Several factors determine how well Google+ local page listings rank. However, some ways of ranking hold more priority than others. To make a listing as visible as possible, it requires evidence of customer interaction and posting of valuable information.

google+ local optimization guide

The four main Google + local ranking factors include:

  1. Customer reviews – This is very helpful because it shows that real people are actually using a company’s products or services. The more reviews that a G+ page has the better. It really shows local people that this business is for real, and it helps build trust in future clients. Of course, it is especially beneficial if the reviews are all positive. This further advances the reputation of a business.
  2. Proper website SEO – Using the right key words the right number of times on a Google + local page is highly beneficial. It increases the chance that the listing will be found when potential customers search for the kind of services or products are described according to main keywords and topics. Using specific phrases that provide a steady stream of traffic are best.
  3. Completion of listing – All parts of the profile should be filled out in order to further increase the validity of the page. This further helps the reputation of a company because they are not acting as if they have anything to hide. An exception to this may be when a business is run out of a home. However, any company that has a public address, phone number, and website should have it listed here with the correct name. To learn exactly how to do this visit this post.
  4. Presence of citations – It helps to have as many third-party reviews listed on a Google + page as possible. This further adds to the legitimacy of the profile, and it also helps represent real activity between a company and its clients. It could also improve the chance that G+ users will visit the website of the company listed on this profile page. Citations could also increase possibility of future sales.

The main objective of Google + rankings is not just to win a popularity contest. Instead, this is a way of establishing a local presence online. It is what makes the brands of lesser-known companies more noticeable until the public is convinced that they are beneficial.

It might take some time to rank on G+ before a listing reaches enough of an audience. However, the wait is worth it because it usually leads to better customer service to a specific audience. It usually also increases the chance of communicating with people who will actually by a specific product or service.

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