After a recent merger, the US Integrity and Odds On Compliance has completely rebranded and made changes to the management.

US Integrity And Odds On Compliance Rebrand Following Recent Merger

After this latest rebrand, the new business will be named Integrity Compliance 360 or IC360 for short and will continue to specialize integrity and compliance.

As previously mentioned, the management will be completely shuffled, with the former US Integrity CEO Matt Holt now the new IC360 CEO.

Additionally, the former Odds On Compliance CEO Eric Frank has been appointed as the President at IC360 and Scott Sadin, former COO at US Integrity will take the same role at IC360.

Holt spoke about the new merger and how the objective to achieve ‘excellence’ will be made easier by IC360’s smoother solution system.

He said (Per US Integrity): “The coming together of US Integrity and Odds On Compliance represents a strategic alignment of values and a shared commitment to excellence,

“As IC360, we are dedicated to providing our clients with 360-degree solutions that address their unique compliance challenges, ensuring they can operate with integrity and confidence in today’s complex regulatory environment.”

Things will not completely change following the merger, as the same products will continue to be distributed by the companies – just under the name of IC360.

These products include the PlayBook AI, Integrity Monitoring dashboard and ProhiBet, which have proved to be very successful.

Eric Frank, the CEO at IC360, has also revealed how the new look on the business will help raise standards and begin an ‘exciting chapter’.

He said (Per US Integrity): “Our vision is clear: to help lead our industry forward on compliance and integrity standards, empowering our partners to raise the bar,

“We believe the IC360 brand represents just that and this is only the beginning of an exciting chapter for Integrity Compliance 360.”

The merger was announced on 4 October 2023 and COO at Ic360, Scott Sadin, believes the rebranded organization can continue to make strong partnerships.

He said (Per US Integrity): “With a comprehensive suite of services and leveraging the collective expertise of US Integrity and Odds On Compliance, this is an evolution of a journey dedicated to setting industry benchmarks and creating a one-stop-shop for integrity and compliance needs,

“Integrity Compliance 360 looks forward to a future marked by continued growth, impactful partnerships, and a steadfast dedication to the highest standards of integrity and compliance.”