Baccarat is a fast-paced and thrilling casino card game featuring simple rules and pretty good odds. This game does not require you to play your hand, and this gives you more time to dedicate to betting strategy and baccarat bankroll management. Using proven money management principles, you’ll be able to play the game for longer and calculate the ideal value of every wager. By reading through this guide, you’ll learn how to use different bankroll management strategies and complement them with popular baccarat betting systems, such as the Martingale system.

Basic Rules: Bankroll Management in Baccarat

No matter which casino games you play, the basics of responsible money management are quite simple. You should never wager money that you don’t afford to lose and, with minimal exceptions, you should never gamble your entire bankroll at one go. The main exception for the latter is going all-in during a poker game against other players.

In the specific case of baccarat bankroll management, you should limit the value of a bet to no more than 10% of your total bankroll. This ensures that, as a minimum, you’d play 10 rounds even if you happen to lose each one of them, which is unlikely.

To improve your bankroll management further when playing baccarat, you should aim to play a minimum of 40 rounds. For the baccarat bankrolls of most casual players, this means spending 5% or less on each round. To ensure that you can meet this recommendation, you should also check the minimum table limit which, for most baccarat casino games, is either $0.50 or $1.

You can refine your bankroll management calculations when you win or lose. A win could allow you to place higher wagers going forward, whereas a loss might require you to lower the value to maintain the 40-round minimum target.

Why is Money Management Important in Baccarat?

The use of proper casino bankroll management is important no matter whether you’re playing baccarat, poker, blackjack, or even slots. It is however especially important in the case of baccarat since the fast-paced gameplay can quickly lead to significant losses. This is true even if you’re playing baccarat with the minimum bet.

If you’re playing at a table for the first few times, you can find the experience slightly overwhelming. Even if you know how to play baccarat, the dealer’s ability to play up to 75 hands per hour means that each round will only last seconds, so you have little time to implement your money management strategy.

The thrill and confusion may be even greater if you’re playing in person or playing live baccarat online.

Baccarat Bankroll Management

Making proper bankroll management decisions will allow you to play more rounds and get closer to the game’s published odds. The house advantage is evident in all of the three bet options, however, is significantly low for the Banker, at 1.06%, and the Player, at 1.36%. This leaves the Tie bet where the house has an advantage of 14.40% that you should ignore. Such high house edges are not suitable for playing or bankroll management strategies.

Since playing baccarat is faster than other table games, you could find yourself playing over 100 rounds in less than 90 minutes. In comparison, it’ll take you about 135 minutes to play this many rounds of Roulette.

Due to the game’s high speed, you should practice Baccarat bankroll management to maximize your winnings and minimize losses. Doing so will also help you practice responsible gambling and allow you to stay in control of your actions and funds.

Top Strategies for Baccarat Bankroll Management

Here are some of the most popular strategies that can help you implement proper bankroll management principles.

Choosing the Right Baccarat Bet

There are two schools of thought regarding the best bet to place in baccarat. While some argue that the Banker bet is best due to its higher odds of winning, others use the 5% commission that’s deducted from any winning payouts as their reason for preferring the Player bet. Both of these bets can help your baccarat bankroll management strategy as their odds of winning are close to 50%.

Baccarat Winning Odds

Using the Pocket Trick Strategy

You can use the pocket trick strategy to implement bankroll management with ease. This strategy is useful when playing at online casinos as well as in person. Before you play baccarat, you should determine the value of your bankroll and put an equal amount of money in one of your pockets. If you win any money, you should put it in your other pocket and keep placing new wagers from the first pocket.

With this betting system, you won’t spend any winnings and will need to stop playing once the first pocket is empty. This is when you’ve reached your limit and when you should step away from the table. You can then either decide to stop playing altogether or, if your winnings are more than your bankroll, use the difference to play baccarat once again.

What Should Your Baccarat Bankroll Be and How to Manage It

While baccarat bankroll management helps you to play more rounds responsibly, there are no rules on how much money you should allocate in the first place. However, we can estimate a suitable bankroll based on the principles of bankroll management.

For this baccarat bankroll exercise, we’ve assumed that the table game allows minimum bets of $1. Since we shouldn’t wager more than 10% of the bankroll at a go, we’d need a minimum budget of $10. However, since we are also aiming to play baccarat for a minimum of 40 rounds, our entire bankroll should have a value of $40.

Some players, especially those with knowledge of sports betting, might also try to use the Kelly Criterion calculator to determine the value of their bets. However, this mathematical formula is best used when there is a discrepancy between the bookmaker’s odds and the fair odds so it doesn’t help you plan your baccarat bankroll.

Basic Baccarat Strategy

There are several variations of baccarat, including Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco, and Mini Baccarat. These and other variations follow similar gameplays where the dealer deals cards to two sides to determine the winner. Players wager on the side that they think will win but have no influence on the result. All that players can control is when, how, and how much they wager, so having robust baccarat bankroll management skills is essential.

There are several baccarat betting strategies that you may wish to try. The following are two of the most popular ones.

Handy Tip: While using baccarat strategies provides you with a structured way to place bets, it can quickly lead you to use up your bankroll. It’s a good idea to calculate how much money you’d need to implement a finite strategy, such as the 1-2-3-6 system, or infinite strategy, such as Marintgale’s, before you start playing.

Play Baccarat Using the Martingale System

If you’ve played at land-based or online casinos before, you’ve probably heard about this betting system. While using the Martingale roulette strategy is fairly common, fewer people know that it can be suited for playing baccarat.

To implement this betting system correctly, you should choose between the Banker and the Player and always bet on the same side. In addition, you should remember to double the value of your next wager after a loss and reset your wager to the minimum after a win. If your baccarat bankroll allows you to weather consecutive losses, you should be able to turn a small profit eventually.

The Golden Eagle Baccarat Strategy

A Chinese mathematician called Ri Change developed a two-mode strategy that could give you an advantage. Called the Golden Eagle baccarat strategy, this betting system sets out a precise baccarat bankroll value. You’ll need to purchase five buy-ins for 22 chips and have a bankroll of 110 chips.

You should start playing baccarat by betting on either the Banker or the Player, but it’s best to keep to the same bet on every round. If you’re experiencing a winning streak, you should increase the value of your wager until you lose a bet. You should then reset back to the minimum bet. Keep placing small bets until you win, at which point you should start increasing your bets once again.

Tips for Money Management for Baccarat

Below, we’ve listed the most important tips to help you improve your bankroll management skills:

  • Only bet what you afford to lose – No strategy or baccarat bankroll management skills can ever guarantee a win so you should only wager money that you can comfortably lose.
  • Determine your baccarat bankroll before you begin – It’s easy to let your emotions convince you to bet more than you afford to lose, so set your limit before you start playing baccarat.
  • Calculate the value of your wagers – Use our bankroll management guide to help you calculate the number of rounds that you wish to play and the corresponding value of each bet.
  • Stop playing once your baccarat bankroll runs out – Use the pocket trick strategy or a similar system to realize when you’ve reached your limit and leave the table immediately.

Setting Limits for Losses and Winnings

Many online casinos provide helpful tools that allow you to practice responsible money management. You can activate a loss limit that informs you as soon as you’ve lost a certain value or percentage of your baccarat bankroll.

In addition to limits on losses, you should also set limits on winnings. While this may sound strange, setting such a limit will help you stop playing with a healthy profit before you’re likely to lose it. After all, the house has an edge and is expected to win back any profits if you play for long enough.

Setting both loss and win limits helps you to take logical baccarat money management decisions in moments when your emotions will be running high.

Handy Tip: You can usually find tools to set in-game limits in the game’s options menu. If you’re unable to locate them, you can get in touch with the casino’s support team. However, some online baccarat games do not have win or loss limits.

Advanced Money Management Systems in Baccarat

The principles of bankroll management in baccarat are relatively straightforward. As such, there are no advanced systems that you can use to extend your bankroll. You should be careful of using advanced betting strategies, however, as these can quickly deplete your baccarat bankroll.

Baccarat Bankroll Preparations and How to Handle It

No matter whether you’re playing for low or high stakes, the steps to baccarat bankroll management remain the same. Before you place your first wager, you should look at the game varieties offered by different baccarat casinos. You should check that there are tables that accept low minimum wagers and games that are based on your favorite version.

Use the money management calculations that we’ve listed in this guide to determine the right wager for each bet. You should stick to the same bet value with every round or make use of a betting strategy, such as the Martingale System, to bet according to mathematical principles.

There is nothing wrong with betting more than the minimum, however, you need to ensure that doing this doesn’t require you to have a greater baccarat bankroll than you afford to lose.

Before you start to play baccarat, you should prepare yourself to handle the fast-paced nature of the game. Ensure that you know how much you’ll bet and what you’ll bet on. You need to know this not just for the first round but for all subsequent rounds that you intend to play. The average baccarat betting time is around 12 seconds, and this is even shorter in Speed Baccarat.

Sound Money Management Principles for Different Types of Bets

There are several different ways to play this card game, both when playing in person and when you’re using baccarat casinos online.

Fixed Wager Bankroll

This is one of the simplest types of bets as it means that you’ll always place the same bet no matter the result of the previous one. Fixed wager bankroll management calculations are easy since there are no variables so you can plan the exact number of rounds that you can afford to play. The downside might be that this style of betting can become mundane.

Betting on Side Bets

When you play Baccarat, especially online, you’ll have the chance to place optional side bets. These bets are not influenced by the result but are usually dependent on the first set of dealt cards. If your primary goal is to use bankroll management to play for as long as possible, then you should avoid side bets. However, placing one now and again can make the game more interesting.

Baccarat Side Bets

Making an All-In Bet

Placing an all-in bet is a terrible way to practice responsible money management in baccarat or almost any other casino game. Risking all your baccarat bankroll on a single bet that has less than 50% winning will likely result in a very short gaming session for you. Going all-in is only a good idea in games where doing so could influence the outcome of the game, such as Texas Hold’em.

Betting on the Tie Bet

Throughout this guide, we’ve focused on the bankroll management suggestions for the Banker and Player bets. However, this game also has a third betting option called a Tie. While this bet provides a payout of 9 or 8 to 1, which is far better than the even-money payouts of the other two bets, it is also much riskier. Less than 10% of rounds end in a tie, so this wager is unlikely to extend your baccarat bankroll.

Bankroll in Baccarat: Efficient Tips to Make Real Money

Our baccarat bankroll management guide is designed to help you enjoy playing baccarat without losing more money than you should in a single session. However, these tips and strategies cannot guarantee that you’ll win more than you’ll lose or provide you with tips to make real money.

Professional gambling is possible and such gamblers are experts at money management. However, these players know that to make real money from gambling you must play games that don’t involve the house, such as Texas Hold’em or Omaha. While there is nothing wrong with using bankroll management techniques to try and win baccarat games, you should not try and make a living out of it.


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