Google+, the latest social networking website by Google, is very easy to use if you get habituated.

If you are using Google+ on a laptop especially, it becomes slightly difficult to scroll through the stream with the touchpad. And believe me, the moment you start using keyboard shortcuts, you will really enjoy Google+ as you can scroll through and also move across very swiftly. I am enjoying it, and do join me in using the keyboard shortcuts.

The best part is you can use the same shortcuts for any browser (tried on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer).

Keyboard Shortcuts:

The keyboard shortcuts are shared in the image below: (Save the image in case you want it for future reference )

Google+ keyboard shortcuts

Using such shortcut keys makes others feel that you are an expert. Right ?

So, get ready to be a keyboard shortcut expert with these simple tricks.

Formatting text on Google+:

Want even more fun with the keyboard on Google + ? Here are more then:

Keys to use


*<text>* – bold text
_<text>_ gives italic text
-<text>- gives striked through text.

So, what do you say now ? Isn’t Google+ awesome with these keyboard shortcuts and combinations?

Do check out similar shortcut keys for Facebook and breeze through Facebook.

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