I see a lot of people have jumped off the bandwagon on Google Plus.  I think a number of people are not finding their friends or clients spending time on Google Plus and they have reverted back to Twitter and Facebook.  For me, I am still looking at the bigger picture.

Five years ago, I jumped into SEO and worked with keyword tools and focused on getting to the top of Google. Oh so many tips an tricks about key word placement and link building.

Next, I worked with Google Adwords and watched how traffic was measured in page clicks and click-through rates.

Next, I worked with social media sites. Watching numbers grow on Twitter, Facebook and beginning the process of connecting with people.

Now, I think we have come full circle with Google Plus.  Connecting with people takes time and connecting with the right people even longer. Google Plus integrates a key component in connecting which is search.  With more and more people getting on and using social media platforms it is harder for people to find our statements and posts on Facebook and Twitter.

This is why search is so important.  Content marketing is the key. In my case, people are finding my content through searches on Google. As much as I want to believe that people are finding my content on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn, most people are still finding me and connecting with me through searches on google as indicated by analytics captured on google analytics and getclicky analytics.

I actually think this is a real positive, because all of my work is going into content that is searchable. Not to say that having a presence on social media sites is not important, but the focus is connecting with people on your site and being able to give people a deeper perspective.

Google Plus ties in search with social media. Its search capability is much better than Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. Company pages still need to be added and sites that are liked or linked on Google Plus are being indexed in Google Plus. Test this functionality yourself and check your results.  Have a presence on Google Plus and keep in mind the big picture of “search”. It will be big as more featues are added to Google Plus.

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