With a high RTP and fast-paced graphics and action on-screen, Reel Rush is one of the favorite slots for US players on online casino sites. It was developed by NetEnt in 2013, with regular updates to its programming to continue running smoothly wherever you find it. Players traditionally love the interactive graphics and intuitive, easy controls for betting, which we go into in more detail below as we review everything this slot game has to offer.

Reel Rush Cover

Reel Rush Key Info

Our Rating 4.1/5
RTP 96.96%
Reels 5
Paylines 1,875
Software NetEnt
Best Casino Lucky Block

What We Like and Don’t Like


  • Simple game interface for beginners
  • 50 ways to win on opening game board expands to nearly 2,000 with bonus reels
  • Strong RTP of 96.96%
  • Engaging graphics
  • Developed by top provider in NetEnt


  • Prizes are not progressive

Reel Rush Free Play Slots

On NetEnt’s site, and on the majority of online casinos in the US on which Reel Rush is available, you can play this game completely free in demo mode to begin with. As a result, you can begin to understand the ways in which the reels and lines of the slot work, and how you will unlock any bonus paylines. This can get your online casino gaming experience underway, though Reel Rush is also one of the best online slots for real money, so once you are ready to try even the minimum bet of 50 cents, we recommend playing to win.

Best Online Casino for Playing Reel Rush Slot

Reel Rush can be enjoyed on several platforms, but of the best online casinos, Lucky Block is the site which offers it most effectively. As long as you use a VPN, as Lucky Block is not available in the US, you can even enjoy the demo mode below, as provided by NetEnt on Lucky Block’s site. This is available on Lucky Block either on desktop or on mobile, so whichever device is you preferred method for playing this exciting slot, you will be more than able.

Reel Rush



Play Reel Rush and win BONUS 200% up to €10,000

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200% Welcome Bonus up to €25,000

You also get up to 50 free spins on Dead or a Wild
Available in all U.S. states with VPN
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Available in all U.S. states with VPN

Playing Reel Rush Slot at Lucky Block Casino

Despite the fact that you will require a VPN to sign up for Lucky Block, there are simply too many reasons to sign up and play NetEnt’s Reel Rush game on their platform compared to others. The demo mode can be found above, which is always a good place to start, as you do not immediately have to risk too much of your own funds. However, at Lucky Block there is so much more to enjoy beyond the demo versions. You can get casino bonuses worth up to $20,000 in crypto, all of which you could choose to bet towards Reel Rush in the hope of winning even bigger. If you choose to look beyond Reel Rush, after hours of enjoying the great graphics on this game, Lucky Block have over 4,000 other options for slots and table games to choose from, plus a stacked live dealer casino containing unique game shows as well as all of the classics.

Pros & Cons:


  • Sign up in under one minute
  • Reel Rush playable in demo and real money formats
  • Huge bonuses can be used on Reel Rush
  • Casino library loaded with other games too


  • VPN is required

Reel Rush Slot Full Review

Reel Rush has been available online on a variety of platforms since 2013, when any casino partnered with NetEnt hosted it on their platforms for the first time. If you are a fan of the extremely popular mobile game Candy Crush, there will be something in its graphics which you will love, as this is a game full of color.

The format is simple with the five reels running vertically. Not every segment is immediately available, but if your spins prove lucky, you can go from having 50 paylines available to close to 2,000. One win will open up two blocks within the first column, while consecutive wins will initiate more blocks opening up. It is an incredibly cimple slot to play, with it being very easy to alter your bets, but also run the auto play feature if you know you wish to spin a certain amount. Players of all experiences on online casinos will love this slot game, and with an RTP just below 97%, most players will feel confident of returning in the money.

Reel Rush Game

Top Reel Rush Slot Features

Slot Name Reel Rush
Slot Type Video Slot
Theme Fruits and Candy
Volatility Medium
Reels 5
Rows 5
Paylines 1,875
Minimum Bet $0.50
Maximum Bet $100
Maximum Win 962 x total stake
Progressive Jackpot
Bonus Round(s) Free Spins, Re-Spin, Bonus Round
Free Spins Up to 8

How to Play Reel Rush Slot

Playing the game itself is nice and easy and works just like a slot machine does in a land-based casino. However, to play for real money, you must sign up for an online casino site first. To outline all of the steps required, we have used an example below with our favorite site for playing Reel Rush, Lucky Block.

Step 1: Search for or directly visit Lucky Block Casino

You can search for Lucky Block on your browser, or go direct to their site at www.luckyblock.com. This is the case on both desktop and mobile. Signing up, as seen in the screenshot below, takes under one minute, as you just require an email, username and password.

Lucky Block Sign Up

Step 2: Select a Payment Method and Make a Deposit

Making a deposit can be done using one of 11 different cryptocurrencies, including the LBLOCK token unique to Lucky Block’s site. Choose the amount you wish to deposit and your account will be up and running.

Lucky Block Deposit Options

Step 3: Open the Reel Rush Slot and View the Paytable

Reel Rush can be found within the slots segment of Lucky Block’s site. Once you navigate to it, you can open up the paytable, which will outline which tokens will earn you the biggest prizes if you match them within the reels of this game. This will give you a good idea of what to expect, and how to win, once you start playing the game.

Step 4: Select Your Bets

You can choose the size of your bet once you open up Reel Rush and begin to play. The smallest bet for those who are less confident is just $0.50, though you can also bet up to $100 if you are feeling lucky.

Step 5: Start Spinning the Reel Rush Slot

The game will now be completely ready to play. Press the big spin button in the middle of the game, and best of luck trying to win big on Reel Rush.

Reel Rush 2

How to Win Playing Reel Rush Slot

Winning while playing Reel Rush is obviously the intention of all online casino players. The RTP percentage, which highlights the average payout back to a player compared to what they bet, is 96.96%, meaning that if you bet $100, you would, on average, get $96.96 back. Even if you end up losing, the chances are your losses are minimial.

Winning is not within the control of the player due to the random nature of slots game spins. With Reel Rush, you initially require three matching symbols or more on adjacent reels. One of these has to be within reel one, and any matching symbols in the same colour in reels two and onwards will earn you payouts. This will also open up other blocked reels, ensuring a much greater chance of winning. The more matches you get in a row, the more paylines are revealed.

Top Tips for Playing Reel Rush – Reel Rush Slot Strategy

Although there are no concrete ways of winning at slots given the randomness of their game engines, there are still steps you can take to give yourself the best chance of success. The list of tips below has been compiled by industry and responsible gambling experts to ensure you are armed with the best advice.

  1. Always begin on demo mode. Get an idea of how the controls work for the amount you are betting.
  2. Play your first real money spins with the lowest possible stake.
  3. Don’t chase losses if your first few spins are not successful. The RTP is high, so your chance will likely come.
  4. If you hit a certain amount which feels like an uncomfortable loss, stop playing and come back at another point.

Reel Rush Slot Paytable

The payouts you can get from Reel Rush slot are significant as you can be matching more than just one type of symbol at once, especially once you unlock more reels. Below, you can see exactly how much you can win from our paytable, which outlines the multiplier for each type of match within the Reel Rush slot.

Symbol 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
Strawberry x0.2 x5 x20
Pineapple x0.2 x3 x10
Lemon x0.2 x2 x5
Watermelon x0.2 x1.5 x4
Grape x02 x1.2 x3
Plum x0.2 x1 x2
Red x0.1 x0.3 x1
Orange x0.1 x0.3 x1
Yellow x0.1 x0.3 x1
Green x0.1 x0.3 x1
Purple x0.1 x0.3 x1
Wild Substitutes for all symbols.

Reel Rush Slot Paylines

You can discover more about the Reel Rush slot paylines within the game itself, as there is an outline of the game’s rules beforehand. Ultimately, if you were to unlock every block within the five reels of Reel Rush, you would be playing with 1,875 potential paylines, which could see your bets multiply into significant winnings. Up until then, there are 50 different lines available for you to win on.

ReelRush slot paytable

Reel Rush Slot Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

As with any slot, the game is not just about how it appears at first. Plenty of wilds, bonuses and other features lurk behind its charming exterior, while you can also use any free spins you receive at a casino site on this game. The game itself might surprise you with some free spins too.

Re-Spins Feature

If you are fortunate enough to spin and receive a winning combination which unlocks new blocks, the game will automatically trigger a re-spin to potentially win you even more funds. If you get yet another winning combination, further re-spins will occur until no combinations are present once again.

Free Spins Feature

If you get five winning combinations in a row with Reel Rush, after the re-spins continue to trigger them, then you will be eligible for a further eight free spins on Reel Rush. Even better news is that these free spins will be available with every single reel in play, so you will have the maximum number of paylines.

Wild Substitutions

As with almost any modern slots game, Reel Rush possesses some wild symbols which will come into play. These are like jokers in a pack of cards, and ultimately help you to form even more winning combinations on Reel Rush. Keep an eye out for these as you spin.

Reel Rush Win

Reel Rush Slot Gameplay

The gameplay of this slot is easy on the eye and does not vary too much from its original state. This is both a slight negative in that there are not any wild and exciting ways to win big, but also a significant positive as it does not rely on gimmicks. Its graphics are fresh and you can still win just as big as on any slot which tries to tempt you in with more background driven graphics.

RTP & Volatility

The RTP at Reel Rush stands at 96.96%, which means that, on average, every $100 you decide to spend on this slot will return you just shy of $97. This is a high RTP among slots you will find online and means it is as trustworthy as they come. Equally, Reel Rush is only a medium volatility game; this means that you will win relatively often though not necessarily huge amounts as much. That said, this also means that your losses are unlikely to be substantial if your luck is out.


The software for Reel Rush is provided by NetEnt, who released the game in 2013. NetEnt are one of the most trusted software providers across the world, providing several slots games for the best Netent Casino sites.

Graphics & Sound

All of the graphics and sound within Reel Rush are high definition, with spectacular reactions on screen when one of your combinations comes up. This is the case on both mobile and desktop. This is a very colorful game, so it is best not to be drawn into playing it for very long, but it will certainly keep you engaged as you try and win big.


The theme of Reel Rush is relatively simple in comparison to some games which are more character or story based. Instead, Reel Rush is a classic slots game which relies on colorful and easily distinguishable symbols to help the player in their journey through the game. Those casino gamblers who have enjoyed the hugely popular mobile game Candy Crush will know exactly why these graphics are so pleasing for players on whichever device they use.

Playing Reel Rush Slot on Mobile

Reel Rush is a slot game which is perfectly compatible on mobile too. You simply need to visit the mobile-optimized equivalent of your chosen online casino site and navigate to Reel Rush. The graphics will be just as strong and visible on mobile and the controls will be even more intuitive. The game works in exactly the same way too, so there are no alternate mobile rules which you would need to be familiar with. Just play the game on-the-go from wherever you are.

Reel Rush mobile


Given the high chance of a significant return to player and it possessing some of the most engaging and high quality graphics of any online slot game, Reel Rush is one of our experts’ favorite slot machines online. We recommend it as a demo game for any slots going forward, as well as for the high potential of winning afterwards. Given its similarities to Candy Crush, we know a number of online casino gamers will take to it immediately. Play the demo above and also sign up to Lucky Block, the best online casino site for playing Reel Rush and so many other games.

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