In 2024, the online gambling market is undergoing a lot of exciting changes as the digital revolution continues to shape the business world. With so many online casino statistics available, it is important to be aware of important eye-opening trends.

Our experts at Business2Community put together this online casino trends analysis report. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date figures reflecting the online gambling market demand, consumer preferences, and profitability in the field.

Let’s take a look at how the online casino industry is reshaping the betting market.

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Online Casino Statistics Highlights

  • The global online gambling market revenue is set to exceed $138 billion in 2028.
  • The US had the biggest online gambling market in the world, valued at $23 billion in 2024.
  • America’s favorite online casino game is online poker.
  • 70% of American online gamblers would pay for AI tools to help them make informed betting decisions.
  • The online casino game app market value is projected to be $10 billion in 2027.

Top Online Gambling Statistics – Gambling Industry’s Worth

The online gambling market is experiencing a large period of growth. In 2024, the total revenue is projected to be $107 billion worldwide, up from $95 billion in 2023. The figure is expected to jump further to $138 billion by 2028, quadrupling from its 2017 value of $34.5 billion when online gambling began to gain popularity.

During the 2024 – 2028 forecast period, the estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 6.51%, representing a positive outlook for market growth.

A chart showing the annual revenue increase in gambling for different gambling types

The continued growth of the global online gambling industry is supported by the growing interest from new players. According to Statista, the number of online gambling users will reach 243 million by 2028 around the world.

Whether you are an online poker player or an investor trying to get into the lucrative global online gambling industry, you can use this online casino trends analysis report to understand the most profitable investment strategies and gaming styles.

From the online gambling demand to its global revenue and future opportunities, here is everything you need to know about the online gambling market in 2024.

The Global Online Casino Market is Projected to be Worth $48 Billion in 2028

Online casinos offer a variety of games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and live dealer games. Users no longer have to visit the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to enjoy the thrill. In recent years, online casino gambling has seen a robust performance, becoming an important pillar of the online gambling industry.

In 2023, online casinos generated a total gross online gambling revenue of nearly $35 billion worldwide. By 2028, the value is estimated to be $48 billion.

According to the 2023 Online Gambling Market Report by Game Type produced by IMARC, online casino gaming accounted for 30% of the total online gambling market size by game type while online sports betting dominated the field with 60% of market share.

A chart showing the Online Gambling Market Share by Game Type

The US Has the Biggest Online Gambling Market in the World

In 2024, Statista estimated the biggest online gambling market to be the US, with a projected net worth of $23 billion, followed by the UK and Australia, valued at $13.8 billion and $10 billion, respectively.

However, Canada was noted to hold the highest user penetration rate at 48.6%. This means people could access online gambling more effectively and were aware of its existence and usage.

A comparison table showing the different amounts of gambling revenue earned in the US, UK, and AU

For the US market, the most prominent growth spurt happened during COVID-19, as gamblers were unable to visit traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and had to divert to online mediums to enjoy gambling.

Before the pandemic, the UK was the leading online gambling market in the world. The US surpassed the UK for the first time in 2020. From 2020 to 2022, in just two years, the US online gambling market size doubled, from $7.6 billion to nearly $15 billion.

Overall, the US online betting revenue is on track for more fast-paced growth. By 2028, the total market size is set to be $33 billion in value, showcasing a CAGR of 9.53%, according to Statista.

A chart showing the growth of revenue in billions across the online gambling industry

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the gambling sector in the US employed over 130,000 people in 2022 and predicted an increase of nearly 20,000 openings each year from 2022 to 2032. The figure included both offline casinos and online gambling platforms. On average, workers in the industry were earning $31,000 per year in 2022.

The optimistic outlook indicates the market’s willingness to accept online gambling, especially after COVID-19. More American bettors can enjoy fewer physical restraints when placing bets and engaging in online gambling activities. Online gaming will continue to gain popularity in the US.

As a leader in the global online gambling industry, the US is destined to drive market growth and upcoming betting trends.

The iGaming Sector Exceeds $6 Billion in the US

The American Gaming Association’s 2023 AGA Commercial Gaming Revenue Tracker highlighted the proliferating growth in the online gambling sector in the US. iGaming refers to any internet betting and gambling activities. From online social casino games to virtual poker machines to slot games, this digital betting trend has experienced exponential growth in the US in the last decade.

According to the AGA report, the iGaming segment was valued at $6.17 billion in 2023, representing a 22.9% year-to-year growth rate from the previous year.

Total online betting revenue was $16.43 billion for the year, meaning iGaming accounted for around one-quarter of the total global revenue. Meanwhile, traditional commercial land-based casinos claimed 75.3% ($50 billion) of the pie in the US.

Although land-based casinos were still a more popular choice, the online gambling market has demonstrated sizeable growth in the past few years as it held 0% of the market share back in 2013 and quickly rose to contribute to a quarter of the total revenue in a decade.

A graph showing the US Annual GGR from 2013 to 2023

Although there were only 6 US states that had legalized iGaming, allowing online casino games, the US iGaming industry hit a stark $6 billion in revenue in 2023, as a study found. People embraced it and were willing to spend real money online gambling across different platforms.

There were 6 US states with legalized iGaming at the start of 2024. Each of the 6 states showed a sizable growth rate in 2023, ranging from Delaware’s 3.3% to Connecticut’s 44.7%. With Rhode Island set to join the iGaming group in 2024 after passing the law the year before, the iGaming market growth trajectory is promising for vendors and investors.

A chart showing the amount of US iGaming Revenue by state

The UK Market Prefers Online Betting to Offline

In most parts of the world, online gambling still can’t beat the appeal of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos for players. However, this is not the case in the UK.

In 2023, YouGov reported that 21% of UK gamblers had placed bets online that year, compared to 19% offline. It was the only major gambling market with a higher online betting population ratio than offline – for comparison, the US numbers were 32% online vs. 29% offline.

The study hypothesized that the surge of UK online gamblers was due to the comprehensiveness of the market. As a mature market with a long betting history and a well-regulated system fostering online gambling, people in the UK were more used to and open to gambling online.

Although most countries had a higher population percentage taking advantage of offline betting, the differences were not far off, signifying the important role of the online betting market in delivering gambling services to players.

Globally, 48% of gamblers preferred using desktops for online gaming, followed by mobile devices. This was highlighted by Grand View Research’s report on market share, size, and trends in 2022.

A pie chart displaying the percentage of people using either a desktop, mobile, or other devices to gamble online in 2022

There are Nearly 5,000 Online Casinos and Gambling Businesses Around the World

Research conducted by IBIS World revealed that almost 5,000 online casinos and businesses engaged in gambling activities in 2024. From 2019 to 2024, its CAGR remained the same at 6.3%, illustrating a stable and powerful growth curvature for digital gambling products over the last few years.

A chart showing a growth in the number of businesses involved in gambling activities from 2014 to 2024

The study found a low market share concentration in the online casino gaming field, i.e. the market was competitive and not monopolized by a single key player, creating an encouraging environment for newcomers to get a share of the pie.

Among different regions in the world, Europe dominated the gambling business and online casino landscape with over 3,200 casinos in operation. North America came second with just shy of 3,000 traditional and online casinos on its soil. In third place were Africa and the Middle East, with a combined total of 400 casinos.

The reason for the European online betting world leading the way was likely due to its lenient approach to online gambling. According to the European Betting and Gambling Association, 25 out of 29 European countries adopted a multi-licensing model, which allowed both private and public companies to obtain a relevant license to operate online casinos in 2021.

As businesses can now offer regulated and legal online gambling more people are choosing to gamble online.

On the other hand, we’ve already seen that only 6 US states have legalized the operation of online casinos as of 2023, which has limited the expansion of online casinos in the country despite the demand.

Chris Krafcik, managing director of the Eilers & Krejcik gambling analytics firm, told AP News that some lawmakers view online casinos as more high-risk than other online gambling activities like online sports betting in the US and, therefore, do not want to legalize it. He estimated the situation would persist and that “only a very small number of states” would allow online casino gambling by 2027.

The effect of different government approaches on market growth in the future is yet to be seen. The only certain thing is that online gambling websites will continue to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment with its promising growth rate around the world.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Lead the iGaming Market

In 2024, a range of crypto casinos that are powered by blockchain technology are taking over the global online gambling market. The ability for players to go completely cashless is tempting for regular gamblers as a form of more secure and easy payment.

The 2023 DappRadar Games Report produced by blockchain technology firm DappRadar stated that the platform recorded an average of 1.1 million active blockchain gaming (DeFi) users daily, contributing to 34% of the platform’s total activities.

A chart showing different wallet types being used across the iGaming industry

Notably, although 2023 witnessed a sizable influx of web3 gaming investments, the volume was 2.5 times less than in 2022. That said, the performance in 2023 remained strong.

In Q2 2023, the field saw $476 million in investments poured into web3 gaming projects, topping the quarter of the year. Overall, 2023 saw a total of $2.9 billion in investment. Out of all the investments, 34.8%, valued at $1 billion, went into web3 gaming development.

A chart showing the amount of money invested into Web3 gaming projects from May to November 2023

Brands are Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in iGaming

The rise of AI and machine learning technologies has transformed many industries, including the online gambling realm. As a software-focused sector, the online gambling market has become the powerhouse for AI advancements and adoption.

Currently, the online casino industry mostly utilizes AI in the following aspects:

  • Analyzing the hours and games played online by users to curate suitable marketing plans
  • Personalizing online gambling experience for players
  • Testing and studying the feasibility of new games on different systems like mobile devices and desktops
  • Improving chatbots and virtual assistant systems to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Detecting fraud and security breaches by recognizing similar threats and malicious visits
  • Fostering a responsible online casino market by identifying problem gamblers and potentially automatically removing them

Gambling software company SOFTSWISS published its iGaming Trends report for 2024. It highlighted the role of AI and machine learning in the online gambling industry.
The survey reported that 73.9% of online gambling platforms see AI as a pillar technology of the industry in the future, ranking the highest among other rising technologies like blockchain (13%) and cookieless systems (8.7%).

An infographic showing which new technologies online gambling platforms see as most promising

AI is gaining increasing popularity in the global online gambling market. With the help of AI, a lot of traditional tasks that would consume a tremendous amount of labor can now be simplified, allowing firms to allocate resources to higher-value-added tasks and minimize human errors.

In the Online Gambling Game Software Market 2024 report produced by Industry Research, estimates suggest the online gambling software market value was $73 billion in 2023. By 2028, the number is expected to run up to $81 billion, giving a CAGR of 1.72% during the forecast period.

The expansion of the software market resonates with the growing online gambling demand. As the sector continues to expand, software engineers and new online casinos will be met with lucrative opportunities when using the right business strategies and outreach tactics.

Online Gamblers in the US

As the biggest online gambling market in the world, the US drives a lot of the emerging trends. The average revenue per user in 2024 was $401, spotlighting the attractive return for investors and business owners in the industry.

Studying the US online gambling world allows you to gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences, population composition, and factors that drive market growth so you can strategize accordingly.

There Will be Nearly 50 Million Online Casino Users by 2028 in the US

The US’ gradual open-up to online gambling has changed people’s gambling habits and paved the way for sizable growth.

In 2017 there were only 6.5 million online casino users. The number is set to top 32 million in 2024 and is expected to hit the 49 million mark by 2028, just below the US’ top-performing online gambling sector, online sports betting, at 52 million.

A chart showing the increase and predicted increase of online gambling players from 2017 to 2028

The market is exhibiting huge potential with these figures, providing the perfect timing for investors and ambitious entrepreneurs to enter the market and get a slice of the cake.

American Online Gamblers Are Younger Than the Rest of the World

The same 2023 YouGov survey we referred to earlier observed a younger population of American online gamblers compared to the rest of the world.

Around 50% of Americans aged 18 – 34 had placed bets online in the past year. The percentage far outweighed the 35 – 54 age group, of which 32% of them placed bets online last year. In the 55+ age group, only 6% played online annually.

The report noted that older offline gamblers were less likely to convert to online gambling. With the US only beginning to legalize the online casino and online sports betting sectors in recent years, older bettors preferred to stay offline, whereas younger gamblers were more open to and adventurous in the online market.

Among American online gamblers, the number of male gamblers outweighed female gamblers. Just over one-fifth (21%) of women were gamblers, whereas over one-third (34%) of men were.

A series of graphs showing the distribution of gamblers in the US by different characteristics

8 Million American Gamblers are Facing Gambling Problems or a Gambling Disorder

Like most vices, gambling addiction is dangerous and problematic.

According to Help For Problem Gambling, a non-profit organization in the US, around 1% (2 million) of gamblers are facing severe gambling problems in any given year, while another 2-3% (4-6 million) suffer from moderate gambling disorder. The association estimated an annual $7 billion in national social cost would go into helping problem gamblers.

The 2023 YouGov study looked into this issue by surveying gamblers of all ages to understand the online problem gambling situation in the country. Younger iGaming enthusiasts were more aware of the situation. About 50% of the surveyed people in the age group expressed concerns about problem gambling and 48% felt they needed to gamble less.

A series of charts showing the percentages of gamblers who are worried about problem gambling

However, young gamblers were also more aggressive players – over 50% of them claimed they would not have fun unless they won, compared to 30% and 17% in the 35 – 54 and 55+ age groups, respectively, reflecting young gamblers’ bold betting attitudes that could lead to developing betting disorders.

70% of American Online Bettors are Willing to Pay for AI Tools

The rise of AI in the global online gambling industry is not only benefiting businesses, as we saw earlier – it also has advantages for individual bettors.

70% of American online bettors were willing to pay for suitable AI tools that could help them make informed betting decisions, as the 2023 YouGov survey revealed. Only a fraction (22%) of the respondents said a firm “No” to paying for any AI tools.

As for their expectations and motivations for using AI services, 41% expected their provider to offer it for free while 39% would consider paying for AI services after a free trial or if a trusted firm promoted the AI tool.

A series of charts showing who is willing to pay for AI tools to help make decisions and what motivates them to pay for AI

Online Poker is America’s Favorite Casino Game

In 2023, surveyed 1,000 Americans in all states to study their gambling experiences.

Results showed that online poker was America’s all-time favorite online casino game with 14 states choosing it as their go-to game. Slot machines were a close second, favored by 13 states. Bingo came third with 7 states voting it as their favorite.

Each state has different regulations on online gambling, which could influence the results. Interestingly, the survey revealed that in some states, their favorite casino game was illegal.
For example, the Hawaiian government only allows social casino games that are played privately. Slot machines are illegal. However, slots were Hawaii’s favorite in the survey.

A map of the US showing which casino game is the most popular in each state

75% of Americans Prefer Smartphones for Mobile Gaming

In the US, around 75% of online gamblers preferred to use their mobile phones to place bets, as stated in the Pennsylvania Interactive Gaming Assessment: Online Gambling Report 2022.

The accessibility of mobile devices greatly enhances its appeal to gamers, with 62.5% of players stating that they only used a single device for online betting.

According to the Pew Research Center, smartphone ownership in the US rose from 77% in 2018 to 90% in 2023. The increase in smartphone ownership across the country facilitated its online gambling development as well, encouraging more users to opt for the easy betting option via online gambling sites.

A graph showing the percentage growth of mobile phone ownership by adults in the US

Around 30% of Americans Play Casino Games Multiple Times a Week

In 2022, global market research agency Mintel conducted a study on the US gambling market. In the report, around 30% of Americans stated that they would play casino games multiple times a week. The results included both offline and online gambling, reflecting a huge demand for gambling tools and products.

A further 40% of gamblers under the age of 45 would gamble several times a week, outranking the other age groups. The study also observed the effect disposable income had on betting behavior – those with better financial security tended to gamble more frequently.

61% of American Gamblers Have Won $1,000 or More Playing Casino Games

Despite the century-old saying “The House always wins”, 61% of respondents reported having won $1,000 or more in the past, as the same survey we looked at earlier found.

Gamblers didn’t have a noticeable advantage playing online or offline. 27% of players won their big prize online, 26% did so offline, and 8% won both online and offline before.

A chart showing the percentage of people who have won $100 gambling

Respondents also believed the following casino games had the lowest house advantage:

  • Blackjack: 21%
  • Bingo: 11%
  • Craps: 10%

The percentage breakdown of casino games that have the lowest house advantages

Other Internet Gambling Statistics

After looking at the global online casino statistics and the leading US market trends, let’s take a look at a few other interesting online gambling facts and how they shape the industry.

BetMGM Net Revenue Exceeded $1.9 Billion in 2023

BetMGM, founded in 2018 by MGM Resorts International and Entain Holdings, is one of the top operators in the US online gambling industry. In 2023, BetMGM reported net revenue of $1.96 billion, illustrating a 36% year-to-year growth rate.

According to Entain, the company had access to 49% of the population in the US in 2023, becoming a powerhouse for growth in the online betting sector. Overall, it reaped 14% of the total market size in iGaming and online sports betting in the US and 22% in Ontario that year.

To conquer the casino industry, BetMGM is set to deliver more personalized services, refine app experiences, and innovate game content in 2024.

Global Revenue From Online Casino Games Expected to Reach Nearly $10 Billion in 2027

In 2022, the casino games app market was valued at $6.17 billion. By 2027, the market is set to reach around $10 billion, showcasing a CAGR of 8.59% during the forecast period.

The in-app purchase volume reached $3.5 billion in 2022, illustrating the potential in this field and gamers’ purchasing power. The growth of casino game apps also resonated with the rise of mobile gaming.

According to AppMagic, the top-grossing casino games apps in 2023 were:

  • Coin Master ($500 million)
  • Monopoly Go! ($500 million)
  • Bingo Blitz ($200 million)
  • Jackpot Party ($200 million)
  • Lightening Link ($200 million)

A table showing the top grossing mobile casino apps for 2023

Online Casino Statistics Summary

The online gambling industry is growing at an incredible pace. In 2024, it continues to thrive and leads emerging trends.

In the future, the surge of online gambling websites will continue to create an abundance of job opportunities in the AI and software engineering fields. Meanwhile, more traditional players will continue to convert to online gambling due to its convenience and accessibility.

With the increasing interest from investors, app developers, and online players, the online betting market size is on track to expand exponentially. Now is the best time to get into the market to get a share of the global revenue.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a gamer, or a decision-maker, bookmark this guide and utilize the trends to make the most informed decisions to scale up your business.


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