Rating the best casino and sportsbook sites for US customers is not a linear job. It requires an in-depth look into a number of factors which influence how a site rewards its players through a variety of means.

This means that our experts are kept busy at least once a year to review their thoughts on certain sites. Some elements may have changed significantly, altering their opinions of the top ten sites which offer either casino games or sportsbook betting options.

At Business2Community, we want to be as transparent as possible with our readers, so we have outlined exactly what goes into every site review below.

Casino Sites

On our site, we review both casino and sports betting sites, both of which attract a number of players across the United States. For the best real money online casinos, there is much more of an engaging, fun element which compels players to play games on their sites.

Key Elements

What fundamentally makes a great casino is the games which you can play on them. The challenge for any online facility such as the ones we review is to recreate the feel of a land-based casino, such as one you may find in Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, that is still only one part which is vital to making up a good casino site. To earn high marks, a site can maybe fall down on one factor, but must be very strong across a majority of the following.

User Experience

As mentioned, the first factor that our experts, or indeed any visitor to an online casino, will see is the layout and formatting of the site. While ultimately this may be something which can be overlooked should the rest of the site be so strong, it is important that a site creates a good first impression with its interface. This includes such basics as simply how smooth and easy navigation is to the crucial parts of the site, like their cashier, games and bonuses.

Site Design

mybookie casino

Partially included in the user experience is the site design. An outdated layout can be a big red flag, not just from an enjoyment point of view, but also from how a site has been developed. For example, if a site looks as if it belongs twenty years ago on a desktop, it is possible that their games and other aspects will also feel very old fashioned.

Casino History and Reputation

History certainly helps with the impression given by some offshore casinos, as they are likely to be operated by industry workers with a lot of experience. However, a new site can also rank highly for this because of the reputation they have burgeoned on online forums.

Selection of Games

wild casino games

The games available represent the core of a casino site. This key element can be split down into three important subsections: the total quantity of games, the availability of big-name games, and how regularly newer titles are added as well. The latter two are particularly pertinent to the slot machines on casino sites, while the quantity is also important for table offerings and speciality games too.

Live Games

When playing on a casino, the most important thing is to offer a proper experience. As such, live games are vital to a site. If an online casino does not offer games with live dealers, then it is almost impossible for them to make it into the top of our rankings. Bonus marks may well be given if the live games on offer allow for interaction with the dealers as well; for instance, they may acknowledge you joining a lobby for roulette or blackjack.

Fairness of Games

The term “provably fair” refers to games which can be run through data and software to demonstrate their fairness to players. Though there is always a sense of randomness when it comes to online casino games, it is always found out by our experts whether a casino is paying out at a fair rate, even if they end up with losses.

Bonuses and Promotions

XBet welcome bonus

Often one of the first things to be noticed aside from the user interface is how prominent and alluring their bonuses and promotions are. If a site offers a tremendous welcome bonus to use on their casino, this will obviously be reported favorably. However, a site also needs strong bonuses for existing customers; these take the form of reloads and loyalty promos.

Loyalty Programs

A loyalty bonus may only be one factor in a larger program which rewards loyal customers. Some sites simply do not have them, but it can be very beneficial to a site’s rating if they possess a tangibly rewarding loyalty program. This needs to ensure that those who sign up for such a program are consistently given things such as free spins, deposit bonuses and more.

Banking Options

BetOnline deposit options

Nowadays, almost all online casino sites worth considering offer both traditional payment methods and a couple of cryptocurrencies. However, some go above and beyond, with a vast quantity of altcoins accepted as well as the basic Bitcoin and Litecoin varieties. Allowing this choice for their customers will reflect very positively on a site.


The reviewing of security within a site is how you can tell our experts are putting in the hours for their reviews. You can only really test a site’s security when signing up, depositing, and withdrawing funds. You should be able to withdraw winnings via any payment method within 48 hours, while it is also a positive if a site encourages two-factor authentication to enable you to log in and out.

Customer Support

Almost all sites nowadays offer a live chat option within their customer support channels. However not all of these work as effectively as others. A live chat should give you a response nearly instantly. Though phone contact details are less used nowadays, it is still a good sign that a site has one to allow you to talk to a human being. You should not be left on hold for too long by such a number, while the email address contact details should also be responsive within 24 hours.

Our Process

The process our experts go through is not simply a judgmental one in ticking all of the above boxes. They make sure that they use each site just as a regular player would by doing all of the following things on each casino to ensure full transparency between their own experience and the readers’.

review process visit casino

1. Visit Casino

The mere visiting of a casino may seem like too obvious a step to include, but it can make all the difference. Getting to the homepage may be easy enough, but witnessing the site’s main pages in operation is important. As experts in this field, our writers know when a site is appropriate for a 2024 audience.

2. Test on Mobile

A majority of customers now want to find out how great a casino site is on an app or anywhere on mobile. While it is still too early for some of our favorite casinos to have developed an app on the App Store or Google Play, almost every site now has a mobile-optimized equivalent which you can access from your device. As such, our experts always make sure to play some games or test out other functions on the mobile version of the site too.

review process create account

3. Create an Account

There may be the option in some places to try demos of games available on certain sites, but nobody could experience the full range of a casino without signing up and playing with a fully funded account. After creating an account, our experts had full access to the entire range within an online casino site, ensuring they could fully test it for purpose.

4. Deposit Funds

The actual depositing of funds is one of the processes scanned most rigidly. This should be the most straightforward, taking seconds for the funds to show in your account from whichever payment method you choose. However, this must be tested in case of any unwanted fees or time constraints.

5. Collect Bonusesreview process collect bonuses

Bonus offers always come with terms and conditions attached, which may seem like something to be passed over by those who do not wish to read them. However, they are vital, in the case of wagering requirements, and must be completed in order for your bonus to be used properly. We always claim every welcome bonus on offer, as well as most reload and loyalty bonuses, to ensure we know exactly what you will be getting from each promo.

6. Play Variety of Games

We know that individual players like different types of casino games As such, even for those speciality games which are not often the most played, every single form of game is tested before coming to a full conclusion. This includes all of the live and table offerings beyond the slots.

review process - contact customer support7. Contact Customer Support

We may not find anything we need to contact an online casino’s help team for. However, we know what the most common complaints are, including those not always found within FAQ pages. For this, we go to all of the various customer support channels on each site to see how useful and quick their responses are.

8. Withdraw Winnings

The final stage is withdrawing funds from a casino account. This is sometimes where even the most otherwise attractive online establishments can fall down. That is because some sites make it very difficult for you to withdraw your winnings, even if these were won entirely fairly. A site which allows swift an unquestioned withdrawals will always make it onto our list, because this shows they are very secure in what they offer.


There are some very important differences between casinos and the best online sportsbooks available for players in the US. While some of them come from the very same suppliers, that does not mean that they are an automatic pick for both lists.

A sportsbook is much more about serious offerings on a number of markets. Interface and engagement are still important, but do not count for quite as much as they do with a casino.

Key Factors

There are some factors which are repeated between our casino and sportsbook criteria, but there are also some very key differences involved in our experts’ thinking.

User Experience

betonline mlb betting

First impressions remain vital for a sportsbook, as they are with casinos. The user experience is most obviously advertised by clear outlining of where the biggest sports can be found, but also not making it too difficult to find any sports betting offering within the site, even for the most niche pursuits. Moreover, there should be a clear and easy way to select your bet, and place your stake, while you should then be able to find your open and settled bets very routinely as well.

Site Design

As aforementioned, it is not critical that a sport betting site is as interactive as a casino. However, it still helps significantly if a site is easy to look at, being either vibrant or sleek.

Operator History and Reputation

When it comes to sports betting, it is encouraging to know that a site has an extensive history of providing value for its customers with their odds. Some of the best offshore sportsbooks have been operating for nearly 30 years now, ensuring that they have significant experience in the sector. Moreover, they are likely to have a reputation to match, though that can also come from a newer sportsbook on the market as well.

Selection of Sports

betnow nba odds

The most important thing for some fans might be to find a sportsbook that focuses on key betting sports in the US, such as basketball, football, horse racing and soccer. There are breakdowns on our site for more specific sports; we focus on the best football betting sites, or the best NBA sportsbooks, for instance. However, on a more general note, it is better for a site to have a much wider range of sports, even on those which would not be traditionally considered as betting sports.

Live Betting

When it comes to the bigger sports, though, they can receive coverage unlike any less popular sports on certain sites. The NBA and NFL can both often be streamed on the best sportsbooks. As well as this, you can place bets on these events happening in real time. Live betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in 2024, so if a site can not only offer such betting, but do so swiftly to remain up to date with the action, then extra marks will almost certainly be given.

Special Features

One of the most common special features on an online sportsbook is the ability to live stream the action. This may be very useful for sporting events which are not televised on any of the common cable networks. It can be a real advertisement for a site if they do this, as it is not yet a feature of most sites. Furthermore, there are multi-view aspects to some sites where you can view multiple bets at once.

Bonuses and Promotions

Everygame welcome bonus

Lucrative welcome bonuses are not usually as big on sportsbooks as they are on online casinos, but they can be just as useful for getting customers up and running with their sports betting experience. A large welcome bonus will ensure a site encourages our expert to try more betting options too. Moreover, there are always reload offers, for further deposits, and free bets which can be explored beyond a welcome bonus too.

Loyalty Programs

With sportsbooks, loyalty programs are even more important than with online casinos. That is because you can get a whole host of free bets, often on the sports you bet on more than others. You can also get bonuses such as weekly or monthly rebates on losses, potentially on the best horse racing betting sites, where racebooks are more likely to include rebate offers.

Banking Options

As per the casino factors, a multitude of banking options always ensures there is more enjoyable variety of prospective players. There should be at least three crypto payment options, as well as traditional debit cards.


Your security remains paramount on a sportsbook. There should be very rigid password protected entry with your account, with automatic locking when you are inactive for a certain amount of time. They should also allow you to impose your own spending and betting limits so that you are able to control your funds.

Customer Support

Lucky Block Live Chat

Every different method of contacting customer support will be tested and challenged by our experts. Quick response times are one thing they look out for, but their queries must be fully resolved to truly impress. Moreover, the FAQ section of a site should be extensive enough to answer or guide most questions a customer may have.

Review Process

The review process for a sportsbook is more long-winded than it is with a casino. That is because our bets relied on sporting events that were not all happening live, and it was important to test bets for the future.

Once again, there were a number of important processes for our experts to complete before they were fully satisfied that each site had been vetted.

1. Visit Sportsbook

visit sportsbook website - our process

The initial impression given by a sports betting site is completed by three main factors: the user interface and design, the variety of markets promoted, and the offers advertised on the homepage. If all three boxes are ticked, then a site will be reviewed more


2. Test on Mobile

A mobile sportsbook can more concisely pack the range of sports bets which can be placed onto an on-the-go device. When tasked with reviewing a site, our writer will make sure that they place a number of bets on their chosen mobile device, making sure to note how easy it was to make them, while they will also do them over mobile data or out of the office to check how effectively each site works when out and about.

review process - deposit traditional and crypto fund 3. Deposit Traditional & Crypto Funds

Multiple deposits are made by our experts using different payment methods. Funding an account via debit cards or cryptocurrencies should be very straightforward, even if there is a requirement for a verification check beforehand. Such a check will not count negatively against a site.

4. Place a Variety of Bets

There are many different types of bets which can be placed on a variety of sports. Unlike on a casino, where the difference in bets mainly comes from separate games or bigger and smaller stakes, sportsbooks allow for many formats of betting. We will place bets on futures markets, totals markets, and also look into more niche offerings such as props betting.

5. Bet on Variety of Sportsbet on a variety of sports - our review process

Bets are placed not only on popular sports such as basketball or football, but also on less watched sports. This ensures a site is offering value across the board, and not top loading their site with better odds on the bigger sports.

6. Place Live Bets

Monitoring live betting markets is a challenge, but it is well worth doing for comprehensive coverage of each sportsbook. Whether our experts watch along on live stream on each site, or are watching a big event on their TV, they will place a live bet and see how a sportsbook’s market reacts to the occurrences in the game they watch.

review process - watch live streams 7. Watch Live Streams

Speaking of live streams, these will be tested too on sites which offer them. It is a positive for a site to offer them in the first place, though the quality of them will really impact how highly we recommend them.


Business2Community operate a completely honest review system, so our readers know that when we give a site a good rating, we have done so because that site deserves it. We hope this will give you full confidence to go and sign up with whichever casino or sportsbook most appeals to you.

We are totally open in our affiliations with certain sites. This has no affected our independent writers’ reviews of their experience with each site. On certain pages, a site’s rating may be lower than others; that is because all our writers are afforded the freedom to give their own thoughts as per our editorial guidelines.

Responsible Gambling

As well as our commitment to transparency and honesty throughout our pages, we also want our readers to know that any positive reviews are done in the good faith of responsible gambling. We are not trying to promote unhealthy habits of gambling or spending beyond anyone’s means. It is meant to be an enjoyable and fun hobby to enjoy, without ever becoming a stress on life or relationships.

That is why we fully recommend checking out any responsible gambling guides if you ever feel uncomfortable during your online betting experience. The NCPG offer a number of pages to support any players who are under pressure, while BeGambleAware are another site worth checking out to ensure the best possible time online.

Our Writers

You can find out more about our authors and the wealth of industry experience they have. Every single one of them has their own bio, so that you know where their expertise arises from, as well as be confident that their opinions are totally unbiased and professional.