Today was a huge day for Google Plus! –  The announcement of invitations for everyone and other enhancements was big news on the Google Blog Site. I want to focus on the search component, because I believe it has the most value for companies using Google Plus as part of their markeitng mix.

Google Plus Search is new – The title in the search box has changed from “Find People”  to “Search Google Plus”. You can also filter your search by clicking on the following headings:  Everything, People, Google+ Posts, and Sparks.

  • Everything – All posts, profiles and pages
  • People – Google Plus Profiles
  • Google+ Posts – Search key words in posted information
  • Sparks – Websites referenced in Google Plus.  (Current Websites) Within the last 4 weeks that I can see.

Search is what it is all about for me. Google Plus is integrating people’s posts and site references within Google+ .  People want current search information and especially if that information has been commented on by other readers. Now all of that information can be referenced in one place on one social media platform, Google Plus.

Facebook has a search function, but it is really hit and miss.  I do like how it brings in some websites from the outside through Bing. I think it will improve with these new enhancements from Google.

Sparks is really huge! Imagine people searching key words and finding your most recent website and blog content that has been posted on Google Plus.  Very Cool for people and companies who have shared content on Google Plus. If you are not in the game, you will not see your referenced sites.

Searches can also be saved in Google Plus.  This is a nice feature for easy access in the future.

Google Plus will integrate search with engagement and we are starting to see the early signs of this relationship. My advice to you is to become more active on Google Plus and test out the search function to see how fast your content is being indexed on the site.  Also, make sure you pay close attention to Google Analytics over the next few days and see if the data shows any increases in referring sites from Google Plus to your own website or blog site.

Exciting times – make sure you are a part of the experience.

Picture | kennejima