Casino live streaming has become massive in just a few years and is now one of the main categories on sites like Twitch and YouTube. The top casino streamers provide a thrilling way to experience the best games online. As a result, the number of streaming hours watched increased by more than 100% between 2019 and 2021.

This trend continued throughout 2022 as more viewers joined the top channels, like Trainwreckstv, Roshtein, and xQc. Slots represent the main attraction for online casino streaming, with poker, blackjack, and roulette also getting plenty of action. Learn more about the top gambling streamers and the online casinos they play at in this guide.

Top 12 Online Casino Streamers 2023 List

For the fastest way to start watching the action, we have prepared a list of the 12 best casino streamers in the world. Here, you can quickly find the channel name and the platform they stream on.

Streamer Platform/s About
HighStakesBabbyy Twitch, Kick, YouTube & TikTok Engaging, up-and-coming streamer who largely plays slot machines and eats ice cream
Roshtein Twitch & YouTube

Biggest name in casino streaming with more than 1.1 million followers on Twitch

CasinoDaddy Twitch & YouTube A team of casino streamers that provide daily slots and casino streaming
Trainwreeckstv Twitch Highly entertaining casino streamer with more than 2.1 million Twitch followers
xQc Twitch Former Overwatch pro turned variety streamer with 100,000+ viewers per casino stream
DeuceAce Twitch A friendly rival of Roshtein who provides entertaining slots streams every day
ClassyBeef Twitch Malta-based channel with a total of seven streamers that make for a great laugh
Daniel Negreanu Twitch Renowned poker pro live streams WSOP events, table vlogs, and hand breakdowns
LetsGiveItASpin Twitch & YouTube One of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers who loves playing slots and other games
Xposed Twitch & YouTube High-stakes casino streamer based in Canada who enjoys live blackjack and slots
DocJazy Twitch & YouTube One of the top YouTube live streamers in France with a love for poker and slots
Adin Ross Kick & YouTube Had more than 7 million followers on Twitch and massive wins on his casino streams. Banned from Twitch in 2023 and is now the number 1 streamer on Kick.

12 Largest Casino Streaming Channels 2023 Reviewed

If you don’t know where to start with the top gambling streamers, we will go through detailed reviews of the best channels. This is a great way to learn more about the streamers and find the perfect fit in terms of games, schedule, and personality.

1. HighStakesBabbyy – The Best Online Slots Streamer in 2023

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (Wanted Dead or a Wild, Money Train, Big Bass Bonanza)
  • Located in: Europe
  • Biggest win: $5,310

HighStakesBabbyy is a relatively new Twitch streamer with around 1.8k followers. She plays slot games online at Lucky Block casino and often eats ice cream at the same time. She is identifiable from her jet black hair, smokey eyes, and bright white teeth set behind striking pink lips.

She engages regularly with her viewers sometimes to the point that she misses her big wins. At the time of writing she has around eight hours of streaming under her belt so her biggest recorded win is only around $5,000 but we expect that to quickly rise.

The fact she is up-and-coming means you can join her on her journey to finding larger record wins. If you miss her live streams on Twitch or Kick, where she tends to play casino games at Lucky Block casino, you can check out her YouTube channel or TikTok to view some of the best clips and moments from her live videos.

2. Roshtein – The Best Online Slots Streamer in 2023

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (Wanted Dead or a Wild, Chilli Heat, Gates of Olympus)
  • Located in: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Biggest win: $8,967,600

Roshtein is a hugely popular casino Twitch streamer with more than 1.1 million followers. His personality plays a big role in his popularity as he is very welcoming and often talks to his viewers. You can easily spot Roshtein from his dark outfits, which often include a black hat.

He is one of the best slots streamers and has more than six years of experience in the field, claiming some outstanding wins throughout his career. The highlight is the record jackpot of $8,967,600.00 that he won while playing Wanted Dead or a Wild. This is one of the many top slots available Lucky Block Casino that can award huge payouts on small bets. Moreover, you can access Lucky Block from anywhere with a VPN.

 3. CasinoDaddy – An Entertaining Team of Gambling Streamers for Daily Content

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (San Quentin, Jammin’ Jars, Mad Cars, Wild Falls)
  • Located in: Kristianstad, Sweden
  • Biggest win: $569,204

CasinoDaddy is one of the largest channels for gambling content and casino streams. Unlike most other entries on our list, this channel has a team of hosts. This allows it to provide a lot more content, with the normal schedule consisting of 14-hour days, seven days a week. Viewers can benefit from various giveaways of up to $10,000 while watching one of the best casino streamers on Twitch.

The three brothers enjoy a variety of online slots and will sometimes stream together. While they don’t place the largest bets, the payouts can be very impressive. You can now catch the live stream on Twitch and on YouTube at the same time. The channel is great for checking out a variety of games.

4. Trainswreckstv – Casino Streamer with More than 1.2 Million Followers on Twitch

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (Wanted Dead or a Wild, Starz, The Dog House)
  • Located in: Arizona, USA
  • Biggest win: $13,950,000

Trainswreckstv is one of the more controversial casino streamers as he often shares his thoughts without holding back. Even so, he was the second highest earning slot streamer on Twitch in 2021, before the changes in regulations on the site.

The versatile gambling streamer has won millions of dollars from online slots, with Wanted Dead or a Wild being his go-to game. With 2.1 million followers on Twitch, it is clear that Trainswreckstv is an acquired taste that many enjoy. He doesn’t have the most consistent streaming schedule, but you can catch him on Twitch every week.

5. xQc – The Best at Casino Slots and Absolutely Everything

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (Joker Troupe, Razor Shark, Phoenix Reborn, Double Rainbow)
  • Located in: Quebec, Canada
  • Biggest win: $2,476,960

xQc is the biggest streamer on our list by far, but he plays a variety of games, not just slots. By his real name, Felix Lengyel, the Canadian rose to fame as an Overwatch pro player in 2016, before switching to full-time streaming in 2018. He is a true variety streamer that covers everything from the latest video games to the newest slots.

With a massive community of over 11.1 million followers on Twitch, xQc often gets more than 100,000 viewers when playing slots on stream. He is not afraid to bet big, sometimes even exceeding $50,000 per spin. He also enjoys a wide range of slots and will play live casino games as well.

6. DeuceAce – High-Level Casino Entertainment and the Hottest Slots

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (Money Train, Rosh Immortality Cube, The Dog House)
  • Located in: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Biggest win: $477,620

DeuceAce is a gambling channel composed of Jay and Adam, with more than 250,000 followers on Twitch. Jay was born in Poland but grew up in Sweden. One of his close childhood friends would go on to launch the Roshtein channel, which he later followed. The two are now friendly rivals and often poke fun of each other on stream.

Adam joined the channel to provide more fun streams and thrilling content. The two work well together and appear on the same stream every week. Roshtein and other casino streamers can also join the action for more entertainment between large spins.

7. ClassyBeef – Entertaining Casino Streams & Large Jackpots

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Slots (Book of Dead, Gladiator Legends, Joker Bombs, Itero)
  • Located in: Malta
  • Biggest win: $7,500,000

ClassyBeef is another top gambling channel that is run by a team of online casino streamers. There are currently six hosts and each of them brings something unique to the table. Expect high-energy streams and entertaining mini-games as the reels spin on Twitch. ClassyBeef is also one of the top YouTube live streamers with highlights in the form of Shorts.

The team is known for reaching the payout limit on popular slots, with wins going up to $7,500,000. The schedule is usually packed, so you can easily find the best slots streamers on Twitch every day for several hours.

8. Daniel Negreanu – The Best Casino Streamer for Poker Tips and Vlogs

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Poker (Texas Hold’em, Omaha)
  • Located in: Las Vegas, USA
  • Biggest win: $8,288,001

Daniel Negreanu is one of the biggest names in the poker scene, with six WSOP bracelets and close to $50 million in career earnings. He is first on the Canada All Time Money List and third on the international list for poker earnings. In addition to his success at the tables, Daniel is also a successful poker streamer.

His Twitch channel has live streams of him playing online poker against some of the best players in the world. Then, his YouTube channel has hand breakdowns, clips from live streams, poker strategies and tips, and daily vlogs during the WSOP. It is definitely a streamer to follow if you enjoy poker. You can practice your new skills on the best Ethereum poker sites and win big.

9. LetsGiveItASpin – Fast-Growing Casino Streamer with a Pro Poker Background

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Poker, Slots (Dead or Alive 2, Gigantoonz, Gator Gold)
  • Located in: Sweden
  • Biggest win: $43,496

LetsGiveItASpin is one of the newer casino slot streamers on Twitch but it already has more than 70,000 followers. This is in part due to his calm personality that makes the channel more relaxing to watch than some of our other gambling streamers. Moreover, he was a professional poker player before switching to slots and streaming on Twitch.

We like LetsGiveItASpin because he places affordable bets and shows that you can still win big. Claiming a jackpot of over $40,000 on a bet of just $1.80 is actually impressive. You can find all of his favorite slots at some of the best US online casinos, like Lucky Block.

10. Xposed – More than 7 Years of Casino Streaming on Twitch

Streamer facts

  • Favorite games: Live Blackjack, Crazy Time, Slots (Gates of Olympus, Sweet Bonanza, Deadwood, Hot Fiesta)
  • Located in: Ontario, Canada
  • Biggest win: $4,718,280

Cody Burnett is a high-energy casino streamer that goes by the nickname Xposed on Twitch and YouTube. He was among the first casino streamers on the platforms and now has more than 500,000 followers on Twitch, and 331,000 subscribers on YouTube. His biggest ever win came in the popular slots game Hot Fiesta and was worth over $4.7 million.

While he used to place modest bets, Xposed has recently increased the stakes and often drops thousands of dollars per spin. In addition to slots, the Canadian-born also enjoys playing live blackjack and Evolution’s Crazy Time. The latter is heavily featured on his channels and includes some impressive wins. It is a popular gameshow at top live dealer online casinos.

11. DocJazy – French-Speaking Casino Streamer with a Large Following

Streamer facts

  • Favorite casino: Lucky Block
  • Favorite games: Slots (Fruit Party, Mystery Museum, Book of Shadows)
  • Located in: France
  • Biggest win: $29,250

DocJazy is one of the biggest French casino streamers on Twitch. He is often online on the site and fans can also find the highlights on his YouTube channel, Doc9Bonus. Unlike some of our other top YouTube live streamers, DocJazy places affordable bets worth only a few euros.

Although he doesn’t have the same bankroll as xQc, Jazy is definitely entertaining to watch. The only downside is that he doesn’t have any English streams for international viewers. The Lucky Block Casino Review has more details on the leading platform and its features. The site has all of the top slots and is available in English, French, and quite a few other languages.

12. Adin Ross – Best Casino Streamer for Live Blackjack Content

Streamer facts

  • Favorite casino: BC Game
  • Favorite games: Live Blackjack, Slots (Sweet Bonanza, Gems Bonanza, The Dog House)
  • Located in: Florida, USA
  • Biggest win: $538,578

Adin Ross had more than 7.1 million followers on Twitch, making him one of the biggest channels on the network. However, he was banned on the platform, most probably permanently in early 2023. He can be found on the new streaming platform Kick and is currently has the highest number of followers on the platform.

Adin is mostly known for his “Just Chatting” streams and doesn’t play casino games as often as our top slot streamers. With that being said, Adin definitely gets a lot of viewers when he switches over to his favorite casino games.

In addition to slots, he also enjoys live blackjack online and often plays for high stakes. He can even drop more than $1 million at the table during a session. During the live casino online stream, Adin takes advice from the viewers in the chat and from his friends. This helps make the gameplay more exciting and a pleasure to watch.

How to Choose What Gambling Streamer to Watch

With so many casino streams to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one. Streamers often come with large personalities and may not appeal to everyone. That is why it is important to keep these factors in mind when picking the right casino streamer to watch:

  • Check the Followers – You can easily see how popular a casino streamer is by checking his Twitch followers and YouTube subscribers. The best slots streamers are very entertaining and can provide high-energy streams that make you feel that you are part of the action.
  • See the Schedule – If you want to follow the live casino stream, you have to find someone that fits your schedule. Most of our top streamers are active in the evening in the USA. Keep in mind that you can usually watch the video after the stream is over.
  • Game Variety – Most casino streams on Twitch feature popular slots games, but there are also streamers for live table games, gameshows, and even betting on the top online sportsbooks. Choose the ones that often play the games you like and enjoy yourself.
  • Available Stakes – As you can see from our reviews, some streamers place small bets, while others max out the games. This is because viewers might want to see someone play the games as they do, while others prefer watching high stakes for more excitement.
  • Try Them Out – The best way to see if a streamer fits your requirements is to give them a chance. Check out some of their recent streams or even catch them live a few times to see how they are. We recommend starting with our toplist of the best casino streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

Top Casino Streaming Platforms

Right now, there are two big streaming platforms that host gambling channels. These are quite different in how they look and work, but also share plenty of similarities. More importantly, both of them allow you to watch a live casino stream for free, although you might have to see a few ads in the process.

To learn more about the best casino streaming platforms, we will cover them in more detail right below.


Twitch Slots Category Casino Streams

Twitch is the largest streaming platform right now and it used to be the go-to site for slot streamers. However, recent changes in the policy no longer allow channels to play or promote playing at unlicensed sites. This has led to a massive drop in casino streaming on Twitch and it remains to be seen if the platform will change the rules back.

Even so, Twitch continues to be popular for gambling streaming and it is one of the best sites for watching content. Some of the biggest channels for casino Twitch streaming are xQc, Roshtein, and Trainswreckstv.


YouTube Logo

YouTube has been promoting its live streaming section in recent years and is now a real contender to Twitch. Even some of the styling is similar as far as the interface goes. However, it doesn’t quite have the same live viewership that Twitch gets. Many gambling streamers will now opt to go live on both Twitch and YouTube for easier access for viewers.

Where YouTube really stands out is as a platform for highlights and other videos. That is why all of the leading Twitch slot streamers have YouTube channels with their biggest wins, funny moments, and other clips.

For example, CasinoDaddy has a great YouTube channel with videos and it also includes the stream when live. Daniel Negreanu also stands out with his poker hand breakdowns and edited vlogs from the World Series of Poker.


LiveSpins Features

Livespins is a new gambling platform that gives users the option to play along with their favorite streamers. The interface allows viewers to place bets while watching the action and win based on the results. This social casino concept definitely makes it more exciting for viewers, although you can’t withdraw the winnings.

The growing platform already features some of the hottest slots online. It also has renowned brand ambassadors, like Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Shaq. You can join the action through the dedicated Livespins app and play on your phone from anywhere.

How to Know If a Casino Streamer is Fake?

A fake casino streamer doesn’t bet real money and instead uses bonus funds or a bankroll allocated by the casino they stream. Sponsored streams should be clearly marked, but this isn’t always the case. You can usually spot a sponsored casino stream from the large banners that promote the gambling site. Also, the streamer will keep urging viewers to sign up to the casino that’s sponsoring them.

This is seen as a lack of transparency and frequent casino viewers should avoid such channels. Trustworthy casino streamers will usually advise their followers to gamble responsibly. They may also promote their channels as a way to enjoy the action without betting.

A good way to spot a fake casino streamer is to look at their history. If he doesn’t normally play casino games on the channel and is now a big supporter of a particular site, they are probably sponsored by that site. The best way to avoid fake casino streams is to opt for the well-established channels covered above. This way, you are guaranteed one of the best casino streamers on Twitch.

How to Start a Casino Streaming Channel?

It is now easier than ever to start streaming online. You just need to follow these quick steps and you will be on your way in no time.

Step 1 – Register at a Top Online Casino

Before you start streaming, you need to set up your online casino account. Lucky Block is the best online casino right now and it has more than 5,000 exciting games. You just need to go to the site and create an account, which takes around 30 seconds.

Lucky Block Registration for Casino Streams

Step 2 – Make Your First Deposit

Now, you need to add funds to your new online casino account. You can do this by clicking on the “Deposit” button and then selecting a preferred banking method in the cashier. Your funds will be available for betting right away. You also benefit from a 15% cashback bonus on the first seven days.

Lucky Block Deposit for Casino Streaming

Step 3 – Create a Streaming Account

Go to Twitch or YouTube and create a streaming account. This is free and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Twitch Registration for Casino Streaming

Step 4 – Install a Software Encoder

You will need an application to stream your gameplay online. OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and XSplit are the most popular and also easy to use. Download the app and install it on your machine.

OBS Studio Homepage for Casino Stream

Step 5 – Start Streaming

Connect the streaming app to your account on the chosen platform. You might need a microphone and a web cam if you want to appear and talk in the stream. Once everything is set up, start the live casino and play. You are now on your way to becoming one of the best slots streamers.

Twitch Casino Streamer

Most Streamed Casino 2023: Our Prediction

Lucky Block is our top pick for casino streaming in 2023. Launched in 2022, the online casino is already hugely popular due to its massive library of games. You can find more than 4,000 slots on the site, plus all sorts of table games, video poker machines, and specialties for your casino online stream.

In addition to its outstanding collection of gaming options for slot streamers, Lucky Block is also easy to access. It is a crypto-based platform available worldwide that ensures fast and secure banking. Moreover, it has some of the best promotions in the business, including $10,000 giveaways. As a result, Lucky Block is going to be the most popular casino on Twitch.