Unlike other online casino games, blackjack is not a game that is entirely based on luck. With the biggest wins in history amounting up to $40 million by Kerry Packer in Las Vegas, it’s evident that implementing a smart blackjack strategy is key to winning money. 

In this guide we’ll be giving you valuable information on how to play blackjack, the best strategies to use, tips on how to win, and the different types of blackjack games you can find. We’ll also review the best offshore casinos that offer an exciting online blackjack experience with great rewards. 

  • All

Up To $5,000 Welcome Bonus

Up To $5,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Huge Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent Live Dealer Games
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support
5 Stars Wild Casino
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35x wagering requirement which must be met within 30 days. Promo code WILD250 must be used to claim.

Weekly Rescue Bonus Up To MYR 6,888

Weekly Rescue Bonus Up To MYR 6,888

  • Official Club Partner of Crystal Palace F.C, Burnley F.C, Huddersfield A.F.C
  • Your first bet is free
  • Instantly claim 1% unlimited rebate
5 Stars BK8 SG
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All first deposit members are entitled to this promotion. Transfer a minimum amount of MYR 50 into the Sports, Live Casino, Slots, MEGA888, or 918KISS wallet to be entitled for this promotion. Turnover requirements x12 times

200% Welcome Bonus Up To $10,000 + 50 Free Spins

200% Welcome Bonus Up To $10,000 + 50 Free Spins

  • No KYC Needed, Instant Withdrawals
  • Best Option For Crypto Deposits
  • Need VPN for US, UK and AU
5 Stars Lucky Block
Claim Bonus

Four Deposit Bonuses Matched At 270-360%

Four Deposit Bonuses Matched At 270-360%

  • Multiple Existing Customer Bonuses
  • Unique Casino Game Offering
  • Comprehensive Sportsbook Section
5 Stars BC Game
Claim Bonus

100% Deposit Match Up To $3,000

100% Deposit Match Up To $3,000

  • HD Quality Live Streaming
  • Accepts Major Cryptocurrencies
  • Top Parlay Builder
5 Stars Bovada
Claim Bonus
Use code BVD1000 with your first deposit. Wagering requirement: 5x for sports and horses, 30x for casino. Deposit using credit card or Bitcoin. Withdrawing before requirements are met forfeits bonus money and any winnings from the bonus money. Casino games are excluded.

The Top 5 Online Casinos for Playing Blackjack

  1. Wild Casino – The best online casino with the biggest variety of blackjack games
  2. BK8Enjoy different themed blackjack games with massive wins
  3. Lucky Block – Enjoy anonymous casino gambling with crypto and no KYC
  4. BC.GameOffers BC.Game original blackjack game with 99.52% RTP
  5. BovadaEnjoy a seamless mobile casino experience

We advise players to use VPN when accessing all the above sites. Since cryptos have become one of the strongest and most efficient payment methods online, we highly recommend crypto deposits. 

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is also known as the 21 casino card game. It is played with a deck of 52 cards and to win you need to beat the dealer with a hand of up to 21 in total. Even though you need to know a good blackjack strategy, it’s not that complicated to win as blackjack rules aren’t too tricky to learn. Let’s have a look at how to play blackjack step-by-step:

Goal of the Game

To win the game, you need to beat the dealer with a hand as close to 21 as possible. If you exceed the total value of 21 you lose the game. As you can see, blackjack rules aren’t too difficult to follow. Now let’s have a look at how to deal blackjack. 

Blackjack Rules

You start the game with two cards and you’ll need to make a decision whether you want to hold (stand) or take an additional card (hit). If you get an additional card, you check the value that you have, and you can hold, or get another card. Remember that you cannot exceed the total value of 21. 

To win a blackjack game, you don’t need to get exactly 21. When implementing your blackjack strategy keep in mind that you just need to beat the dealer. The dealer will also be taking cards or holding. If the dealer goes over 21, or if the dealer has less points than you, it means that you have the winning blackjack hand.  


When playing blackjack, you always start with two cards. Depending on the value you have, you need to choose whether you want to get another card or stand. If you stand, the dealer moves on to the next player.  


If you start with a low hand and you’re far away from the value of 21, you’ll want to add more cards to improve your hand. The dealer will give you an additional card, and you’ll decide whether you want more cards or not. Once you’re satisfied with your total value, you can stand. If your blackjack card value goes over 21, it means you’ve lost which in blackjack is called ‘bust’. 

Blackjack Card Values

To master a blackjack strategy, you need to learn blackjack card values so you can count and decide whether you want to hold or add cards to your deck. Aces give you the opportunity to choose their worth, so either 1 or 11. Cards from 2 to 10 have face card values, so for example 2 has a value of two, and 8 has a value of eight. Face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) have a total value of 10 each. 

The Best Blackjack Strategies

Playing the game online has the same blackjack rules and gameplay as if you were playing at a real life casino. Even though luck plays a major role in blackjack, implementing proven strategies will help you beat the dealer and win. In the following section we highlighted the best blackjack strategies to use: 

Basic Blackjack Strategy: Hit & Stand

While we can’t teach you how to count cards in blackjack, we can show you the best basic blackjack strategy of knowing when to hit and stand. A general rule is to hit on a hard 11 or less, or stand on 17 or higher. It will of course depend on the dealer’s hand too. 

Double Down

This blackjack strategy is used when you have a good hand, but you want to take an extra card to get closer to 21. Double your initial wager and you’ll get an additional card from the dealer. Some online blackjack casinos allow you to “double for less”. So you’ll have the option to increase your bet but not necessarily double. If you have a good hand, double down is recommended over double for less. 


Split is a blackjack strategy used when you have two cards with equal value. The player has the option to place a second wager, and the dealer will split the pair on the first hand and the second new hand. When you have face cards like the King and Queen, you can also use this blackjack strategy and split since they both have the same value.


According to rules, if you start off with a weak hand, you have the option to give it up and you’ll get half of your original bet back. It’s important to note that if you decide to take additional cards, you won’t be able to surrender. You can only use this blackjack strategy on the first two cards you are dealt. 

Tips How to Win at Blackjack

Winning when playing blackjack is a combination of skill, luck, and a proven blackjack strategy. Our team of experts highlighted some tips to keep in mind when playing blackjack:

1. Know when to Double Down

Knowing when to use this blackjack strategy is crucial to help you win and not exceed the total value of 21. If your initial hand has a total value of 11, you’ll want to go for a double down. If you receive a 10 you hit exactly 21 which means you’ve won. If you have pairs of Aces, it’s best if you split when wagering as your aim is to get a 10 face card. 

2. Don’t Split face card values of 10 or pairs of 5

It’s not recommended to split face cards that have a value of 10. The same goes for pairs of 5s. If you decide to split the 5s, you might end up with two 15s which means you went over. If you keep the 5s together and play them as a 10, it’s easier to end up with a 20. 

3. Raise your bet

If it’s your lucky day and you’ve won more than three hands in a row it means that you’re on a winning streak. This is the perfect time to raise your bet and take advantage of the optimal timing. In case you notice that you start losing, lower your bet so you don’t end up losing a lot of money. Knowing when to cash out is key to take home cash money when playing blackjack. 

4. Sign up for the Casino’s Rewards Program

Online casinos offer different types of rewards programs, but all of them are beneficial to sign up with. Reward programs give points to players based on how long you play blackjack, and how much you wagered. Regardless if you win or lose, you’ll be accumulating points which means that you’ll eventually be getting more out of your gambling experience. 

5. Find the Best Table

There are several game variations which have different blackjack rules. The best is to find the most optimal table rules that work in your favor. One of the best case scenarios is that the dealer stands on “Soft 17”. A Soft 17 is a hand with an Ace as it can be counted as 1 or 11. So if you take one more card you won’t go over 21 and bust. 

Types of Blackjack Games to Play

All of our recommended offshore casinos offer several blackjack game variations. We’ll be going through the most popular five blackjack games and we’ll refer the best online casino to play at: 

American Blackjack

american blackjack

American blackjack is also known as the classic blackjack as it’s the most popular game played worldwide. One of the main blackjack rules that makes this game different from the rest is that players are allowed to play up to one, three, and five hands at one go. 

Another key difference in American blackjack is the way that cards are dealt. The dealer gets two cards, one face up and one face down. The dealer gets to check his own card if the face-up card is an Ace. For American blackjack we highly recommend Wild Casino. You can’t practice playing at this casino site so make sure you know how to play blackjack before you play for real money. 

Free Bet Blackjack

free bet blackjack

This is an interesting blackjack variation game where you don’t need to supply your own money to double down. The same goes for when you decide to split. You’ll be able to opt for these blackjack strategies for free which is a nice benefit that the casino gives you. 

If you win, you’ll still get a payout as if you had wagered your own money. It’s good to note that if the dealer exceeds 21, with a hand of 22, all bets push. This means that it will be counted as a tie which doubles the house edge. If you’re interested in trying out this game, check out BK8 for the best free bet blackjack experience.

Speed Blackjack

Speed blackjack is a game variation that is filled with more excitement due to its rules which make the game quicker. The blackjack odds remain the same as other games and the first two cards are dealt the same way. When the players are done dealing with the two initial cards, all players need to decide whether they want to hit, double down, or split. 

Players need to be fast as the one who makes the quickest decision will get their next card dealt before the others. This new blackjack version has been revolutionary as players have always had to wait for the next player’s turn to make their decision. In this game, the quickest player gets to skip the others which adds thrill and pressure to the game and players. Visit Lucky Block for the most exciting speed blackjack games. 

European Blackjack

european blackjack

European blackjack is one of the most common games played worldwide. The rules are pretty much similar to other games. Unlike American blackjack, the dealer receives only one card before players are required to make a decision on their hand and decide to hit or hold. If you prefer to go for European blackjack we highly recommend the crypto casino BC.Game.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

blackjack perfect pairs

Perfect pairs is a side bet in blackjack that the first two cards that the player is dealt are a pair. So if your first two cards that are dealt have the same value, the side bet wins. You’ll have to decide whether you want to place a side bet on the perfect pairs before your first two cards are dealt. 

If you’d like to play Blackjack perfect pairs, we recommend Bovada. This casino also offers practice play and a how-to-guide with blackjack odds and payout information.

Blackjack Odds & Payouts

In the following section we will go through the blackjack odds, the house edge, and the chances of winning when playing blackjack so you know what to expect. A positive fact that is in the player’s favor is that the house edge is only at 0.5%. A player has a 42.22% chance to win with a 8.48% chance for a push.

We also created a blackjack table with payouts you can receive when playing online:

Push Refund of bet
Normal win 1:1
Blackjack 3:2
Flush 5:1
Straight 10:1
Three of a kind 30:1
Straight flush 40:1
Suited trips 100:1

Playing Blackjack Online

Online casinos offer several blackjack variation games in the table games category. In addition, you can also find live blackjack which is a combination of online gaming and real-life casino gaming. Players are connected with a professional dealer via live video streaming. 

Live blackjack is hosted in professionally designed casino studios which brings the Vegas casino vibe right to your doorstep. The blackjack odds, rules, and strategies are pretty much the same. The only difference is that you cannot practice playing at live blackjack casinos. So before you start playing for real money, we suggest that you master your blackjack strategy. Here’s a guide on the best online live blackjack casinos

Blackjack Online Streamers

The online gambling industry continues to evolve and watching live streamers gamble online is a growing trend that is attracting people from all across the globe. There are several online platforms where gambling enthusiasts join live streamers and watch them play their favorite games.

A spokesperson of one of these platforms was interviewed and explained how streamers are getting more interested in crypto casinos. Some of the most popular blackjack online streamers are casinosakultah with over 1,800 hours watched, gamblemilo, and cashiznit. 


How do you play blackjack for beginners?

What are the rules for blackjack?

Is there any real strategy to blackjack?

How do you win at blackjack?

Should you hit or stay on 17 in blackjack?

What does 3 to 2 mean in blackjack?

Top Casinos to Play Blackjack Reviewed

Now that you know how to play blackjack and implement the best blackjack strategy you must be excited to find out which are the best online casinos to play at. We’ll be going through the top 5 best online casinos that offer a fantastic blackjack experience with massive bonuses and game variations:

1. Wild Casino – Best Online Casino & Biggest Variety of Blackjack Games

Casino facts: 

  • Website: Wild Casino
  • Payout time: Same day payouts
  • Established: 2017
  • License: Panama Gaming Commission
  • Headquarters: Panama

Our Verdict: 4.8/5

Wild Casino is a relatively new modern casino that was launched in 2017. The management team behind Wild Casino know what they’re doing as it’s one of the best and most diverse online casinos in the industry.

Wild Casino blackjack

Players can choose from over 450 high quality casino games provided by top world software providers. Even though most of the game titles are Bitcoin slots, Wild Casino offers the biggest selections in terms of blackjack games and other table games. The platform is user-friendly and offers a seamless experience on both mobiles and desktop. 

Besides having a diverse library of games, Wild Casino is packed with generous bonuses, exciting promotions and often launches new games which add to the excitement. Players can deposit and cashout with over 15 different cryptos and can expect payouts on the same day. 

Blackjack Game Options: 4.8/5

Wild Casino offers one of the biggest selections of blackjack game variations. With over 15 different blackjack games to choose from, you won’t get bored from playing the same game. Some of the most popular variations are multi-hand blackjack, single deck, American blackjack, and Pirate 21. 

Payment Options: 4.7/5

Players can choose from over 15 different cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash for both deposits and withdrawals. Deposits are instant and withdrawals are processed on the same day which is great. There’s no fees incurred on payouts, and regular payment methods like Visa are only available for deposits. 

Customer Support: 4.8/5

Customer support at Wild Casino is available via live chat and email 24/7. The team is responsive and well informed as they answer our questions quickly and efficiently. Wild Casino also has an informative FAQ section where you can find common questions and answers. 

Bonuses & Promos: 4.8/5

Wild Casino is generous with its players and offers a massive welcome package that goes up to $9,000 when depositing with cryptos. Existing customers can also benefit from several promotions including free spins and reload bonuses which you can wager at the wide selection of games on offer. 

Wild Casino online casino bonus:

Bonus name Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit Bitcoin accepted?
Welcome Casino Sign-up Offer First Deposit

250% bonus up to $1,000

INSIDERS 35x $20
Welcome Casino Sign up offer Next Four Deposits INSIDERS 35x $20
Crypto Casino Sign Up Bonus First Deposit

300% bonus up to $3,000

INSIDERS 45x $20
Crypto Casino Sign Up Bonus Next Four Deposits 

150% bonus up to $1,500

INSIDERS 30x $20

Pros & Cons:


  • Massive welcome package
  • Crypto bonuses and promotions
  • Over 15 blackjack games
  • User-friendly platform


  • Cannot cashout with regular payment methods

2. BK8 – Enjoy Different Themed Blackjack Games with Massive Wins

  • Website: BK8
  • Payout time: Up to 25 minutes
  • Established: 2014
  • License: Curaçao
  • Headquarters: St Julians, Malta

Our Verdict: 4.7/5

BK8 is a modern online casino that was launched in 2014 and attracts players from all over the world. It’s mostly popular in Asia and offers a fantastic selection of games with a highly advanced platform that simplifies the online gambling experience. 

bk8 casino

The moment you land on this casino site you will be requested to choose your preferred language and you’re connecting from. Once you enter the respective site, you’ll find a plethora of games with unique themes, cool graphics, and massive prizes. BK8 offers a state-of-the-art live casino with several live dealer games hosted in professionally designed casino studios.

Blackjack Game Options: 4.7/5

BK8 offers seven different blackjack variations including free bet blackjack, infinite blackjack, lightning blackjack, and power blackjack. These game variations have the same blackjack rules more or less. Nonetheless, it’s important to distinguish the differences in games so you can play the best blackjack strategy in each game.

Payment Options: 4.5/5

Since BK8 is mostly popular in Asia, the following currencies are all accepted; IDR, THB, MYR, and VND. Players can deposit funds into their account via bank transfers, and Help2Pay or EeziePay. Cryptos like Bitcoin and Tether are also accepted. BK8 doesn’t charge fees in payouts which is a great feature to have. 

Customer Support: 4.6/5

If you have any questions when navigating BK8, you can contact the customer support through live chat 24/7. This casino also offers customer support in seven different languages as it has players from all around the world. This ensures that all customers are well taken care of. Players can also visit the information center which includes valuable information. 

Bonuses & Promos: 4.7/5

BK8 offers a fantastic selection of bonuses and promotions. Newbies are welcomed with a 100% welcome bonus up to $100. Even though it’s not the biggest bonus, this comes with a low wagering requirement of 12x. Existing customers can enjoy ongoing promotions, exciting tournaments, daily reload bonuses, and cash rebates. 

BK8 online casino bonuses & promos:

Bonus name

Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit Bitcoin accepted?
Slots Welcome Bonus 100% bonus up to $100 INSIDERS 12x $50

Live Casino Bonus

50% bonus up to $100 INSIDERS 20x $50

Pros & Cons:


  • Great variety of promotions
  • Low 12x rollover requirements
  • Modern and uniquely themed platform
  • Several blackjack variation games


  • Could add more payment methods

3. Lucky Block – Enjoy anonymous casino gambling with crypto and no KYC

Casino facts: 

  • Website: Lucky Block   
  • Payout time: Within 24 hours
  • Established: 2022
  • License: Curaçao
  • Headquarters: Willemstad, Curaçao

Our Verdict: 4.6/5

Lucky Block is an innovative crypto lottery site that has its own crypto token LBLOCK. It was launched in 2022 and it reached a market cap of around $1 billion at its peak. Players can enjoy lottery games, casino games, and also sports betting. Live dealer games are also available for those who like to experience the real life casino vibe from home. 

Lucky Block

This crypto casino stands out from the rest with the kind of promotions on offer. The platform is user-friendly and you can also enjoy playing while on the go thanks to the highly optimized site for mobiles. Players have the luxury to choose between different cryptos for deposits and withdrawals without any additional fees. Check out our Lucky Block Casino review for more details.

Blackjack Game Options: 4.5/5

Lucky Block offers five different types of blackjack games. The game variations have similar rules more or less. Yet it’s important to read and learn about the different blackjack rules. These are some of the most popular blackjack game variations at Lucky Block: Blackjack Neo, Blackjack Supreme MHPP, and Back Blackjack.

Payment Options: 4.6/5

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and a few other cryptos are all accepted at Lucky Block. You won’t have to wait for too long before you receive your winnings as payouts are processed within 24 hours. The minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC which is great compared to other casinos. 

Customer Support: 4.5/5

Lucky Block has an informative help center with valuable information to help you navigate through the casino site. If you still have any questions or queries you can easily contact customer support 24/7 via live chat. The team is highly responsive and they’ll be able to resolve your query within just a few minutes. 

Bonuses & Promos: 4.6/5

New joiners at Lucky Block are in for a treat. Every new player can claim a lucrative 200% bonus up to $10,000 + 50 free spins. This is activated in 10 stages, with each 10% released when you wager your initial deposit amount six times. Note that blackjack games will contribute 20% towards the wagering requirement, as opposed to slots games contributing 100%. Visit the Lucky Block site to see the full T&Cs.

Lucky Block online casino bonus:

Bonus name

Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit Bitcoin accepted?
Casino Sign-up Offer 200% up to $10,000 + 50 free spins N/A Wager initial deposit 6x to release each 10% of bonus $20

Pros & Cons:


  • Lucrative welcome bonus worth up to $10k
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Great choice of games and blackjack variations
  • No fees on withdrawal transactions


  • Would be nice to have more promotions

4. BC.Game – Offers BC.Game Original Blackjack Game with 99.52% RTP

Casino facts: 

  • WebsiteBC.Game
  • Payout time: Up to 45 minutes
  • Established: 2017
  • License: Curaçao
  • Headquarters: Curaçao

Our Verdict: 4.5/5

BC.Game is a modern crypto betting site that offers an innovative experience to its customers. You’ll never get bored at this casino as its game lobby consists of over 6,000 games to choose from. BC.Game is legit and trustworthy as it holds an official license from the government of Curaçao. It started operating in 2017 and it has gathered players from all across the globe. 

bc.game casino

When playing at this crypto casino you’ll be using its own crypto token BCD. The lobby consists of mostly slots, but you can also find a great selection of blackjack and other table games. BC.Game also offers its original games which are unique and modern with cool features and graphics. 

Blackjack Game Options: 4.3/5

BC.Game’s lobby offers several blackjack game variations from different game providers. All of which are high quality software providers that provide fair games. Some of the most played game variations include Soho all bets blackjack, Blackjack Italiano, European Blackjack, Premium Blackjack, and Speed Blackjack. You can check the RTP for each game listed.

Payment Options: 4.5/5

BC.Game is solely a crypto casino as only digital currencies are accepted for both deposits and withdrawals. This might be a disadvantage if you prefer regular payment methods. If this is the case, you might want to consider opting for cryptos as transaction time is faster and cheaper as no fees are involved. BC.Game gives you the opportunity to buy cryptos from their site as you scroll down to the bottom of the site.  

Customer Support: 4/5

For any questions that you might have, you can contact customer support by clicking on the button at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the platform. You can access live customer support 24/7. The customer support team responded well to our questions but the average response time is under 2 hours. Compared to other casinos this feature can be improved. 

Bonuses & Promos: 4.5/5

There’s plenty of fun and excitement in the promotions section at BC.Game. Newbies are welcomed with a generous welcome package on their first four deposits. Existing customers can win up to 1 BTC by playing the Lucky Spin Wheel and other fantastic bonuses in the form of rakeback bonuses, recharge bonuses, and competitions. BC.Game also has an interesting VIP club with unique member benefits. Check out our BC.Game review for more details.

BC.Game online casino bonus:

Bonus name

Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit Bitcoin accepted?
Welcome Bonus 1st Deposit: 80 – 180% bonus for amounts between $30 – 400+ INSIDERS 20x $30

Pros & Cons:


  • Over 6,000 casino games
  • Generous welcome package
  • Lucky Spin Wheel up to 1 BTC
  • Modern innovative platform


  • Only crypto banking available

5. Bovada – Enjoy a Seamless Mobile Casino Blackjack Experience

Casino facts: 

  • Website: Bovada
  • Payout time: Within 24 hours
  • Established: 2011
  • License: Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Headquarters: Canada

Our Verdict: 4.4/5

Bovada needs no introduction in the online gambling industry. It’s been going since 2011 and it has a large base of fans from all over the world. This casino and sportsbook is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and offers a great selection of provably fair games. Bovada’s platform is user-friendly and is one of the best mobile casino sites for both Android and iOS.

bovada blackjack casino

This casino site is known to offer several blackjack game variations and fantastic prizes. Both new and existing players can benefit from juicy bonuses and promotions which makes Bovada an even more attractive option for gamblers. The casino site is easy to navigate and you can easily find all the information you need without any hassle. 

Blackjack Game Options: 4.3/5

Bovada offers different blackjack game variations. These include classic blackjack, European blackjack, perfect pairs, single deck blackjack, and zappit blackjack. It’s interesting to see a variety of classic games available as well as innovative blackjack games with a twist. Bovada offers a fantastic mobile optimized site where you can enjoy playing blackjack while on the go.

Payment Options: 4.5/5

Players have the flexibility to choose between cryptos and regular payment methods at Bovada for both deposits and withdrawals. Digital currencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Regular banking options like Visa and Mastercard are also available for deposits. Withdrawals are approved within 24 hours and the only available regular banking option for payouts is bank transfer.

Customer Support: 4.5/5

Bovada’s customer support team is highly efficient and well trained. You can contact them 24/7 via live chat. For non urgent queries you can email them. We recommend checking out the help center as there’s a lot of information which helps you navigate the site and might answer all your questions.

Bonuses & Promos: 4.4/5

Both new players and existing customers have plenty of choice when it comes to bonuses and promotions. These include poker casino bonus, welcome bonus, crypto bonus, and friend referral bonuses. Check out our guide on Bovada bonus codes to claim these juicy offers.

Bovada online casino bonuses & promos:

Bonus name

Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit Bitcoin accepted?
Welcome Casino bonus Up to $3,750 INSIDERS 25x N/A

Crypto Welcome Bonus

Up to $3,750 INSIDERS 25x N/A

Pros & Cons:


  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Reasonable 25x wagering requirement
  • Great mobile casino site for blackjack
  • Trustworthy and legitimate online casino


  • Tricky to find the live chat support

Where to Play Blackjack from your Location

Depending on where you are located, it makes a difference which platform to play at. We’ve highlighted different casinos which we recommend you to sign up with depending on where you’re located:

Where to Play with Crypto Using a VPN

If you’re using a VPN when accessing crypto casinos for extra anonymity, we highly recommend Lucky Block. This crypto site offers an exceptional gaming experience with plenty of games to choose from. It also has no KYC verification, meaning you can play with complete anonymity from anywhere in the world. 

Where to Play from the US

Any players located in the United States should sign up with Wild Casino. This modern casino site offers over 450 games to choose from provided by the best software providers. It’s known to offer several game variations of each type of game. In addition, it offers one of the biggest selection of cryptos as payment methods with free same day payouts. 

Where to Play from Canada

Lucky Block is the best option if you’re a gambler located in Canada. This crypto gambling site offers an innovative gaming experience with tons of games to choose from. Payouts are processed within 24 hours and do not incur any additional fees. 

Where to Play from the UK

If you’re located in the UK and you want to have a thrilling gaming experience on a modern casino site, we recommend BC.Game. This crypto casino site is packed with innovative games, features, and bonuses for every type of player. 

Where to Play from Asia

BK8 is one of the most popular casinos in Asia. We’re not surprised as the quality of this casino is top notch. Gamblers have countless games to choose from with fantastic bonuses and promotions. It’s also great for bonuses with low wagering requirements and uniquely themed live dealer games.

Where to Play from the Rest of the World

Lucky Block is a safe crypto betting site that hasn’t disappointed us so far. It caters for every type of player. Whether you’re into slots, table games, or sports betting, you’ll surely find something you like. Top that with cashback bonuses on losses without any wagering requirements and a high quality website, it’s a no brainer that Lucky Block is one of our all time favorites. 

Comparison of the Best Blackjack Casinos

We created the below blackjack table with comparisons of what each casino offers in terms of welcome bonuses, blackjack games, live blackjack, free gameplay, and Bitcoin as a payment method. 


Sign-Up Bonus Blackjack Games Live Blackjack Free Blackjack Bitcoin?
Wild Casino Up to $5,000 15


100% bonus up to $100 6
Lucky Block 200% up to $10,000 39


1st Deposit: 80 – 180% bonus for amounts between $30 – 400+ 50+


Up to $3,750 8

The Best Online Casino for Playing Blackjack

The number one rated best online casino for blackjack is Wild Casino. This platform is a modern legitimate site that offers over 15 different blackjack variation games with an outstanding platform. Players are welcomed with a massive welcome package of up to $5,000 as a casino bonus, or up to $9,000 as a crypto welcome bonus.

The fun doesn’t stop there as existing customers can benefit from several generous promotions on offer. With over 15 cryptos for deposits and withdrawals and same-day payouts, you won’t have any issues when cashing out. Moreover, you won’t incur any additional fees on payouts. In case you need any assistance, rest assured that you’re in good hands with the highly dedicated customer support at Wild Casino.