5 google wishesI have some wish list items for Webmaster Tools and G+, some things I would love to see as new free features, but would gladly pay for nonetheless:

1.  Please let me moderate new incoming links (as a non-default option):  Holy Cow – what an awesome option this would be to have in Webmaster Tools!!!  Give site owners the option to moderate all new incoming links – i.e. hold new links in a suspended disavowed state – so that we can keep our backlink profiles pristine.  Then let us cherry pick the links we want to be ‘counted’.

The way it stands now, anyone can link to a site whenever they want – that will never change.  Google, at any time either via automated algorithm or by manual review can penalize a site for those very links.  Then site owners must manage the processes of outreach, disavowing, reconsideration, etc.  Boy, does this seem backwards!   It seems like we, the site owners, have the least amount of control in this situation.   Aside from spammy sites, we may not even want some ‘quality’ sites establishing a ‘Google-counted’ link relationship with our sites. I would gladly pay you guys to let me decide and give me (the actual site owner) more ability to control my incoming link destiny.  In other words, put the ‘master’ back in Webmaster Tools.  This would be a bullet-proof solution against negative SEO.  It would also drastically reduce volume link building schemes.  If this can be done on a wide scale on WordPress sites (as many of us now do with blog post comment moderation) I hope it could be technically possible to do in Webmaster Tools.

2. Please show a bit more Panda & Penguin et al detail in Webmaster Tools .  Its been reported by Barry Schwartz that you guys may already have access to this data in some type of account viewer, if so then shouldn’t site owners be able to see more limited algorithmic data in the WT dashboard?   There are manual action notices sent to webmaster accounts. It would be really helpful for site owners and especially SEO agencies to have a similar notice for Panda or Penguin flags so that they have a starting point to help fix new client websites.  We understand there is a balancing act Google must play between transparency and giving the ‘bad guys’ too much ammo for new web spam attacks, but it seems like there could be room for a little more transparency here for the good guys and plain old main street webmasters.

3. Please let me do some Google+ sidebar advertising: Let me do targeted advertising to people and communities inside Google + via AdWords and or sponsoring.  This is a no brainer.  Let us do targeting advertising based on demographics.  This is the one and only thing I like better about Facebook – their demographic targeting is awesome.

4. Please give me activity access for dashboard data for PERSONAL G+ accounts too.  I love that I can see keyword and traffic data on company G+ pages – it’s so encouraging and motivating to see the G+ activity with this insight data!  This is one just one of the many cool things I love about G+.  The share activity and rippling data availability for all posts is really cool too.  I just really wish I had the insight data on my personal page – and would pay for it!  The company / brand page insight viewer looks like this:

5. Please let me pay to verify my personal account.  You do this for high profile people.  You do it for company pages and brand pages.  I would pay to be able to verify me personal profile today.  I’d like to see a much wider scale roll-out of the verification process, and perhaps even the option to only allow verified members to follow me.  Bloated follower counts look fake and its the quality, relevance and the active engagement of my followers that I care about most.

Here’s an example of a verified Google+ personal account on Mark Traphagen’s page:

mark traphagen

Dear Google, if you ever beta test any of the above, let us know!