay highly active in the comments section.

  2. Google Plus Page and Snippet
    Google Plus Page is essential for a business of all sizes. However, keep in mind that a Google Plus page is not the same as a Google Plus profile. It offers you unique benefits of targeted messaging, multiple admin capability, direct interaction with fans, and connection to your website for improved search engine visibility. Once you have created a Google Plus page, optimize your Google Plus snippet, as this is crucial to drive traffic to the page. The benefits of optimization are:
    • It helps you in building more credibility on your authorship and content
    • It is a good tool for personal branding
    • It can capture the attention of searchers, resulting in more clicks and a growing number of followers
  3. Google +1 Button
    Users can share the content in their social media network as well as encourage others to like it with one single click on the Google +1 button. Each time, the content is +1 users, it is shared within their networks. When more people +1, search engines get a signal that the content is relevant & worth sharing. As a result, your authorship gets a boost and so does your search engine ranking.
  4. Google Plus Circle
    Follow influential and like-minded people related to your business field will enhance your Google Plus SEO strategy. If your Google Plus network is large, you will influence more search results of people who have you in their Google Plus circles.
  5. Including Keyword in the Description
    Adding appropriate keywords in specially the first line of the description of your Google Plus post will help in driving traffic to your website/blog. Using Google Plus feature such as Spark to add videos & information related to the shared content automatically will further help in search engine rankings.
  6. Google Communities
    Google Communities are a nice way of strengthening your authority. The more you will engage yourself in Community activities, higher will be the favor from search engines.

At the End:

Search engines have become smarter, post Panda & Penguin updates. By gaining authority for your Google Plus Profile, you have fair chances of securing higher rankings in search results. Although, Google has said that more +1s and Google authorship will not improve your search ranking, but these are organic link building techniques that will increase the click through rate.