There’s no doubt that when Google announced its plans for Google+, there were a few puzzled faces when talk turned to the Google+ Hangout function. It sounded like something from the future, but a lot of people couldn’t quite make up their minds whether or not it would actually offer anything to the web savvy user. A few months down the line and it’s clear that there’s plenty you can do with Google plus hangouts if you’re working in business. Google+ is not only efficient way to work but it can help with a businesses online reputation. Here are some great uses that have already been exploited by businesses in Hangout mode!

Morning meetings

Google Hangouts are so great for meetings between colleagues who aren’t in the same room. For a start, you can upload a document which will automatically be shared with the rest of the participants in your hangout. You can also conduct a presentation with the use of the excellent whiteboard facility.


Seeing everything going on in a large group can be really inspiring, and many businesses are finding that a video link up like this can be a brilliant way of brainstorming. By using the text chat box as well as talking amongst yourselves, you can all see what progress is being made.

Connect with Clients

A lot of people will be more comfortable with Google+ Hangouts amongst peers and colleagues, but there’s no doubt it is a great way to showcase your business to clients. Let them see you and your team working together, with Google+ hangouts you can give them a real insight into how you are utilizing modern technology to serve them.

Teach with Hangouts

Offer your expertise in your niche by performing webinars using the hangouts on air feature available through G+ Hangouts. You can broadcast to an unlimited audience. What’s more, with hangouts, you can hook up any number of camera’s, which means you can teach all over the room, not just in front of the computer screen.


Presentations with clients face to face are always great, but if you can’t do that, Using Google+ Hangout is the next best thing. Not only can you utilize the option of multiple cameras to enable you to have freedom in the way hat you present, you can also collaborate and offer input from your clients in any area that they feel needs changing, by way of the text box and the whiteboard. Thanks to the automatic sharing of uploaded documents, they will have an opportunity to save anything you present to them.

Customer Service

Live customer service chat boxes have been common for some time now, but from a customer perspective, it’s even better to be able to speak to someone face to face. What’s more, if a customer has a technical problem with something, they will actually be able to visually demonstrate what their problem is, which should result in a more speedy resolution to many problems.

Create Shows

With Google+ Hangouts, there’s a lot of room for fun. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t, as a business, decide to create some sort of interactive show to draw customers to you. Contact with clients is always a good thing, and if you can entice them into speaking to you online by way of having a bit of fun, then you are going to get them onside more easily. It’s a great marketing opportunity for you too, and often a well advertised prize draw, held in one of your hangouts is another way to draw people in. Remember though, although you’re going to be having fun, you need to be well prepared so whatever it is you do doesn’t end up looking too amateurish!

Google + Hangouts should be embraced. They offer so much for the business user, the opportunities are literally endless! Have fun with it, and let us know what you come up with yourselves!