Thinking RFIDThe past few days I have posted some questions on Google Plus? I am trying to gauge the current use and seek people’s opinions.

  • I have received opinions like:
  • Looks nice but I haven’t used it.
  • Who needs another social media platform?
  • Does it really drive business to your site?

Here is my advice! – I am one who likes to stay ahead of the curve so I am going to continue to be on it to see where it leads.

Get yourself listed on the Google Plus Directory.

  • I was pleasantly surprised when I found out this week  that I have a verified name.  I have not been verified on Twitter, nor do I see that happening anytime soon.  I always thought this type of recognition was for superstars who had 50,000 followers or more.  I currently stand at 576 people who have me in their circles.  To some people that is a lot, compared to Chris Brogan, 44, 125  not very many. Check out this article, “Get your profile name verified on GooglePlus“  for more on this topic. This article mentions Google Knol. I have a presence on there from time to time.  Another site to check out.
  • Make sure your profile is transparent.  Let people see your profile information and check you out. List your email.  In both cases, most people do not share their profile or email information. There could be good reasons why, I am just telling you what I do.
  • Organize the people you follow into circles. When you add a contact, put them in a circle. If you get in a habit of doing this, it will soon be second-nature.
  • Get your blog site, or company site ready for the release of company pages? If company pages were released today, where would you want people to go, what do you want them to do on your site?
  • Post interesting content everyday. I do not post a lot at this point, but I do spend time on Google Plus each day to see what types of information is being communicated and who the players are.
  • Make sure when you read interesting web pages or blog posts that you are clicking the Google +1 Icons and sharing it with your circles.
  • These aren’t hard things to do. They just take a little time. Keep in the game, so you are ready for the next, major releases.
  • Also, track your referring site, or blog site in Google Analytics. In the past 30 days, I have received more clicks from Google Plus than Twitter or Facebook.

I know a number of people are not quite as excited as they first were when this platform was released, my advice, be different, be active and keep current of new developments. Just yesterday, Google Plus released API’s, keep your eyes and ears out for more developments and don’t get caught up with the naysayers.

Picture | @boetter