We’ve taken a look at five of the top gambling Twitch streamers in April 2024, showing you who to tune in to for all your gaming stream content.

Streaming has become one of the most popular forms of content in recent years. All manner of genres exist, with viewers able to engage directly with content creators in a live broadcast.

Unlike prerecorded videos, stream viewers can feel like part of a community, interacting with the streamer on a far more personal level.

Aside from video games, gambling has become one of the biggest genres for streamers. Followers can pick up tips, learn strategies and see how some of the top players make their decisions.

Twitch has become synonymous with the streaming community, and so we’ve picked out five of the top gambling Twitch streamers in April 2024.

Top Gambling Twitch Streamers

5. Syztmz

In fifth place for April is slots and casino streamer, Syztmz. Racking up 884,066 viewer hours as of April 4, Syztmz streams almost daily, offering free giveaways and competitions to stream viewers.

4. Classybeef

Next up is Classybeef, also offering viewers the chance to engage in a high-energy gambling stream. With giveaways, stake tips and special events, Classybeef keeps viewers entertained and engaged with fresh content.

So far in April, Classybeef has 1,054,081 viewer hours at the time of writing.


Third place on our list of the biggest gambling Twitch streamers is ROSHTEIN. With more than a million followers on Twitch, he is one of gambling’s top streamers.

So big is his appeal that well-known celebrity gambler Drake even appeared on a recent stream.

So far, ROSHTEIN has 1,327,762 viewer hours in April.

2. egorkreed

Now we’re into the top two, and we start with the first of our Russian language streamers. With 1,435,903 viewer hours so far this month, egorkreed is the second most-viewed gambling streamer on Twitch at the moment.

1. Mellstroy271

But nobody comes close to the viewing figures of our top gambling Twitch streamer in April. Another Russian language channel, Mellstroy271 is the most popular gambling streamer on the platform, and it’s not close.

With a crazy 5,765,714 viewer hours already in April, has a million more viewing hours this month than the rest of the top five streamers combined.