Online slot tournaments have become a popular new addition to many online casinos. They add an exciting and competitive edge to the classic casino slot games. These tournaments are super simple to join and are a great hit as they offer huge prizes and great wins. In this guide we explain how slot tournaments work, where you can play them, and we also reveal some useful tips which can increase your chances of winning.

How Do Slot Tournaments Work?

Slot tournaments may sound complicated, but in actual fact they are super simple. There are many different types of them, but the two main forms are the freerolls slot tournaments and buy-in slot tournaments. The freerolls slot tournaments are where players only pay for their spins and there is no entry fee required at all. The buy-in slot tournaments are where players have to pay an entry fee in order to participate and play. All these slot tournaments are open to any players and many online casinos offer special high roller slot tournaments for their VIP members.

Slot tournaments can range from daily, weekly and even to monthly competitions. Some tournaments can be entered any time, but others have a fixed time span and can run for 24 hours, 365 days a year, or even every 15 minutes. The goal of each participating player is to accumulate the highest number of points up to the tournament deadline. There are different rules for each online casino, but these casinos typically select specific slots to host a tournament event and set the entry fee for buy-in tournaments.

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How To Play Slot Tournaments

Most online slots tournaments are played with casino credits, while some are free for all. In order to start playing slot tournaments, players need to register at one of our top recommended online casinos and can choose to participate in any tournament that is currently available. If the casino of your choice is hosting a slot tournament, you are given a set number of playing credits. The given credit is used to play on the specified slot for a specific duration.

Players earn points as they play on the selected online slots and once the tournament ends, the player with the highest number of points wins the grand prize. While some competitions can only last a day, it can take months for others to complete. The different online casinos have their own unique set of rules for you to follow.

Luckyland Slots Tournament

Slot Tournament Rules

There are few rules set out in place when it comes to playing slot tournaments online, but most restrictions focus on the time limits and credits. We recommend you follow the guidelines listed below in order to avoid accidentally disqualifying yourself out of a slot tournament.

  1. Read the slot tournament rules beforehand – The online casinos will post and explain any restrictions when you sign up and register. If you fail to follow any of these rules, it can result in losing prize money or getting kicked out of the tournament.
  2. Only play during your set time limit – In a tournament you are given a set time to play with your credits. Any time that is spent outside of the limits will be discounted by the tournament judges.
  3. Keep to your allocated credits – Everyone is given an equal amount of credits in a slot tournament. If the online casino catches you topping up your credits to improve your chances of winning, you will be disqualified. Alternatively, the casino will discount the extra funds.
  4. Use all your credits – If you have any credits left over the end of the slot tournament, they are instantly lost and will not be added onto your end result. You cannot use the credit on real money slots at the end of the tournament either.
  5. Wait for the judges to record your results – At the end of the tournament, the judges will individually record each player’s result. If you leave the tournament too early, you risk the judges accidentally skipping you.

Different Types Of Slot Tournaments

Having a variety of slot tournaments to choose from makes it more exciting and allows players to have a chance at playing them all. The online casinos also offer a range of tournaments to suit every player’s schedule and budget. We have already mentioned and explained the two main popular slot tournaments, freerolls and buy-in tournaments, so let us take a look at a few more listed below.

Scheduled Tournaments

These are the most common tournaments you will find at our online casinos. A scheduled tournament is based on an invite only. These have a strict start time and members will usually pay their buy-ins before the tournament starts.

Sit And Go Tournaments

Sit and go tournaments are free, where anyone can join in and have some fun. Usually, there will be a limit on how many players can enter the tournament. In order to guarantee a place, you should join at the earliest possible opportunity. Sit and go tournaments are usually offered every 24 hours with no scheduled starting time.

Extender Tournaments

With extender tournaments, players can choose to continue playing spins to rack up even more spins. But this is all at the cost of an additional buy-in.

One Shot Tournaments

One-shot tournaments put extra pressure on slot players to hit the big wins. The one-shot tournaments are a brief but exciting tournament where the winner is decided in a single betting session. This keeps players on their toes and has become very popular at many new online casinos.

Reloader Tournaments

When playing in reloader tournaments, players are allowed to play on a level playing field and accrue as many points as they can to get the best score on the leaderboard. Players take full advantage of the feature where they can buy themselves into another round and start over if they spend all their credits too early or have low winnings.

Comped Tournaments

In order to play a comped tournament, you have to earn your entry by playing a certain amount of money or time with an online casino. Comped slot tournaments are usually reserved for players on VIP or loyalty schemes.

Survivor Tournaments

Slot players that like the competitive element of tournaments will love survivor slots. This slot tournament is conducted in rounds, with the lowest-ranking players eliminated at the end of each session. In this tournament they do not allow any rebuying or add-ons.

How To Win A Slot Tournament

As mentioned above, players have an allocated amount of time and credits to earn coins when playing slot tournaments online. The player who wins the most amount of coins during the tournament is announced the winner. As we all know, luck always plays a part in winning, and it is a huge factor when it comes to winning a slot tournament. Players can use the following tips below to ensure they are at the top of their game. These tips can help you increase your chances of winning a slot tournament. Players must remember that these tips do not guarantee a win, they are just friendly guidelines to share.

  1. Ignore the scoreboard – We know it is tempting to check where you rank, but the scoreboard changes every second. Do not set your eyes on the scoreboard as the final result only matter.
  2. Practice your bankroll management – Be sure about the slot tournaments you join. Look for tournaments that offer great rewards for your money, good games and a wide range of prizes.
  3. Exhaust your credits – The casinos do not allow players to keep any credits after the slot tournament finishes, so be sure to use them up before it ends.

How To Practice For A Slot Tournament

Practicing for slot tournaments is important as it helps you become more confident and increases your overall knowledge and skills. You can practice playing online slots tournaments by finding online casinos or venues where they take place. It would be best if you find the casinos who offer free slot games and allow their players to take full advantage of practicing and playing for free. It is also important to get to know the game’s mechanics, rules and make sure you know how the symbols work. By knowing these and practicing as much as you can, will really increase your chances of winning.

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Are Slot Tournaments Rigged?

As we all know, this seems to be a big question in the gambling industry. But in actual fact, no, the slot machines or slot tournaments featured at our top online casino sites are definitely not rigged. Slots have random number generators (RNG) which ensures that there is no “machine memory” of previous spins as they are programmed to function on individual spins. Additionally, every new spin is an isolated event, with only casino managers and slot designers know the exact settings for that RNG. Every slot machine is designed and programmed to have a mathematical edge over the player, in such a way, giving their manufacturers a chance to make a healthy profit without cheating whatsoever. Online slot tournaments are definitely not rigged and are not involved with any scamming or cheating whatsoever.

Slot Tournament Tips

Although slot tournaments are super easy and enjoyable to play, there are still a few slot tournament strategies and tips you can employ to increase your winning chances. No slot tournament strategy will ever guarantee a win, but we have listed a few tips below which could maybe help.

  • Spin over and over again in order to play the most rounds – The more rounds there are within a short period, the higher your chances are of winning.
  • Spin the maximum and highest bet – Place the maximum bet on all rounds to ensure you make use of the available credits. This should increase your chances of bigger wins. The higher you gain, the higher you will rank which means your chances of getting the highest payout increases.
  • Play on all paylines – To increase your potential wins, activate all the pay lines before placing a bet as you do not want to end up with a win on an inactive payline.
  • Ignore small wins – Ignore small wins on the way to avoid losing concentration and wait for big wins to come.

Where Can I Play Free Slot Tournaments?

Playing free slots tournaments is a huge bonus as they can be entered without spending any of your own cash and can be used for practice. Some free slots tournaments are included as part of some of our casino’s promotional offers. Some operators also provide free slot machine tournaments as a loyalty reward for existing players. You can play slot tournaments for free at our online casinos we listed above. They provide you with the slot tournament rules and allow players to practice all they want.

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