Tons of different casino games are right at your fingertips when you use online casinos. There are a lot more options available to you online when compared to land-based casinos.

All types of bonus features, variants, stake sizes, and themes are going to be on offer. This guide will take you through all of the different online casino games that are on the market today. Then you’ll be armed with the knowledge to choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

Best Online Casinos by Game Selection

There is a long list of online casinos on the market today, but not all of them will give you access to a wide range of games. Following a lot of research and testing, we have compiled a list of the best online casinos when it comes to game selection:

  1. Wild Casino – Amazing selection of table games
  2. TG Casino – Games come from top-tier studios
  3. Bovada – New games constantly getting added
  4. EveryGame – Offers big progressive jackpots
  5. Drake Casino – Great variety of slots
  6. Lucky Creek – Offers exclusive slot games
  7. Black Lotus Casino – Great collection of niche games
  8. BetUS – Fun video poker games
  9. Mega Dice – Quality live casino
  10. Ignition – Caters to every possible need

The best online casino games will keep players coming back again and again. It’s great having access to an online casino that gives you access to a wide range of options. You can constantly switch up what you’re playing, rather than sticking to the same games over and over again.

This keeps things fresh and you can often surprise yourself when you experiment and discover new games that tickle your fancy. We have put together a concise list of some of the best casino games online today:


Slot Casino Games

The most commonly seen online game will be slots. These come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some will be classic styles that have simple gameplay, while the more modern options will be full to the brim with exciting features.

Every type of theme will be covered, while thousands of slot games are playable on the leading online casinos. Here are some of the subcategories of slot games that you’ll come across:

Best Payout Slots

The best payout slot games will put you in with a chance of winning large sums of money from relatively small bets. This is through hefty multipliers. While you might not win as frequently with these games, you can often generate some lucrative payouts when you do get lucky. The pay table will show you what symbols you need to get a corresponding multiplier.

New Online Slots

With technology constantly evolving, exciting new slots are constantly hitting the market. Developers keep innovating so their games stand out from the crowd. It’s worth keeping an eye on the newly released slots so you can enjoy all of the latest trends that are taking the space by storm.

Highest RTP Slots

Some people will be looking for the slot games that have the smallest house edge. This means that you’ll be maximizing your chances of seeing a positive return from your gameplay. The return to player (RTP) rating indicates how large the house edge is, so you can look for slots that have the highest RTPs.

Best Video Slots

Video slots will typically make up the majority of a game library. These are titles that have modern mechanics and some great graphics. You’ll feel like you’re playing a video game or watching some sort of animated show thanks to the effort that has gone into developing these video slot titles.

Progressive Slot Games

Some slot games will carry jackpots. These can sometimes be fixed, while others will carry progressive ones. The latter means that the pot will keep building until somebody wins it. This can lead to some massive sums of money being up for grabs, even going as high as eight figures in size with major progressive slots.

Traditional Casino Games

Most online casinos will be full of slot games, but they will also cater to more traditional types of casino games. These are the table games that people will typically associate with gambling, such as roulette and blackjack. These will often come in many different forms, which is why it’s worth exploring the various options:


Online Baccarat

The rules of baccarat are nice and simple, making it ideal for all skill levels. There is a choice between playing one of two possible hands.

You can then sit back and watch the action unfold. This card game will be found at nearly every online casino, with some of the popular variants including a version where no commission is charged by the casino.

Online Blackjack

Many people love playing blackjack as it is typically the game with the lowest house edge and you’ve got plenty of choices to make each and every round.

The rules are simple, so it’s ideal for beginner players. There’ll often be some interesting variants that add side bets, allow you to play multiple hands at the same time, or limit the number of decks that are in play.


Online Poker

Playing poker against your peers is very popular, but some people prefer just facing off versus the house. That’s where casino poker games come in.

You’ll have access to all sorts of great variants and the payouts are fixed, so you know exactly how much you can win. There is also minimal delay between hands.


Online Roulette

The spinning roulette wheel is a popular sight among online players. There’s a huge range of different bets that you can place, whether you prefer even money bets or ones that have more lucrative odds.

Most online roulette variants are based on European Roulette as only a single zero is on the table, compared with two zeros in American Roulette. Some of the different variants will offer jackpots, alter the size of the wheel, and automate your bets.

sic bo

Online Sic-Bo

This traditional dice game has made its way into the online space, allowing players to enjoy the fast-paced action. There is a nice blend of simple rules and a good range of betting options. This means that you’ll have an active role in each and every Sic Bo round, being able to virtually roll the dice and watch the ensuing action unfold.


Online Craps

One of the games that is best played in a casino is most certainly Craps. This is because players can actually throw the dice and people will often be gathered around cheering.

It is still an option for online players, allowing you to get access to this exciting game without having to leave your house. There will typically not be many variants, so the main focus on the core game.

Online Scratch Cards

Many people will be familiar with store-bought scratch cards. These have now made their way into the online casino space, adding an extra layer to the playing experience. Amazing graphics are often in place for online scratch cards.

This makes the anticipation of seeing if you’re a winner much more enhanced. While this is not the most popular casino game type, they have a play if you’re looking for something a bit more relaxed and casual.

Live Dealer Casino Games

One of the biggest advancements in the sector in recent years has been the emergence of live dealer casino games. These have transformed the online experience, as people are able to replicate the gameplay that you would get if sitting in a physical casino.

This is achieved by players having access to live streams of a real dealer or croupier. The immersive nature of these games instantly made them a hit with users. Here’s a look at some of the leading live dealer games on the market today:

Casinos with Live Baccarat

Baccarat is always a favorite among casino goers thanks to the small house edge and the exciting gameplay. There are some great Live Baccarat variants that add even more excitement to the action.

Casinos with Live Blackjack

The core of any good live casino will be Live Blackjack games. There will be a great mix of variants available, while high rollers will usually have dedicated tables to play on if they want to spend big.

Casinos with Live Roulette

Another staple is Live Roulette. There will perhaps be more live dealer variants of this game type than any other. This means that you’re able to constantly switch things up and keep everything fresh.

Casinos with Live Craps

Craps is a very social game and it is definitely enjoyable playing it in a live dealer setting. You can interact with your fellow players as the gameplay unfolds and watch as the dice rolls hopefully go in your favor with Live Craps.

Casinos with Live Sic Bo

Any type of casino dice game is usually enjoyable to play in authentic settings, which is why Live Sic Bo is going to be a great fit for the live dealer space. You can get involved with each and every round and hopefully come out the right side of the result.

Other Modern Variations of the Best Casino Games

While the bulk of the list of casino games playable online will be made up of slots, table games, and live casino titles. You’ll also find some more niche types of options on many platforms.

These types of casino games will complement the rest of the game library and can be a breath of fresh air when you want a switch-up. Here are some of the different casino games that you might not already be accustomed to:

video poker

Video Poker

Rather than playing against another player or a dealer, you are just pitting yourself against a machine with video poker. You’ll be trying to build the best possible hand, getting fixed payouts depends on the strengths of the combined cards.

Some video poker games have a very minimal house edge, which is why they are a popular choice for users at most online casinos.

fish games

Fish Games

Arcade games are going to feature a lot of online casinos and one of the most popular variants will be fish games. You will be given weapons during the gameplay which you need to use to shoot fish. It’s an enjoyable activity that is ideal for more casual types of players.


Hi-Lo Crypto Card Game

Crypto casinos are growing rapidly in popularity and they tend to offer niche types of game that are often not found on more traditional casino sites. One of the most popular ones is the Hi-Lo game.

Players simply guess whether they think the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one. It’s another fast-paced game that generates a lot of excitement.

crash games

Crash Gambling Games

Another game type made popular by crypto casinos is crash games. You place bets at the start and then watch the multiplier curve rise and rise. You need to decide when to cash out, as the curve can suddenly crash and you’ll lose out on any gains. A number of variants will be available for cash games, depending on your preferences.

Our Criteria for Evaluating Online Casino Games

Before jumping into the online casino games list, it’s important to know what makes a good game. This allows you to filter through the options and see what option works best for your needs.

Not everyone is going to have the same tastes, which is why there’s not going to be a one-size-fits-all answer about the very best casino games. Here is how we evaluate casino games casino game.

1. Graphics and User Interface

First of all, you want to be sure that a game is going to be easy to play. That means that the graphics are to a high standard and the rules of the game are clearly explained. You want the design to be easy on the eye and user-friendly. This means that it is straightforward to place bets or to pull up the pay table of the game.

2. Software and Game Developers

One of the best indications of the quality of a game is checking to see which development company created it. There are certain names in the casino online games space that stand out from the crowd and always ensure a great experience is available to you.

Some of the top options for slot casino games include NetEnt and Microgaming, with Evolution being the leader for live dealer titles.

3. Fairness and Randomness Testing

It is important that the games you are playing are completely fair and not rigged in any way. You shouldn’t have any concerns about this when using reputable platforms as randomness testing usually takes place to put users at ease. There are independent agencies that will carry out this work, so there is a level of transparency.

4. Bonus Features and Potential Winning

Many people enjoy the variety of bonus features that a given game might have in place. whether it is bonus rounds, side bets, or gamble features. These additional aspects of a game add to the overall experience.

Most people will get bored quickly with very basic games. Then you’ll often want to play titles that allow you to potentially win big sums, whether this is through multipliers or jackpots.

5. Payout Percentage (House Edge)

People have different reasons for playing casino games online. Some are just looking for something fun to do, while others purely are trying to make money. Most individuals like a balance between the two.

It’s not the be-all and end-all, but being aware of the house edge that is built into different games is important. Some options won’t have much profit built into them for the casino, while others are going to be more lucrative for the house.

Benefits of Playing Casino Games Online

More and more people are now deciding to play casino games for real money online. They don’t want to physically travel to a land-based casino when they want to get some action.

Everything is easily accessible from your computer or phone, with the game libraries being more extensive than actual casinos. There are exciting bonuses available for you to enjoy, as well as tons of different types of games.

The emergence of live dealer games means that you can access very realistic types of casino games online. The quality nature of mobile casino games also means that you’ll be able to play on the go and not just have to sit behind your computer to get in on the action.

Casino Games for Real Money Vs. Free Online Casino Games

Most leading online casinos will give you the choice to play casino games for real money or play free online casino games. Both of these options have their merits. New players can use virtual money to learn the ropes, while most people prefer having skin in the game adds to the excitement levels.

Casino Games for Real Money


  • Real money returns
  • More games available
  • Can utilize bonus offers


  • Players can spend more than they can afford

Casino Games for Free


  • People can test out new strategies
  • Beginners can learn the ropes
  • Users are able to learn the rules


  • No real money returns
  • Not as big of a game selection
  • Lacks some excitement

Casino Games Should Be Fun – Always Play Responsibly

While people get a huge amount of enjoyment out of playing online casino games, there are certain pitfalls that people need to avoid. Gambling addiction is a serious problem and individuals should always be aware of potential warning signs.

Many online casinos will offer responsible gambling tools that can help you curtail your playing sessions. These tools can include deposit limits, loss limits, and self-exclusion. There are also many helpful support organizations for people struggling with a problem, including Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, and the NCPG.

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