Looking for the best horse racing tipsters around? With there being no guarantee that you will be successful when betting on horse races from around the world, expert tipsters are well worth taking advantage of. On this page, we will deliver the top horse racing tipsters operating today. We will also explain how to access tips and predictions and how to best utilise them. 

Who is the Best Horse Racing Tipster Today?

The best horse racing tipsters can significantly boost your chances of beating the bookies. A large number of tipsters are now available though. This can make it difficult for punters to decide which predictions to take advantage of and which should be avoided. Below, we list our top rated horse racing tipsters, including their main selling point. The best horse racing tipsters 2023 cover meetings from around the world, not just the UK. 

  1. Star Tipster – Best horse racing tipster service around
  2. SVB Tips – Free and subscription-based racing tips
  3. Cotswold Racing – Best horse racing tipster for monthly profit
  4. Ed Culham – Best horse racing tipster uk
  5. Ron Williams Racing – Best horse racing tipster on Twitter
  6. Cleeve Racing – Professional horse racing tips
  7. USA Racing Tipster – One of the best American horse racing tipsters
  8. Easy Horse Backing – New tipster service with cheap 7-day free trial
  9. JPW Racing Tipster – The best horse racing tipster for Cheltenham Festival
  10. Betting Hub Racing Tips – Best horse racing tipsters on Telegram

Best Horse Racing Tipsters of 2023: A Closer Look

The best horse racing tipster services are all different. This can be in terms of how tips are accessed, race coverage, specialist areas and fees. Below, we take a closer look at our top 10 horse racing tipsters, outlining exactly what is on offer:

1. Star Tipster

Looking for the best free horse racing tipsters? Star Tipster could well be for you. With 400+ members and a total 30+ consecutive profitable months, their website focuses on UK-based meetings. Punters can sign up for free, with 1-2 new tips being delivered each day. In-depth analysis helps to set Star Tipster aside from other tipsters and horse racing pundits. 

To make sure that customers get real value, Star Tipsters offers stats and predictions on big races such as Ascot and Cheltenham even when you are using the service for free. The website is regulated by the UKGC and supports responsible gambling tools and resources. Therefore, you can expect level-headed advice and accurate impressions on the probability of a bet payout.

horse racing tipster startipster

A subscription-based service is available for £9.99 per month, with a 7 day free trial also being on offer. Star Tipster also features a useful bet calculator, UK racecourse guides and results page. With £10,000 having already been made from a bet of just £10, Star Tipster is rightly regarded as the best horse racing tipster 2023.

Star Tipster offer a free horse racing tips Telegram channel as well.

2. SVB Tips

Available through Tipstrr, SVB Tips has made almost £3,000 in profit over the last year. While predictions are made on a large number of sports, horse racing is one of the most detailed. You can try SVB Tips for just £1, with a £29 monthly fee also being available. You can get notifications of new tips sent directly to your device.

In addition to the special first month subscription, you can also get free horse racing results. To access these privileges, you must set up an account but this takes less than a minute. SVB Tips joined Tipstrr in 2019 and has contributed to the 5 million tips offered to players on this platform. Tipstrr is registered company, based in Staffordshire, England and sets high standards and background checks for all tipsters offering services via the website.

svb tips racing tipster

Around 30 tips are delivered each week, with a win rate of 36% and average odds of 13/5 (3.67). International meetings are covered, including those from the US, Australia and UK. Tips are created based on up-to-date and relevant statistics and news. This tipster also recommends markets from leading UK betting sites, such as Bet365 and 888Sport. 

3. Cotswold Racing

Cotswold Racing is one of the most profitable horse racing tipsters on Tipsters Empire. This professional tipster has a strike rate of just over 30%. You can expect a monthly profit of £150+ from a £10 investment, with Cotswold Racing covering meetings from across the globe, including the UK, US and Australia. 

Cotswold Racing puts a lot of character in its write ups, with attention to finer details. The tipster looks at statistics, individual performance, and other specific information such the medical history of a particular thoroughbred. The tipster is located in Cotswold near the Cheltenham Racecourse and this serves as a source of inspiration.

cotswold racing tipster

You can join for £45 per month, with discounts being offered to those signing up for longer. This UK-based tipster has over 35 years of experience, which is evident when reading racing predictions. Looking to try Cotswold Racing for yourself, for £9.99, you can enjoy tips for 28 days. 

4. Ed Culham

Tipsters Empire first spotted Ed Culham as a horse racing blog writer and decided to sign up the expert onto to the network. The tipster also has a specialty on huge festival and you can look for his tips when the Ascot is in season.

It quickly becomes clear that Ed Culham is a horse racing expert. As one of the best horse racing tipsters around, you can access his predictions via the Tipsters Empire network. His tips are among the most detailed, with the majority focusing on UK and Irish-based races. A 31.78% return on investment is promised, equating to a monthly profit of over £60. 


Ed Culham professional horse racing tipster

You can gain access to Culham’s tips for £30 for three months, which is relatively cheap when you compare horse racing tipsters. Our horse racing tipsters review shows him to be one of the leading options for racing festivals too! 

5. Ron Williams Racing

Good horse racing tipsters on Twitter are hard to find. However, Ron Williams Racing is certainly a page to follow. Posts direct punters to tips published on Williams’ official website. While not being the most glamorous, the site does provide regular winners. 

Ron Williams Racing

With over 40 years of experience, you can start your free trial for just £1. However, with 2-3 tips being delivered daily, the £37 monthly fee is well worth paying. William’s Twitter page has over 600 followers, with UK & Irish races being the main focus.

The Ron Williams website is quite straightforward as the tipster tries to new horse players. However, expert level punters can also benefit from the intricate nuances in Ron’s advice. The blog section is also a great source of information and entertainment. Ron Williams tips have produced considerable returns, recording over £18,000 between July 2017 and May 2023.

6. Cleeve Racing

When it comes to today’s horse racing tipsters, Cleeve Racing is another leading site. Members will receive daily selections, coming from primarily UK & Irish races. You can view tips on the official website or choose to receive them via email. 

cleeve racing racing tips

Meanwhile, there is a regularly-updated blog, along with a bet tracker and results pages. Meanwhile, “Scoop 6” is a syndicate that offers players a share of the jackpot. A month-long trial is available for £10, with the price then being £40 per month, £179 for six months or £329 for a year. 

These subscriptions are significant investment but they are worth it since this tipster does not miss any detail. While the site use a unique algorithm to analyse past performances for all runners, there is a team that specialize in jockey form and other specific factors. Cleeve Racing has been around since 2011 and has enjoyed plenty of positive user reviews.

7. USA Racing Tipster

When it comes to American horse racing tipsters, USA Racing Tipster is no.1. This site actually covers meetings from across the globe, including Abu Dhabi and Melbourne. The design of the site is basic. 

USA horse racing tips

However, tips are created based using a mathematical approach. Predictions are also posted on the USA Racing Tipster Twitter page, which has just under 200 followers. The page was established in October 2022, making it one of the newest free horse racing tipsters around.

Since the tips are all based on math, you will not get much information in a write up. However, the tips simply present percentages that indicate the likelihood of a horse to win. It is great that this sit is free but there you would probably have to an expert in order to make the most out of this service. You can get in touch with the tipster via an email form or leave your comment after reading a tip.

8. Easy Horse Backing

Founded in June 2022, Easy Horse Racing Backing is a tipster that is associated with the Tipstrr platform. With 30+ tips per week, the tipster has a win rate of 31%. A 11.1% return on investment and average monthly profit of £183, Easy Horse Backing is available at £1 for a 7-day trial or £19 per month. 

easy horse backing horse tipster

Horse racing from the UK & Ireland, United States, Australia and other leading nations are covered. The number of tips increases ahead of and during top horse racing festivals, including Cheltenham and the Kentucky Derby.

The tipster supports racebooks such as 888, Bet365, and Betfair where the odds are pretty good. As the tipster is a member of the Tipstrr network, you can use the Speedy Bet feature which allows to add a tip directly onto your bet slip. Although Easy Horse Backing is very new, the tips are well researched and offer substantial information to bettors.

9. JPW Racing Tipster

JPW Racing Tipster has over 13,000 followers on Twitter, while also offering a fantastic website. Having been operating since 2011, this tipster focuses on UK & Irish races for the most part. Free tips are uploaded regularly, with a number of subscriptions being available too. For example, a 28-day trial costs £2.99, bespoke tips £17.50 and festivals and weekends from £60. 

JPW racing tipster

The tipster is also linked with GambleAware, helping to promote responsible betting. It is also one of the top Irish horse racing tipsters, with races from Leopardstown, Punchestown and Fairyhouse being covered. 

After signing up to JPW and having shared all your contact details, you will receive be able to receive tips either through email or text message. If you have any questions about the tipping service, you may contact the customer care unit via email. You can also visit the blog for free tips on the hugest races.

10. Betting Hub Racing Tips

For those using Telegram, Betting Hub Racing Tips is one of the standout channels. With almost 1,500 subscribers to its name, daily stat-based predictions are delivered. UK & Irish meetings are the main focus. 

betting hub tips

However, Betting Hub is one of the Australian horse racing tipsters and South African horse racing tipsters, given its global coverage. This tipster is part of the larger “Betting Hub” brand, which has almost 90,000 Twitter followers. Betting odds are recommended from the leading UK bookies. 

While this is a social media tipster which with free services, many satisfied followers have made some profits. You can also download the mobile application for either iPhone or Android. What also great is that you won’t need to create an account and share personal information.

What to Consider When Choosing a Racing Tipster

It is not always easy to decide which tipsters to trust. So, when choosing which tipster to take advantage of, our team considers numerous factors, including the following:

  • Success Rate – Ultimately, it is only worth taking advantage of tipsters if they regularly pick winners. So, where possible, we check out the success/strike rate of a tipster first. You should know that even the best tipsters are not accurate all of the time. A strike rate of around 30% is the best you can hope for, given the competitive nature of professional horse racing. 
  • Fees – We also consider if a site provides free tips or if you have to pay for them. Many of our recommended tipsters come with subscription options, available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The exact costs varies, so be sure that the investment is worthwhile before signing up. 
  • Experience/Reputation – While it is not a must, we generally recommend experienced tipsters. Either way, a potential tipster must have a good reputation within the industry. So, we look into feedback and reviews from users, which is generally relatively easy to find. 
  • Usability – Horse racing tips should be easily accessible at all times. Newspaper horse racing tipsters and television pundits will have their own ideas on upcoming races. However, whether via Twitter, Telegram or dedicated websites, you should be able to read predictions on all devices. 
  • Additional Features – Many tipster sites also come with helpful and entertaining additional features. We typically look out for bet calculators, blogs, results pages, and other similar standout features. While they may not boost your chances of winning, they do add to the experience.

The Types of Horse Racing Betting Tips I Can Get

There are horse racing tips to suit all punters. The majority of tips will simply offer a prediction on which runner will win an upcoming race. However, each-way tips are also available. Meanwhile, tips may even surround more diverse horse racing betting markets, such as accumulators and trifecta’s. So, be sure to consider the tips that best suit your betting strategy. 

How to Read Horse Racing Tips

It may be pointless to have several tips if you do not know how to use the information to your advantage. These tips are written by experts and are therefore synonymous with jargon from the sport. We will now explain a few things for you.

‘The going’ refers to the general condition of the racetrack. The ground is described as firm, soft, or yielding. This has an impact on how particular horses will perform. The horse form describes how well or poorly an animal has been performing over a given period.

The trainer form is also another important term and refers to how the horse trainer’s reputation and ability to prep the horse for the race. The breeding of the horse is another factor that may come up in tips. Certain breeds are well known for speed and extra aggression. The tipster may also include details such a particular horse having gone through recent injury or treatment. This may hinder the horse’s performance.

How are Horse Racing Betting Tips Made?

best horse racing tipster

Tipsters consider a variety of points before making predictions on horse races. A large amount of pre-race information is available today. This includes age, form, and head-to-head records. The best tipsters will also look at the history of jockeys, trainers and owners. Some tipsters will use a mathematical approach, while others will use their knowledge of the sport to back their favourites.

How Can I Join a Horse Racing Tipster?

How you join a horse racing tipster will depend on the platform that they operate on. Using our top ranked tipster, Star Tipster, as an example, the following is a step-by-step guide surrounding how to get started:

Step 1: Enter the Website

On either desktop or mobile, visit the Star Tipster website. Spend a few minutes familiarising yourself with the design. Select the “Tips” button in order to discover how things work. 

Step 2: Try for Free/Subscribe

Select the “Sign Up For Free” button, located in the top-right hand corner of the page. Complete the registration form by entering your full name and email address. You will also need to create a username and password at this stage. Add your payment details and select the “Register” button. This will give you a 7 day free trial, as well as a 1 month subscription at a cost of £9.99.

Step 3: Read Tips

Once registered, you will be able to access all available horse racing tips. 1-2 new tips are added daily. So, focus on countries, race types or racecourses that you have an interest in and look at the predictions made. You can then choose whether or not to place a bet on the horse backed by the tipster. 

Are Horse Racing Tipsters Free?

Some tipsters will make and upload predictions simply for fun. However, others will do so in a bid to make money. As such, you must weigh up whether the financial investment is worth what you will receive in return. This is where trials come in handy. Many of our recommended tipsters offer trial periods for a small fee. This will give punters a better understanding of what to expect if they subscribed on a longer-term basis. 

Type of Tipsters to Avoid

Due to a number of factors, there are some tipsters that are worth avoiding. Of course, a tipster who rarely picks winners is unlikely to appeal. Meanwhile, it could be the case that a tipster has a poor reputation when it comes to reliability. You may pay a subscription fee, only to be let down when it comes to the expected number of tips.

It is also important to follow tipsters who have some sort of system when it comes to making predictions. This may be mathematical or based on an expert knowledge of the sport. Those who deliver tips using a scatter-gun approach should certainly be avoided! 

When to Consider Professional Horse Racing Tips

As we have already mentioned, horse racing tips are available via a number of sources. So, is it worthwhile using a professional tipster? Generally, helpful tips can be accessed without parting with your hard-earned money. 

However, ahead of popular festivals and high-profile races, experts may well increase your chances of making a profit. The table below provides a breakdown of the races you may wish to read professional tips on:

Race Racecourse Country Race Type Date Prize Money
Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs United States Thoroughbred May $3 million
Breeders’ Cup Classic Various United States Thoroughbred November $6 million
Ascot Gold Cup Ascot UK Flat June £500,000
Dubai World Cup Meydan  Dubai Flat March $12 million
Preakness Stakes Pimlico United States Thoroughbred May $1 million
Prix de L’Arc De Triomphe Longchamp France Flat September/October €5 million
Melbourne Cup Flemington Australia Thoroughbred November A$8 million 
Grand National Aintree UK National Hunt April £1 million
Cheltenham Gold Cup Cheltenham UK National Hunt March £468,750

Final Words on Top Horse Racing Tipsters

Given the difficulty of picking a winner when it comes to horse racing, tipsters have become increasingly important. Of course, not all tipsters are worth following. However, our recommended tipsters will help punters in making money from wagering on races from around the world. So, whether it be via a website, Twitter, Telegram or another platform, be sure to check them out for yourself. Star Tipster stands out in particular, with a link to their site being found below.

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