Over/Under bets are a type of prop bet you can place on a match-up when sports betting. It is tied to certain game occurrences that vary depending on the sport you’re betting on. You can bet on whether the total number of points scored will be over/under a certain amount, whether the total number of yellow cards will be over/under a certain number, and you can even bet on whether the number of rounds in a fight will be above or below a certain value. This page will serve as a complete guide on over and under betting.

What Does Over Under Mean in Betting?

An over/under bet is a wager on whether an event will happen less than or more than a specified value. The specified event is usually points, runs, or goals, but it can stretch to fouls or even set pieces. There will be a collection of values selected by the casino and you choose whether it will be over/under this value. Typically over/under bets are placed on the number of points scored. This could be points in a basketball or football game or the number of goals in a football match. With this bet, you’re unconcerned about the result and who wins the match. The only thing you need to know, is how many points were scored by both teams in total. You win this bet when you correctly predict the number of points above or below a set marker.

How Does Over Under Betting Work?

Using basketball for an over/under bet example, if you wager that in a Lakers vs Clippers match the total points scored will be over 200.5 points, and the final result is Clippers 125-118 Lakers, you will win that bet. It does not matter that the Clippers won, just that 243 points were scored which is over 200.5. If the result of that match had been Clippers 97-93 Lakers, it would have been a losing bet.

You will often see over/under markets expressed with a half to avoid any issues in the situation where the points scored is exactly the number. If the bet above had been placed on there being over 243 points scored, a dispute could arise as the result was exactly 243. Using a decimal makes this potential conflict null and void.

Usually the casino will select a series of markers for you to decide whether it will be over/under. Naturally, the odds improve depending on how risky your bet is so the sportsbook will avoid listing markets with little return. Betting on over 50 points in basketball match would have such a small return the casino is unlikely to provide it as a market. The best online sportsbooks will have alternatives that give you more marker options.

The odds will usually oppose each other because the probability of one happening reduces the likelihood of the other. Over 4.5 goals in a football match would be more surprising than under. Therefore the odds on over will offer a better a return than betting on under 4.5 goals.

Over and Under Betting Ties

Over/under markets are not always expressed with a decimal in the value. In this case, the casino should tell you the policy regarding this occurrence. The usual step is something known as a push. The casino refunds your bet or gives you back your stake so you neither lose nor win.

Over/Under Betting Explained

We’ve touched on some quick examples from various sports but in this section we are going to delve more deeply into the types of over/under bets you can place with popular sports. The concept is practically the same but there are some nuances that might make you change tact from one sport to the next.

Over/under bets are available in celebrated sports like football, basketball, baseball, and soccer abut you will also encounter it in hockey, tennis, cricket, golf, darts, and snooker.

Over and Under Betting in the NFL

Bookies that offer over/under bets for National Football League matches usually set the base line themselves and offer just the one option. It normally sits alongside the spread and money line odds as the three main options next to match preview and displayed with “O ” and “U ” as shown below in an example from the BetUS sportsbook regarding an XFL game. BetUS is one of our best options for football betting promo codes.

A screenshot of XFL odds at the BetUS sportsbook with the odds for Over/Under totals betting highlighted

You will find that there are over/under markets specific to the halves and quarters in a match. Over/under bets specific to halves/quarters and for the whole match are also available in-play. You can usually find alternative markers for both in the main props section.

When it comes to the big event of this sport, the Super Bowl is regarded as an often low-scoring affair but this is something of an apocryphal claim. The average points scored in the Super Bowl final is almost exactly equal to a regular league game. The average total points at the Super Bowl between 1967 and 2023 is 46.6 points, while the average number of points scored in a regular season game between 2015 and 2021 was 46. The winners at the Super Bowl have averaged 30.1 points, whilst the runners-up have scored an average 16.5 points.

Although the highest total points in a Super Bowl final was 58 in 2017 when the result was 34-28 between the Patriots and the Falcons. Whereas the highest-scoring game in a regular season is 113 points when the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants 72-41.

Over Under Betting on the NBA

Placing over under bets on National Basketball Association games is similar to the NFL but there is a potential for more markets. Starting with over under sports bets on the total points, they will be displayed like NFL matches next to the odds for spread and money line bets. Again you will be able to bet on total points per half/quarter these will be expressed with a decimal whereas the over/under total match point bets are often expressed as .0 or without a decimal as shown in the example. You can usually find alternative options in the main props section, especially at some of the best NBA sportsbooks on the web such as MyBookie.

Screenshot of NBA odds from the sportsbook at MyBookie

One of the main differences with NBA over and under betting is that the marker is much higher because basketball matches have far higher total scores than NFL games. This means that individual basketball players are scoring more points than individual football players. This combined with the number of stats available from a basketball match open up a whole world of potential over/under bets.

It is possible to place over/under bets on the number of points a specific player scores. The potential player over/under bets are endless you could bet on the number of rebounds they make, how many turnovers they complete and you can even bet on whether or not a player will go over or under their three point total. You can even package them all and bet on how many total points they will score with rebounds, baskets, and assists. As as a result, you can use the official NBA statistics page and the advice of pundits to help you make more informed NBA over under bets.

Making MLB Over/Under Bets

Major League Baseball matches are lower scoring compared to the NBA and NFL because only one player can score one point at a time. A player can earn a maximum of three and nine points at a time in basketball and football respectively. The over under total point odds appear next to the money line and run line bets, in MLB over under bets you’re wagering on the total number of home runs scored. If you don’t like the selected marker there might be alternative total over under bets in the main props section which is shown in the example form BUSR below, the default selection for this match was over or under 9 total runs.

Screenshot showinn the alternate total over/under betting odds for the match between Houston Astros and the Pittsburgh Pirates

Although batters are the only ones who can score points so much happens in a baseball match that there are a lot of statistics you can place over/under bets on. They are mainly concerned with the pitchers and the batters as over under bets on fielders are not commonly available. With regards to over under player props you could bet on the pitcher strikeouts or hits allowed and player hits or player runs batted in, along many other options for both.

Baseball matches between different teams can vary so greatly from one day to the next so there are some over under markets that offer great odds. The player stolen bases over odds are long because baseball players rarely attempt to steal bases anymore, therefore it is hard to predict when it will happen. It is difficult to anticipate when a player might be in a position to steal a base.

You can still use knowledge or statistical insight to help you make over under bets in baseball by examining other areas of the game. If a team has a particularly good pitcher you could back them through the pitcher walks issued over or the pitcher earned runs under markets.

NHL Over Under Bets

Making over under bets on National Hockey League matches is like MLB betting in that the markers are around the same levels. The alternative markets in the main props section will have other markers though so you do have options. Total over/under bets are displayed as a main bet next to the line and money line bets.

Screenshot showing the odds for an NHL match

You could employ over under bets for backing a particular player by wagering on them to score over/under a certain number of points or powerplay points. There are other player prop over under bet options such as shots on goal and assists. Hockey over/under bets are normally shown with a decimal or a fraction.

Working with a sport where teams typically score points in the single digits but scores can be radically different, does have an effect on the odds. The odds for over under bets in hocker tend to fall between -100 and -120. You could employ them in an accumulator to increase the odds. We recommend BetOnline and Lucky Block as some of the best NHL betting sites.

Soccer Over/Under Betting

Soccer will undoubtedly have the lowest total points per match average because teams regularly score around one to two goals a game. They are displayed the same as the odds for other sports next to the other main betting markets, and soccer always uses a decimal for over/under bet markers. With soccer, team total goals over and under betting odds can also be displayed next to the match total over under odds. This is shown with a green circle in the example from BetUS below which uses a fraction instead of a decimal but it means the same.

BetUS odds for Premier League games on the weekend of week beginning April 10 2023. With the over/under total and over/under team total options highlighted.

The numerous set pieces in soccer do create more potential for over under markets. Not only could you make an over/under bet on the total number of corners in a match, you could also bet on the number of corners one team has and on the number of corners in a particular half of the match. This can also be extended to any of the other set pieces too like throw-ins and free kicks.

This is another sport where the popularity has led to huge amount of statistical data from the sport is published and discussed by experts and pundits every day. In-depth Premier League stats for every player, at every team and includes historic data too. You can use your knowledge, this data, and available insights to make informed decisions on your over/under soccer bets. If a team is known for having a particularly combative playing style you could consider betting on them to get over 2.5 certain number of cards.

How To Place an Over/Under Bet

This guide will show you just how easy it is for you to place an over/under bet even when you’re not already a member of a casino.

Step One – Create An Account

Go to the website of one of the top sportsbooks around. There is an extensive sportsbook at along with plenty of BetOnline promo codes, including a sports welcome offer worth up to $1,000.  Click join in the top right hand corner and complete the submission form with your information. You might have to create a username, although most casinos use your email, but you will definitely need a password.

BetOnline Step 4

Step Two – Make A Deposit

Head to the cashier, click deposit, and choose your preferred method. Enter the amount you want to deposit, it must be above $55 to qualify for the welcome offer, enter the code BOL1000 and click to confirm. Your deposit and bonus funds should be instantly reflected in your account.

Step Three – Find Your Market

Now you are a member, click sports on the header bar and choose a sport from the black sidebar on the left. Choose a competition in that sport, and you will see a list of upcoming matches. To make a over/under total bet you can just click the button with Over or Under to add it to your betting slip which is displayed in the right-hand sidebar. If you want other over/under bets click on the match of which you want to browse the markets. Click to add anymore to your betting slip, they will appear as single along with any possible accumulators that will automatically build.

BetOnline soccer collections on the sportsbook

Step Four – Place Your Bet

Now enter how much you want to stake next to each selection and the potential reward from that stake will appear next to it. At the bottom, you can see your total stake and total potential return. Once you are happy with your selections, click place bet. Now all you have to do is wait for the game to finish, to see if you’ve won.


How can I know when to bet over or under?

What if the marker is a whole number?

What if there is overtime or injury time?

What does over/under mean in baseball?

Can I place over/under mobile bets?

Comparing Default Markers on Total Over/Under Bets in the NBA

Match Marker Over Odds Under Odds
Atlanta Hawks vs Boston Celtics 230.0 -111 -111
Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers 216.0 -111 -111
Chicago Bulls vs Toronto Raptors 212.5 -111 -111
Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings 239.0 -111 -111
LA Clippers vs Phoenix Suns 227.0 -111 -111
LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies 229.0 -111 -111
New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers 215.0 -111 -111
Oklahoma Thunder vs New Orleans Pelicans 226.5 -111 -111

This table highlights how bookies aim to make the odds as close to EVENs or -100 as possible. Although the markers in this table differ greatly, the odds are completely consistent. You can find shorter or longer odds if you check the prop bets for alternative options. As you can see by the marker that has been set, when the Warriors and the Kings face up, bookies are expecting a high scoring match, this is because they had been two of the highest scoring teams that season.

How to Win an Over and Under Bet

There is of course no exact science to winning a bet, and there is definitely no system for winning a bet every time. This section offers tips on how to improve your over/under betting. One of the first places to start is the average total points for a single match in the sport. We have touched on the differences between the points scored in a match of some of the biggest sports in the States but how can you use that to make better bets?

Use Statistics

NBA – Golden State Warriors 157-101 Portland Trail Brazers

A game scoring over 250 points can be difficult to call but this one was on the cards as the second highest scoring team game on game faced up against one the worst defences in the league. These are the nuances you have to discover. An over bet on the total points of this game may have seem ill-advised due to the relatively low average points per game for the Trail Blazers. However, when you take into account the free scoring nature of the Warriors and the poor defending of the Trail Blazers, this bet makes much more sense.

But Don’t Rely On Them

NBA – Memphis Grizzlies 100-115 Oklahoma Thunder

Placing an under 220.5 total points bet on this match would have been turned out to be a smart move however it would have confounded all logic. Both of these teams are in the top 10 teams for points per game in the 2022-23 regular season. This is highlighted by the odds selections. The stats might suggest you should bet on over 217.5 total points but that would have been a losing bet.

Consider Past Meetings

All five of the last matches between Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League have finished a draw. Three 1-1s and two bore draws. It is also generally accepted by football fans that Chelsea and Man United games are always low-scoring. So an under total goals bet on a Manchester United vs Chelsea league match would make sense and could win.

Consider The Circumstances of the Match

However, when these two teams face off in other competitions the results tell a different story. Every cup match across the same period ended with more goals scored.

Finals are often lower scoring affairs than typical matches in most sports. Whether we are talking about the Super Bowl, the NBA play-off final, or the Champions League Final, the players appear to carry the weight of the match. Let’s look at historic matchups between 2022’s Champions League finalists, Liverpool and Real Madrid. The final itself was low scoring and finished 1-0. Whereas meetings they’ve had in previous years, not the final, have seen scores like 4-0, 3-1, and even 5-2.

Check Starting Line-Ups

A team could be having an incredible season where they are regularly scoring a lot of points, but if one cog in that machine is taken out, the whole contraption might collapse. As an illustration of this let’s take the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. The New England Patriots have an all-time average points per game of 22.5 without Tom Brady. When the All-American quarterback plays for the team, they record an average of 27.9 points per game. Of course, Tom Brady has now retired but this tip extends beyond him, the Patriots and even the NFL.

The same is true even if it isn’t the main points scorer who is missing. Manchester City often find themselves unable to create goals without the midfield maestro Kevin De Bruyne, and let’s not get started on the Lakers with LeBron vs without.

The Weather

This is asking you to not just consider the circumstances surrounding the match, such as a final or a big derby, but uncontrolled influences like weather. It’s harder to see the ball in heavy rain so maybe the wide receiver won’t catch as many as normal. A football skims across a damper pitch better than in drier conditions. These may seem extra-textual but they can all have an influence on the results of your over/under betting.

Don’t Disregard Under

It can be really easy to focus too heavily on over bets because there is no ceiling, once the points or goals have cleared the marker you can relax. Whereas under bets have you biting your nail right up to the final whistle, however it is worth examining the return differences between under and over bets.

We have spoken a lot about goals, points, and baskets, but it is also important to look at the defences while looking for over/under markets.

Use Bonuses and Features to Help

BetOnline Tether Betting Site

Bonuses can be a great way to place bets with lower risk, especially when it comes to sports betting. The picture shows a set of deposit bonuses specific to their sportsbook. Bonuses related to bookies often include insurance and free bets but the best sportsbook promo codes also offer features like cash-out bets. This can be really useful for an under bet, when you’re at the limit of your under bet and one team is looking particularly threatening with only a few minutes left, employ the cash out. You will end up taking a little less than the full win but at least you won’t lose.

Over/Under Betting Pros and Cons

  • Great option for building parlays
  • Both teams contribute towards points
  • Versatile bet type with lots of options
  • Can be placed without extensive knowledge of the game
  • Can be difficult to find large odds
  • Points can be scored right up until the match finishes.

Over Under Betting Conclusion

Placing bets in the over/under markets are a great alternative to moneyline and spread betting. You can place bets that are not dependent on the who wins and are merely concerned with the overall number of points, runs, or goals scored. The over and under odds are usually presented with those other main bet options next to the match. Bookies usually highlight over/under options with odds of around -100 but you can find more options by exploring the prop bets. The markers vary greatly from one sport to the next depending on the usual amount of points scored in an average game. Remember you can use statistics to help you make a more informed betting choice, but anything can happen.