The online gambling industry is growing at a fast pace and many people have access to the licensed and regulated iGaming market such as online casinos. However, these exciting online casino games and betting options come with the risk of addiction. Because of this risk, many operators take the time and make the effort to protect players from harm in any way and one way of doing this is by having a self-exclusion casino policy in place.

Learning more about the self-exclusion online gambling process could help you or a loved one start the journey to recovery. This guide will reveal all you need to know about self-exclusion casinos, how to ban yourself from a casino, how to lift a self-ban from a casino and much more.

What is Self-Exclusion Online Gambling?

Self-exclusion is a process whereby a person chooses to be banned from having access to legal gambling activities in a certain venue. Once you are enrolled in a self-exclusion online gambling program, you are unable to access an online casino site. If you log on, play and win, you forfeit any rights to winnings due to being restricted from play.

It is difficult to do online self-exclusion as there are hundreds of online casino sites. Each state where online gambling is legal, needs to make its ruling. The online programs can exclude gamblers from all internet gaming activities, but this is only able to be done at the sites they have signed up on.

Can You Ban Yourself from a Casino?

Yes, many of the best online casinos will have a self-exclusion casino program where you can ban yourself from a casino. If you feel you may be gambling beyond your limits, or if gambling is becoming a stress in your life, you are able to use the self-exclusion program.

Online gambling self-exclusion involves submitting documents and signing that you will not partake in any form of gambling activity for a certain period of time. The time frames will differ, but generally are based on 6 months, 12 months or 5 years.

Types of Self-Exclusion

  • Cold turkey – you can try going cold turkey and avoid online casino gaming sites on your own, but this has proven to be very difficult. You can try it out, but if you still find you are logging on and playing games, it is time to use a different method to restrict you.
  • Self-exclusion from iGaming – States that offer legalized online casino gaming have self-exclusion lists you can sign up for. The regulator provides a form that you fill out, and you are unable to access online casino services in the state for a certain period of time.
  • Self-exclusion tools – new products are created consistently to help with self-exclusion. For example, a tool that promotes responsible gambling and gambling addiction awareness or one that allows you to self-exclude in all states and not just the one you are living in. Try using these tools to help you with your gambling addiction needs.

How to Ban Yourself from a Casino

When it comes to self-banning from casinos, most states have their own and separate self-exclusion casino programs for online gambling and casino gambling. Before you proceed, make sure you check out more information about how your state works the procedure. Google your state’s self-exclusion policy to find out more about it.

Online gambling self-exclusion states include Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Illinois as these are the only states where you are able to gamble online. Many more states have land-based casino self-exclusion available to players. Read up on your state’s policies and procedures before you get started. We will have a look at a few states’ different casino self-exclusion policies below.

Self-Exclusion in The Different States

As mentioned before, each state has different rules and regulations in terms of gambling and casinos and they, therefore, also have different self-exclusion policies and procedures. We have taken 5 states and had a look at the self-exclusion casino procedure of each one separately.


There are different programs you can sign up for on the PGCB website. These programs include self-exclusion for a casino, iGaming, and Fantasy self-exclusion programs.

You are able to sign up online or visit one of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board offices. Schedule an appointment by contacting the office of Compulsive and Problem Gambling.


In Arizona, there are a number of ways that you can go about self-banning from casinos to exclude yourself. Download the exclusion form from the Arizona Department of Gaming website, fill it out, have it notarized and then send it back with a current photograph of yourself.

You also have the option of going to the office to complete the process. You will need to make an appointment prior to the time you go.


In Washington, The Gambling Commission has developed a program allowing a person with a gambling problem to voluntarily exclude themselves from licensed house-banked card rooms and participating tribal gaming facilities. A person who enrolls in the program cannot participate in gambling, claim any prizes, or be at house-banked cardrooms or participating tribal casinos.

There are three ways to enroll in the program. All options require you to provide proof of your identity with a government-issued photo ID that includes your full name and date of birth.

  1. Enroll at the house-banked card room or participating tribal facility.
  2. Complete the enrollment form and email it to the Washington State Gambling Commission.
  3. Make an in-person appointment with the Gambling Commission.


In California, you will fill out the form and send it to the California Department of Justice Bureau. Once processed, the Bureau will send a confirmation letter to the person, notifying them that their form has been accepted and that they have been added to the Self-Exclusion list.

The Bureau also notifies gambling establishments each time someone is added to the Self-Exclusion list. The notification includes the person’s name, photo, date of birth, exclusion term, and any other personal descriptor information submitted on the Self-Exclusion form.

New Jersey

There are four ways in which you can register for the New Jersey Self-Exclusion Program and self-exclusion casinos, which includes self-exclusion from Atlantic City Casino and sports wagering facilities, New Jersey racetrack sports wagering facilities including internet and sports wagering activities or for internet gaming and sports wagering activities only.

  1. In person or video conference – this will involve self-exclusion from all casino gaming and sports wagering activities located in Atlantic City casinos, Racetrack Sports Wagering Facilities as well as from all Internet Gaming and Sports Wagering activities. The self-exclusion periods are one year, five years or a lifetime.
  2. In person or video conference – this will be self-exclusion from all Internet Gaming and Sports Wagering activities. Minimum self-exclusion periods are one year, five years or lifetime.
  3. Online – you will register online for self-exclusion from all Internet Gaming and Sports Wagering activities. Minimum self-exclusion periods are one year or five years.
  4. Online player account – Self-exclusion from all Internet gaming activities including sports wagering with signup through your online player account. Minimum self-exclusion periods are one year or five years.

When and Why to Self-Exclude

There are many different scenarios which can take place and you may feel you need to ban yourself from casinos and do online gambling self-exclusion for your own benefit. Below are a few reasons why and when you should self-exclude.

  • If gambling is no longer about having fun for you.
  • Gambling is causing you strain on your financial health as well as personal relationships.
  • You feel that taking a break will benefit you.
  • Gambling is causing you as well as those around you, unnecessary stress.
  • You have an uncontrollable urge to gamble, and you are ready to change this.
  • You feel that gambling has negatively taken over all aspects of your life.
  • Your focus is on winning back losses.

How to Lift a Self-Ban from a Casino

Once on the banned list, many people ask the question “Can you unban yourself from a casino?” If you have placed yourself on the self-exclusion list, you will not have access to any casino games for the length of time specified. The ban will not be able to be lifted until the exclusion period is over. This may be 12 months, 5 years or in some cases a lifetime exclusion. The bans cannot simply be reversed.

Once your period of time for self-exclusion is complete, you can submit a Removal Form that you will need to complete in order to be taken off the banned list. If you chose the lifetime exclusion option, unfortunately your name cannot be removed from the Self-Exclusion List.

Responsible Gambling

The whole concept behind responsible gambling is that players enjoy gambling and online casino games safely, responsibly and within their limits. Each player needs to think about their own limitations, whether it be financial, physical or emotional needs. Players need to know how to gamble for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only and set limits such as a financial budget as well as time frames for gambling that need to be adhered to.

If you practice responsible gambling, it means that you will not suffer any negatives caused from gambling, these include significant losses and gambling addiction. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, there are many resources and a lot of help available to you. Contact any one of the help centers depending on what state you are in and seek the help you need immediately.

As operators it is their responsibility to promote responsible gambling the best they can. They need to adhere to standards to prevent harm within the industry. These standards will include, preventing underage gambling, fraudulent behavior and to protect those customers that may be vulnerable. You will also find many operators, such as self-exclusion casinos providing the necessary tools and resources for self-exclusion and self-banning from casinos and will help with any gambling addiction problem players may encounter.

We have listed a few of the best problem gambling resources for you below. If you find yourself in difficulty and think you may be developing a gambling problem or addiction, it is best to visit these resources. They are all available country wide.


Gambling is meant to be fun and enjoyable at all times. As soon as this is not the case for you, you could be developing a gambling problem. Realizing that you have a problem is the first step to helping you on your journey. There are many ways to go about self-exclusion online gambling and ban yourself from a casino that we have mentioned on this page. Play for enjoyment and practice responsible gambling at all times.


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