Global sports technology company Sportradar has signed an agreement with U.S. Soccer that will see the company “enhance and expand distribution of the federation’s data and content around the world, bringing it to a wider audience”.

The agreement gives Sportradar the global exclusive rights to collect, license and distribute the federation’s official betting and media data. Another tranche of the agreement allows Sportradar the right to distribute (exclusively) the AV streaming of U.S. Soccer competitions for betting purposes outside of the United States of America.

The release emphasizes that this will “enable U.S. soccer to commercialize its data and content through Sportradar’s global network of more than 900 regulated betting operators and 350 media clients.”

From a sports betting perspective, U.S. Soccer will have access and to and engage Sportradar’s Integrity Services for bet monitoring. In addition, Sportradar’s will provide the following services: Universal Fraud Detection System (“UFDS”), Intelligence & Investigation Services, Integrity Audit, and Education and Prevention services as well as anti-match fixing workshops.

Eric Conrad, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Content, Sportradar commented: “The profile of soccer globally across both the men’s and women’s game is the highest its ever been. At this important moment for the sport, this partnership reflects the shared commitment we have with U.S. Soccer to bring the sport to a larger audience both domestically and on an international level.”

He added: “We know that when fans place bets on a game, their interest in the sport intensifies. I am confident that our scale, technology and leadership in the market will position us to effectively monetize these rights with a strong focus on future value creation”.

Over 111 matches per year across both male and female American international competitions will encompass several landmark tournaments, including the 2024 Concacaf W Gold Cup, the Copa America in the same year, the 2026 FIFA Men’s World Cup and the 2028 Olympics which will take place in the US.

Ross Moses, Vice President, Business Ventures of U.S. Soccer stated: “The partnership with Sportradar is massive for U.S. Soccer. The incredible youth and diversity that strengthen the USMNT and USWNT are just as evident in our fan bases, and this is an obvious area – not only gaming but technology broadly – to accelerate the growth of our sport and connect new partners to important growth demographics. It’s well recognized that the next four years are an unprecedented opportunity for American soccer, and partnering with an industry leader like Sportradar sets an amazing foundation for U.S. Soccer to protect the integrity of the sport while engaging a competitive and fast-evolving marketplace.”