Google Events Make Scheduling Business & Fun Easy!

Anyone who’s tried scheduling events on Facebook knows that the Facebook Events tool has needed some serious help for over two years…

So what’s are you supposed to do about it?

Well, since Facebook seemed in no rush, Google took the initiative and built Events as a powerful way to integrate social into their Google calendar.

Introducing: Google Events!

Google Events can be used to schedule/announce Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, other online events, offline events, and offline events with “Party Mode” where all members can use the mobile apps to automatically share photos to the event’s shared images folder.

James Laweson Smith gives a great in-depth video of how to use Google Events.

The Google+ Event Invitations are stylish, attractive and modern:

Google+ Event Email Invitation Screenshot

The Event sends email reminders. These reminders are professional however, at this time, they are perhaps too frequent. (We do not have control of this.)

Fortunately, you can alter your G+ settings to control which emails you receive from events.

Google also takes advantage of the Google Calendar integration and auto-adds event notifications to your calendar.

You can set your G+ Calendar settings to control what events get added to your calendar.

Google Event Calendar Notification

As you can see, Google has provided a rich Event environment that is no available through Facebook.

I found the Events fun and relatively easy to set up, although given that they have just launched, they do need some minor quality-of-life fixes before one might consider them “perfect”.

While many of my Event’s are semi-private, here is a public event for my Free Monthly WordPress & Social Marketing Q&A webinar.

Have you taken advantage of Google+ Events yet? Have you received or sent any invites?