When joining an online casino, you want to know that the site is firstly safe, and secondly that it is completely fair for all. Online sites make use of Random Number Generators (RNG) to ensure complete randomness and fair play for all players.

All games are fair when an RNG algorithm is used. This guide will explain everything there is to know about RNG, how it works, the security aspects to it, as well as which casino games make use of random number generators.

What Does RNG mean in iGaming?

Random Number Generator (RNG) is defined as a process used to generate an unpredictable set of numbers. These numbers should not show any recognizable patterns, because they are random. RNG is one of the most important components when it comes to gambling online and iGaming. RNGs are used in online casino games such as slot games,and table games such as blackjack, roulette and more. Using RNG ensures that players are not being cheated and that it is fair for all. The use of random number generators are a prerequisite by many jurisdictions for the casino to receive a license and be legal. When you join a RNG casino, you want to know that you have the same chance of winning as the next person does and that the results will not be predetermined or rigged.

The Significance of Random Number Generators in Gambling

As fairness is absolutely crucial in online casino games, the main focus and significance of RNG in a casino is to ensure fairness and fair play for all. The outcome of every game needs to be completely random and by chance and not manipulated, rigged or tampered with in any way. All gamblers will have the same chance of winning, no matter how long they have been playing or what their skill level is.

RNG certification ensures that you can trust the operators and that they are always being completely transparent with the players. This helps maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of the operator as well as the RNG casino games the site has available.

How do Online Casinos Generate Random Numbers and Results?

The best, most secure and trusted casino sites use RNGs for generating random numbers and random outcomes. A RNG ensures that every player will have a fair experience as the outcome of the games will be completely random and not predetermined in any way. There are two types of RNGs, namely TRNG and PRNG, which we will discuss further on. They both work towards the same outcome – random numbers and results. This provides for a fun and fair online gambling experience for everyone. When joining an online casino check for RNG certification as you will see one of the relevant organizations logos appear on the casino’s webpage.

How Does RNG Work? – TRNG and PRNG

When talking about RNG, there are two different types we can mention. The first one being TRNG (True Random Number Generator), also sometimes known as HRNG (Hardware Random Number Generator), and then PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator.) We will have a look at each of these below as they use completely different strategies to come up with the same goal and outcome in site.


TRNG or true random number uses hardware to generate randomness through a mechanical process. There are many outside or environmental indicators that will influence the outcome or result. These may be the air pressure or temperature, or even the number of times a button is pressed by a particular player over a period of time. Measurements will be taken that will then be converted into values that will then determine and produce the final outcome. This outcome cannot be predicted in any way at all, the outcome will be 100% random.


PRNG or pseudorandom number generator does not require any external influence, it is rather a software algorithm that will be generating random numbers through a condition that is generally known as the ‘seed’. All a PRNG requires is an algorithm and the seed number. The seed is what will determine the possible range of outcomes. The seed is the first value that the RNG algorithm will use in the equations to determine the results. PRNGs are easier (although still almost impossible) to try and work out as they use the seed and a math principle to determine the combination.

Can You Beat a Random Number Generator?

As the name implies, random number generators are completely random and so you have no way of knowing what it will produce or of beating it. You can, however, increase your chances of winning by playing smart and understanding the odds of the particular game you are playing. Everyone playing the game has the same chance of winning at any particular time. Just because you have sat longer pressing the buttons, does not mean that you will necessarily win. Winning will come down to chance, randomness and a great deal of luck.

Types of Online Casino Games that Use RNGs

You will automatically think of online slots and slot machines when you think of RNGs, but that is not the only area it is used for. RNG can be used as a broad term when referring to games of chance such as some table games and live dealer games.

Live dealer online casino games provide a similar atmosphere to that of a land-based casino, where human interaction and a live human dealer will be dealing with your cards. The outcome of a particular round is generally determined by how the dealer will shuffle the cards and how they will be dealt. Many gamblers try to use card counting to determine outcomes.

When playing on slot machines a gambler will press a button and an RNG algorithm will generate a set of random images that will appear on the reels. Video poker casinos also rely on RNG as video poker does not involve a human dealer. Other online table games and casual games that do not involve a live dealer all rely on RNG and are considered RNG casino games. These games are powered and reliant on RNG technologies and are based on chance.

Testing and Certification of RNGs

All RNG casinos want to have a fair play approach to their gambling. When joining a casino, players need to know that they are joining a safe, legal casino and that all online casino games are provably fair. They will use the best and biggest game providers to ensure this is the case. How we rate our casinos has a lot to do with safety, security, and fair play and we will only recommend the best that use RNG to determine the outcomes of the games available.

RNG forms the basis of online gambling and helps operators and providers implement the strategy of everything at the casino being provably fair. RNG is used around the world and is a mechanism that ensures complete fairness and does not influence any outcomes.

Ensuring RNG Security

When it comes to RNG certification, there are many organizations that provide this. These organizations need to ensure that the casinos provide a fair play environment to every single player. A few of the popular organizations that provide RNG certification include, eCOGRA, GLI (Gaming Labs International), BMM Testlabs, and iTechLabs. These organizations will test the RTP (Return to Player) rate of the games as well as the RNG. The tests will be done on both sides, these being the game providers’ side, to verify that everything they say is accurate and then on the casino operator’s side to check that nothing has been tampered with or adjusted by the operator. If you join an online casino and see that it is certified by one of these organizations, you will know that the casino games are safe and most importantly fair for all players.

Fair Play and Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling and fair play almost go hand in hand. In order to be practicing responsible gambling habits, you need to be playing fair, safe, and trustworthy games at legitimate licensed online casinos.

When you decide on a site you want to register at, make sure you do your research first. Check what license the casino holds, check the security measures in place to protect players, have a look at the RTP rates and what the house edge is, and last but definitely not least, check that RNG is in place and that all games are provably fair and produce random outcomes.

Many gamblers are at risk of developing a gaming disorder or gambling addiction. Gambling should be done for fun and entertainment as a pastime. Once it starts interfering with your personal life, work, relationships, and finances it becomes a big problem. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure you are gambling responsibly.

  • Set yourself a gaming budget and make sure you stick to it at all times.
  • Play within your means personally and financially.
  • Do not let gambling or the result of gambling change your mood.
  • Do not gamble to try and take away worries or other concerns.
  • Never chase your losses – this will leave you in an even worse-off position.
  • Set yourself a timeframe and time limit to do your gambling.

If you feel you may be developing a gambling problem, there are many organizations available that you can reach out to for help. Contact the National Council on Problem Gambling which will be available 24/7 for your convenience. Never keep a gambling problem to yourself, support is always available.

Challenges and Controversies

There are many challenges and controversies surrounding the use of RNGs in casinos and RNG casino games. One of the biggest issues is that many people challenge the fact of whether RNG is truly random and fair. They argue that the mathematical RNG algorithms may not generate random numbers and in some way lead to the results being biased and unfair. The RNGs need to be 100% transparent in their workings because they need to build trust in players.

The advancements and innovations in RNGs will prove to show many opportunities but on the other hand also many concerns. It is of utmost importance for the casino industry to remain transparent with customers. They continue to do research to help answer any questions concerning the fairness of rng in a casino and continue to be committed to providing the fair and safe casino games that gamblers are looking for.


It is impossible to have a game of chance that is fair without a random number generator. RNGs provide a fair play experience for all players concerned. Everybody will have the same chance of winning as the next person. Make sure you join an online casino that is safe and secure and has RNG certification present. Thanks to RNGs, game providers, and casino operators can add new and exciting game titles to the game lobbies regularly. Apart from making gambling safe and fair, RNGs allow unique games that will ensure you have a random outcome every time.


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