It’s fair to say that online gamblers in Thailand have never had it so good. There have certainly never been as many online casinos to choose between, and the constant influx of new brands has forced the older ones to raise their game. The HUC99 casino is just one of the many sites fighting for your business, as a punter. 

In this Huc99 casino review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the brand. We’ll investigate its special offers, casino games, customer service and more, all in an effort to help you decide if HUC99 is worth your time and money. 

HUC99 Casino and Sportsbook Sign-up Offers

If you’re based out of Thailand and want to give HUC99 a go, you’ll be treated to a generous welcome offer for sports betting and casino.

Offer Type Minimum Deposit Wagering Requirement Bonus Offer
Casino Welcome Bonus THB 100 THB 5,000 THB 300
Sportsbook Cashback N/A 1x Up to 1% cashback on daily losses

How to Claim HUC99 Bonus

  1. Create a HUC99 casino account (full explanation later)
  2. Apply for the bonus via the Line messaging app, @Huc99th
  3. Deposit 100 baht, and receive 300 baht bonus
  4. Use your bonus on casino games
  5. Complete the rollover requirement
  6. Withdraw your winnings

What is HUC99?

huc33As noted in our introduction, there are plenty of online casinos which serve Thailand. The vast majority of these, however, are international, off-shore brands, for whom Thailand is just one of the many markets they serve. 

That is not the case for the HUC99 online casino. Technically, this brand does technically operate in Chinese too, for its customers in Hong Kong. Make no mistake, however – Thailand is clearly the major focus here. The default website is in Thai, all the monetary values and bonus amounts are written in Thai baht, and – overall – you get the sense this is an entirely Thai-centered betting site. 

For this HUC99 casino review, we see that the site is also a well-rounded platform. It provides all your old favorite wagering options, including video slots, table games, fishing games, and more. The likes of mobile apps, special offers, customer support options and more are also in place, along with a fully-functioning sportsbook. All this, and more, will be explored in more detail in our HUC99 online casino review. 

Is HUC99 a Safe Online Casino?

Whenever they encounter a new online casino – whether in Thailand or anywhere else in the world – the same question will go through most punters’ heads. Namely, is this casino a safe place to wager or not?

We’re pleased to say this doesn’t need to be a worry with HUC99. For starters, the company is not only headquartered in Manila, but also holds a full license with PAGCOR, the Filipino regulatory body for the online gambling industry. This is the best license a brand can hold in Southeast Asia, and ensures HUC99 has been verified for both security and fairness. 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find much more information about the specific security measure in place on HUC99, although SSL is indeed present and correct. It’s certainly worth noting, however, that HUC99 has a solid track record, having been around since 2017. If it was unfair to users, or unsafe for them to users, it’s highly unlikely the brand would have lasted this long. 

HUC99 Casino Bonus Offers in Thailand

idea sharingAfter confirming that an online casino is safe to use, we’re confident in predicting the next step the majority of gamers will take too. In most cases, they’ll head straight to the special offers page. 

That promotions page on HUC99 is certainly busy, with some 27 different entries at the time of writing. As usual, however, when a casino has that many offers, the quality does vary wildly from deal to deal. 

That being said, there are still certainly a few intriguing HUC99 casino bonus offers. Let’s look at some of the best examples in turn. 

HUC99 Signup Bonus

As with all good online casinos, there is a HUC99 signup bonus in place for new customers. This does deliver the biggest single reward on the platform, but can only be used one time, when you first join the site. 

Technically, the HUC99 signup bonus follows the famous ‘deposit match’ format, like most Thai casinos. In this case, however, things actually work slightly differently. Rather than matching a percentage of your first deposit, Huc99 asks you to deposit a certain amount, and gives you a specific bonus in return. In this case, you’ll need to deposit 100 baht when signing up. In return, you’ll be given a 300 baht bonus. 

Obviously, getting a 3:1 return on investment is very good value indeed. As usual, however, there are a few terms and conditions in place. Most notable is the rollover requirement, which requires you to place wagers totaling 5,000 baht before withdrawing your bonus winnings. Also, rather than automatically receiving the bonus – as on most brands – you must specifically claim it by messaging @huc99th using the Line app.

HUC99 Slots Welcome Offer

In addition to the headline welcome offer, there’s also another HUC99 signup bonus in place. Rather than being site-wide, however, this one is specifically targeted at slots fans. 

This is more of a standard deposit match deal, in which your first payment is matched 100% by HUC99 as a bonus. You must deposit 200 baht or more to claim the deal, but you can get a maximum bonus of up to a hefty 3,000 baht, and the 18x rollover requirement is reasonable. 

Overall, this deal actually represents better value than the main welcome offer. If you’re not interested in slots, however, it obviously won’t suit you.

HUC99 Cashback Offer

The cashback offer is one of the most popular deals with online casino players in Thailand, and it’s easy to see why. Saving on your losses is a key part of making a long-term profit, after all, and cash rebates help enormously here. 

The Huc99 cashback offer is very good indeed. It applies to live casino games, and insures your losses across the whole week for up to 2,999 baht. Annoyingly, there is a rollover requirement in place. It’s only 1x, however, and there are no restrictions on eligible games.

Refer a Friend

HUC99 ticks off another popular box by also putting a ‘refer a friend’ scheme in place. These deals have long been useful to not only casinos and punters, but to punters’ acquaintances too. 

On HUC99, you can get up to three separate bonuses via referrals. If you give your referral code to a friend, and they sign up and deposit at least 500 baht within seven days, you’ll be given a nice little 99 baht bonus. In addition, your friend will also get 39 baht.

Casino Promotions Overview

As mentioned in the previous section, there are literally dozens of offers available on the HUC99 Thai casino. Not all of these are of the highest quality, and – since many of them are targeted at sports bettors – they won’t all be relevant to fans of casino games. 

That being said, there are still quite a few deals which should intrigue casino players. Here’s a quick rundown of the best examples. 

Bonus Type Min. HUC99 Deposit Validity Period Wagering Requirement Max. Offer Size
Main Welcome Offer THB 100 N/A THB 5,000 THB 300
Slots Welcome Offer THB 200 N/A 18x THB 3,000
Cashback Offer THB 500 7 Days 1x THB up to 0.7%
Referral Scheme THB 500 7 Days 1x THB 99
Reload Bonus THB 800 Daily 5x THB 3,000
Fishing Games Promotion THB 100 N/A 20x THB 1,000
Winning Streak Bonus THB 100 Daily N/A THB 5,000

What Casino Games Does HUC99 Offer?

The more games an online casino offers, the better. After all, if one site can keep you entertained for the long haul, you’re more likely to stick with it rather than needing to find a new site. 

HUC99 doesn’t just fulfill this requirement. It passes the test with flying colors. The range of games on offer here is absolutely enormous, with all the major boxes being ticked. That includes slots, table games, fishing games, and more. Not only that, but you’ll find plenty of variety in each major section, when it comes to game variants, the developers which have been enlisted, and so on. 

Let’s take a closer look at how HUC99 performs when it comes to the most important gaming categories. 


The slot section is the busiest on most online casinos, and – as usual – we found that to be the case here. In fact, the slots section easily represented one of the highest points of our HUC99 casino review for Thailand. 

huc99 casino review for Thailand - slots section

The options here are incredibly impressive. An exceptionally wide range of developers – some 25 in total – have been enlisted to provide games. This adds up to hundreds upon hundreds of titles, with all the variety in theme, rulesets, special features, and so on that you could hope for. This enormous selection is also made faultlessly easy to navigate, thanks to the inclusion of both a search engine and a My Collection feature (basically a ‘favorites’ tool). 

Table Games

‘Table games’ is a pretty broad term. Basically though, it refers to all the old classic casino games that punters around the world – including in Thailand – know and love. huc99 casino review - for Thailand table e games

HUC99 acquits itself extremely well here. In fact, its selection of table games is superior to that you’d find on much more famous casinos. Every major game type you could hope for is represented, including baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Sic bo is also in place, as are an impressive range of poker variants, and there are also a whole lot of more niche titles to try out.

Fishing Games

Fishing games have become increasingly popular over the last decade or so, with gamblers both in Thailand and further afield. Their appeal is easy to see, with these being quick, fun, and colorful games which often feature a competitive multiplayer element too. 

huc99 casino review for Thailand- fishing games

In this HUC99 casino review, we want to show that this casino in Thailand is simply fantastic in this area. In fact, this is genuinely one of the most impressive selections of fishing games we’ve seen, not just in Thailand but across the entirety of Southeast Asia. Most casinos provide you with a mere handful of choices here. By contrast, HUC99 gives you a whopping 90+, which is truly exceptional. These include games of various themes and complexities, and even some mobile-only titles. 

Live Dealer Titles

We’ve already looked at the regular table games on offer here. Any HUC99 casino review for Thailand, however, would be remiss if it didn’t also mention the live dealer titles on display. 

huc99 casino review for Thailand- live games

The range of live games isn’t quite as impressive as that for traditional, computer-run table games. There are certainly other online casinos in Thailand with broader selections. That said, the collection here isn’t terrible, by any means. You still get some 25 different live games to play, including roulette, blackjack, sic bo, baccarat, and even Texas Hold’em poker.

Review of Casino Features

We wouldn’t exactly describe the HUC99 Thai casino as ‘feature-packed’. It certainly has a nice number of gaming options to choose from, and does – to its credit – have downloadable mobile apps in place (more on those shortly). Aside from that, however, there aren’t a huge number of special features to get excited about. 

One of the biggest attractions here, in theory, should be the multi-language nature of the platform. As noted, the site is in Thai by default. If you’re not a native Thai speaker, however, you can swap to an English version via a handy button in the top-right. That certainly sounds convenient enough… but unfortunately, it doesn’t work well in practice. Significant parts of the website remain in Thai – including the T&Cs for special offers, for example – so you’ll need to keep Google Translate handy to understand everything. 

Elsewhere, HUC99 provides a better-executed ‘Ranking’ feature. This is basically a leaderboard, as you might find on other online casinos, which allows you to compete against other users to see who can achieve the best winnings. 

Finally, something very different indeed which HUC99 offers are the ‘Free Movies’ and ‘Free Comics’ links, which can be found in the top menu. These lead to a legitimately impressive selection of films and manga, which can provide a nice break from gambling.  

HUC99 VIP Loyalty Program

VIP programs are basically a win/win for bettors and casinos. The casino gets a loyal customer, while the punter gets continual rewards. 

As with all good online casinos, there is indeed a HUC99 VIP program in place. As usual, you gain points and move up through the levels the more you wager. In this case, there are 12 different levels in total, and you ascend to the next one once you’ve deposit and bet through enough money. To go from level 2 to 3, for example, you must deposit at least 500 baht and bet through 2,500. These numbers get exponentially larger as you progress through the levels. 

Your main rewards for achieving higher levels are free bonuses. These come as weekly rewards, worth up to 99 baht, and the more exciting monthly rewards, which are worth a generous 5,999 baht at the top level. 

Customer Service

Use any online casino in Thailand long enough, and you’ll eventually encounter an issue you can’t solve alone. In these cases, it’s crucial that the casino’s staff help you as quickly and effectively as possible. 

That’s certainly not an issue here. In fact, the customer service here represented a clear high point during our HUC99 online casino review. 

Huc99 provides three main, direct ways to get in touch. The most useful for desktop users will be live chat, which can be accessed via an ever-present menu to the right of your screen. Best of all, agents are available to help here 24/7, meaning you’re never left hanging. Elsewhere, mobile users can also reach out using either Telegram or Line. Finally, if your inquiry is less urgent, you can simply send an email instead. 

In addition, Huc99 also provides indirect help via both an FAQ, and a handy User Guide. Overall, you get the genuine sense that customer support is a major priority for this brand, which is extremely pleasing to see. 

HUC99 Sports Betting Review

So far, we’ve obviously focused on the casino sections in this review. In fact, this is only one half of the brand’s offering. There’s also a fully-functioning HUC99 sportsbook in Thailand, which deserves a quick review of its own. 

huc99 sports

Betting Sports

Like most online casinos in Thailand, HUC99 doesn’t technically provide its own betting sports. Instead, it has partnered with specialists in this area, and uses their sportsbooks instead. In this case, the sportsbooks in question are SBO and SABA, which are both popular and proven choices. 

Between these two subsites, you’ll get access to a range of sports which – while not spectacular – is still solid. All the biggest markets are included, such as football, motor racing, basketball, tennis, and so on. eSports also enjoys good coverage, as do a few less-heralded markets like badminton. Pleasingly, SBO also features a nice range of horse racing betting options, which are often absent on Thai sportsbooks.

Sportsbook Features

As with the main casino, we wouldn’t describe the HUC99 sportsbook in Thailand as ‘feature-packed’. Again though, there are still a couple of noteworthy tools to mention. 

One is certainly the live betting feature, which we’ll investigate in more detail shortly. Another is the inclusion of live streaming. You’ll find this on SBO, and it allows you to watch horse races as the action is ongoing. Elsewhere, you can also get plenty of statistics to help inform your betting, and there’s a ‘Favorites’ feature to help you find your preferred markets. 

Live Betting Tools

The days of being limited to placing wagers on sports matchups before they begin are long over. Nowadays, a match kicking off simply opens up a whole new area of betting possibilities. 

Neither SBO nor SABA – the two sportsbooks constituting the HUC99 betting site – have neglected this area. In fact, both excel when it comes to providing live betting markets. The number of sports available to bet on is solid, as is the variety in bet types. Not only that, but the tools themselves are highly responsive, allowing you to place and cash out wagers whenever you spot a good opportunity to do so.   


As a bettor, you can’t afford to overlook the quality of the odds a sportsbook is offering you. If you’re not getting good value here, after all, there will always be a cap on your potential earnings. 

This needn’t be a worry on the HUC99 casino sports betting site. Both SABA and SBO are well-known for providing fair prices on their markets, for both the biggest sports and less-popular options. This also applies to their live betting prices, which offer a fair reflection of the latest goings-on, and update with pleasing regularity as the action is progressing. 

Betting Offers

While we’ve already highlighted some of the casino deals in place here, the HUC99 casino sports section actually has its own special offers too. There aren’t as many, admittedly, but the quality is still fairly high. 

For starters, there are multiple cashback offers in place. One is a standard version, which returns up to 0.7% of your losses. The other is a more unusual take which – believe it or not – gives you a rebate when your total stakes end in the numbers ‘999’. HUC99 also occasionally over sports bonuses for special events, such as when the Thai national teams triumphs. 

Elsewhere, many of the site-wide offers apply to the Hu99 casino sports section. These include the refer-a-friend scheme, VIP program, and even bonuses you can gain from sharing HUC99 content on social media.

HUC99 Mobile App

The most recent statistics we could find indicated that some 92% of Thais have smartphones. In short, Thailand is an extremely mobile-friendly country, to put it mildly, and this will certainly apply to its betting public too. We’re pleased to say these on-the-go punters will be extremely well-served at HUC99, which has clearly made mobile features a major priority.

huc99 mobile app for Thailand

HUC99 has mobile apps in place, for both iOS and Android users. Acquiring these is very easy, with a HUC99 casino download available directly through the website, via a link in the top menu. 

huc99 mobile app game lobby for Thailand

Once you’ve executed your HUC99 casino download, you’ll find an excellent mobile app waiting for you. This contains all of the same casino games as the desktop version, including slots, table games, and so on. You can also make deposits and withdrawals, and conduct all the other account management business you’re accustomed to. 

In terms of its quality and usability, the Huc99 casino download app is also top-notch. The menus have been smartly adapted for smaller screen sizes, and you can even choose to use the app in either vertical or horizontal mode, which isn’t even an option on much more celebrated apps.  

How to Get Started with HUC99

Aside from a few translation issues for those who can’t actually read Thai, the HUC99 casino in Thailand is extremely easy to use. This applies from the very beginning, with these being the few simple steps you must take to get started. 

Step 1 – Head to the Home Page

You actually have two main choices as to how you complete this signup process. For the purposes of this HUC99 trusted review, we’ll assume you’re simply using the desktop site, which can be accessed via the link below. If you prefer, however, you can use one of the mobile apps instead, which features a signup process that’s basically identical. 

Step 2 – Create Your Account

huc99 casino withdrawals in Thailand  Once you’ve brought up the home page, find and click the golden Register button in the top-right. This will load up the extremely straightforward registration page, in which you merely need to enter your phone number and email address, and set a username and password. Once that’s done, just enter the verification code that’s given to you, agree to the T&Cs, and hit Register to create your account. 

Step 3 – Make a Deposit

huc99 casino casino deposits in Thailand

The final thing you need to do, before you can get down to playing HUC99 casino games in Thailand, is fund your newly-created account. Log in, using the details you just set, then click on the HUC99 Deposit button towards the top of your screen. Now just select one of the payment options, enter a monetary amount, click Submit, and provide the necessary details in order to complete the transaction. 

Step 4 – Play Casino Games

huc99 casino review - play table games in Thailand

With your account funded, it’s time for the fun to begin in earnest. Click on the section you’re interested in at the top of the screen – such as Slot Game, or Card Game – then select the specific title you want to play. Once it’s loaded, just set your stake and play a round, then repeat the process as often as you please with HUC99 casino games. 

Step 5 – Make a Withdrawal

huc99 casino registration in Thailand

After playing a few HUC99 casino games in Thailand, you’ll hopefully have some winnings in your account. Before withdrawing these, you will need to provide further personal information. To do this, just click Member Center at the top of the screen, then Profile, and Personal Information. After doing so, you’ll be able to head to the Cashier area, click Withdraw, pick a payment method, and request your payout. 

HUC99 Payment Methods

Generally speaking, we’ve stayed pretty positive so far in our HUC99 online casino review. The payment methods in place here aren’t a disaster, by any means, but – during our research – we definitely found this to be one of the weaker aspects of the casino. 

There are only a handful of deposit options available to you here. Namely, you can use bank transfer (via a couple of different payment facilitators), the TrueMoney eWallet, or the tether cryptocurrency (USDT). Technically, this does tick the main boxes most punters will look for, but we’d prefer a little more choice in each category. 

Elsewhere, however, there’s little to complain about. No fees are charged for either deposits or withdrawals, and the processing times for payouts are extremely speedy. As noted earlier, THB is the only supported currency here, but this is obviously unlikely to be a problem for residents of Thailand. 

Payment Method Fees Minimum Deposit Withdrawals Processing Time
Bank Transfer 0% THB 100 Up to 24 Hours
TrueWallet 0% THB 50 Up to 24 Hours
Tether Cryptocurrency 0% THB 350 (Equivalent) Up to 24 Hours

What We Like and Don’t Like About HUC99

We’ve tried to provide a balanced view throughout this HUC99 trusted review, highlighting both the better and worse parts of this brand’s offering. Here’s a quick summary of the main examples in each case. 


  • Game Selection
    The range of gaming options on HUC99 is simply outstanding. The fishing games are actually the highlight here, but there are also plenty of regular and live dealer table games, slots, and more to keep you entertained for the long haul. On top of all that, you also get two separate sportsbooks on the Huc99 betting site.
  • Thai Focus
    Plenty of online casinos accept Thai customers, but on HUC99 they’re the clear focus. Thai is the default language here, baht is the default currency, and – overall – you simply get the sense that Thai punters are the priority.
  • Special Offers
    HUC99 has one of the most packed-out promotions pages we’ve seen. Admittedly there’s some variance in the actual quality of those deals, but there’s still plenty of value to be found here.
  • Customer Support
    If and when you encounter a problem on HUC99, it won’t remain a problem for long. The customer service team here are always available, and are very easy to contact.


  • Multi-Language Failures
    If you can read Thai, you’ll have no problems at all here. If you don’t, however, you’ll need a translation tool handy. While some pages are fully available in English, others – like the Promotions section – haven’t been translated at all.
  • Payment Method Selection
    Your payment options here aren’t terrible, but they’re not great either. In particular, we were surprised to find just one option apiece when it came to eWallets and cryptocurrency betting. This is one area in which Huc99 clearly trails behind the competition.

Final Thoughts on HUC99 Casino Thailand

The Southeast Asian betting scene is highly competitive, with a ton of great options out there. The fact that the platform has survived for several years in this environment is already testament to its quality. 

In this HUC99 review, we’ve seen a number of areas in which the brand excels, and shows why it possesses this staying power. The range of casino gaming options is highly impressive, and your ongoing play on the platform is rewarded in a range of diverse and valuable ways. The mobile app and the customer service are both fantastic, and the sports betting options also merit a mention. 

There are still some frustrations here, which prevent Huc99 from challenging the biggest and best brands of all. These include a lack of payment options, and incomplete translation of key pages for international users.

With that said, even in its current state the casino is absolutely a worthwhile option, particularly if you’re looking for a brand to play with for the long haul. We’d certainly recommend signing up now to try out the platform for yourself, and – naturally – grabbing the welcome bonus as you do so. 


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